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P.A.S Chapter 14: Achievement Points for Life

“Cough … cough …”

Ron laid on the stern of the boat, with a pale face, and felt as if he had eaten Hot-pepper. from his throat, through all of his body, he felt a burning sensation as if hell raised inside his body.

After a severe cough, Ron vomited all the drink he had, which finally made him a little more comfortable. He was leaning against the boat board with no strength left.

Nami sitting next to him, gave him a glass of water.

After drinking the water that Nami handed over, he took a deep breath and had a sigh of relief. He finally recovered a little of his energy.

“Do you think you were drinking water? Why did you start drinking it all in one breath!!”

Nami yelled at Ron with a frantic face. If it wasn’t for his terrible state, she would punch him.

[I don’t want to drink either, I know how horrible it is.]

Ron leaned there weakly, but he didn’t even have the strength to speak and respond to Nami. He was a little dizzy at that moment. He never expected that a bottle of Sake would be so powerful and screw him this bad.

Although he was not an alcoholic during his previous life, and did not even drink often, he still had a few bottles of beer. Nevertheless, in order to complete the “First Drink” achievement, he drank the bottle in one breath, which almost made his soul rise to heaven!

Fortunately, he achieved his goal and got 1 achievement point.

[This f achievement was about to cost me my life]

Evocating the achievement system interface, Ron looked in ennui at the 1 achievement point.

After adding this hard-won 1 achievement point to his spiritual attribute, Ron felt some comfort in his heart. After turning off the system interface, he felt that his body was doing better.

His eyes felling again into the direction of the still-upset girl. Ron had a confused expression on his face. At that moment, there were two pink petals on the girl’s cheeks, like peach blossoms. He didn’t know whether it was because of her anger or the sip of wine she had.

Wearing a white shirt, Nami, the 14-year-old chick with her nearly perfect figure, exuded a devilish charm for a while.


Ron opened his mouth trying to say something, but in the end, his eyes darkened, he fell asleep under the influence of the wine and fell aside.

Looking at Ron’s passing out, Nami was speechless. For a moment, she thought that Ron was very reliable, especially after killing Captain Crewe with his magic. After that show of incredible power, she regained some faith in him, but after seeing him collapsing like a drunkard, she couldn’t help thinking again that he was as a useless piece of S***.

She didn’t know if it was the right thing to cooperate with this wretched guy.


When Ron woke up, it was already noon of the next day.

Because his spiritual attribute was far superior to that of ordinary people, he did not experience any symptoms of a hangover. Yesterday, it was purely for physical reasons.

Recalling what happened yesterday, Ron’s mouth twitched, he was a little depressed, and the image of the elegant gentleman which he worked hard to establish seemed to collapse.

Looking around in the boat, it seemed that Nami had dragged him from the stern.


Laying on his back and rubbing his eyes, Ron shouted to Nami, who was sitting leaning on the mast.

However, there was no response. Ron thought for a while, he didn’t shout again. Instead, he quietly stood up and went towards the mast.

Nami sitting under the mast, gently held her calves with her two small hands, her head was leaning on the mast behind her, her eyebrows slightly frowned, as if she was dreaming of something bad, her eyelashes were like butterfly wings, occasionally shaking, as if she was still vigilant in her sleep.

In her sleep, she was like an elf, which people wouldn’t bear to lay a finger on.

Ron stepped back quietly, fetched a blanket, carefully wrapped Nami, and sat down, watching the sleeping girl silently.

It was not a waste of practice time…Today, Ron had no intention to practice, because there was “A day as A Salted Fish” task on the achievement interface, and the condition to accomplish it was that no practice has been performed during 24 hours.

Although this achievement was worth only 1 achievement point, currently for Ron, a day of practice won’t even achieve one achievement point.

What’s more, it was at least 12 hours since he fell asleep last night. It was better to spend the remaining time resting and waiting for the achievement to be accomplished.

Speaking of achievements, the “steady progress” achievement, 100 hours’ worth of practice, should be reached soon. There were a lot of achievements that could be achieved in a short period of time.

Ron didn’t know how many achievement points were needed for the next extraction of runes. As an estimation, he thought that it was very likely that he needed around 10 more achievement points in order to draw the new rune. Still, he was not that far from collecting the required 10 points.

When the wind rune was previously extracted, Ron had noticed a message in the system interface stating that it was a ‘Basic Rune’.

Since the wind rune was a Basic one, it was likely that the earth, water, and fire systems were also basic runes. Since there were basic runes, there must be special ones.

Ron was not sure about his last hypothesis, but space magic would definitely exist, because a magician who couldn’t move instantly or teleport would definitely not be a good magician.

In addition to space, ice, light, and dark magic was a must.

Thinking about this, Ron subconsciously wanted to explore the derivative runes of the wind system. Shortly, he let go of the idea, and sighed in distress.

[It’s really hard for a hard-working person to complete the salted fish achievement]

Fortunately, Ron was not that bored here. In order to suppress his desire to practice, Ron turned his attention to Nami sitting in front of him.

Staring at her, like a sleeping beauty in some fairy tale, Ron’s thoughts fluttered, and soon shed his impatience for practice.

Although the thoughts were rushing, most of them were not stained. (T/N: not lewd)

Facing Nami, the sleeping beauty with her white and flawless skin like pure jade, her delicate nose, and her shaking eyebrows from time to time made it really difficult to have any erotic or lewd thoughts.

[This should prove that I am not a Lolicon]

Realizing that there were no lewd thoughts in his heart, Ron murmured silently, but then again, the gentleman and Nami were quite a good match. This killer…No, this magician was not too cold, and there was no sense of disharmony at all between them.

After a while, Nami’s eyelashes trembled, and she opened her eyes.

Still a little confused, Nami’s nose throbbed slightly, she blinked, and gradually woke up, then noticed that Ron was sitting next to her and watching her.

“I don’t know when you slept, that’s why I didn’t wake you up. There should be no problems with the route, right? our direction didn’t change since I woke up.” Ron looked at Nami and spoke naturally, with no signs of panic in his tone.

Nami noticed the blanket on her body and blinked. Although she felt as if she had been peeped for a long time, she couldn’t catch anything from Ron’s face. She stood up, looked at the sky, took out the chart, and looked at it.

“No problem, I’m still familiar with the currents around here. As long as the wind direction does not change much, we won’t deviate too much from our route.”

“That’s good.”

Ron nodded and said, “After all, our food and freshwater are barely enough for a round trip…”

Nami looked at Ron strangely, she always felt that Ron was deliberately talking about this topic, but she said: “What are you thinking about? there is no need for a round trip, and there are no other islands near the treasure place.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

Ron touched the back of his head.

Although Nami felt a little strange, she checked her body. She seemed to be fine. Ron didn’t look wretched. She could only think of that because she just woke up.

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