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P.A.S Chapter 13: Cheers for the Cooperation!

[Tip: you completed the achievement ‘Small Fortune’ and got 1 achievement point]

When Ron left the marine base with a small suitcase full of money, he heard a system alert. This prompt clarified one of his doubts, the one concerning the ownership of the treasure. It was obvious now that it was not the first case, but either the second or the third possibility.

After adding the new 1 achievement point to the spiritual attribute, Ron headed where the boat was docked, and soon reunited with Nami.

Encountering Nami, Ron noticed that Nami didn’t have that pile of gold and silver coins no more. Instead, she changed them into banknotes in the town.

Nami said that the collected items were worth 5 million berries. Ron estimated that it would be more than that amount, but for him, there was not much difference between 5 million and 69 million, so he won’t say a thing about that to Nami.

No matter how much it was, it won’t be lost.

After counting the five million Berries brought back by Ron, Nami closed the money suitcase with a smile, held out her small hand to Ron, and said: “BEST COOPERATION!”


Both hands clapped in the air. (T/N: HIGH five!)

Ron took back his hand and wanted to see how the system assessed the money. He said to Nami: “I have five million Berries here, and five million on your side. It should be enough to pay off my debt. “

“That’s right, that’s right.”

Nami put away the money box, nodded with a smile, and said to Ron with no hesitation: “You can easily kill a pirate with a bounty of 5 million Berries, you are much stronger than I thought. Do you want to continue cooperating with me?? “

Ron wanted to return to the topic of debt and repayment and to also divide the money to see if it would affect the system’s assessment. However, looking at Nami’s appearance, the right corner of his mouth trembled, as he said, “How to cooperate?”

“How about dealing with the pirates together, taking their money and treasures, and then we’ll divide everything equally?” Nami looked at Ron with a smile.

Ron rolled his eyes.

It didn’t matter that much. However, the way Nami wanted to split the money made him unable to resist the temptation to make complaints about it: “Am counted as the main force, right? I will be the one dealing with the pirates, killing them to get their treasures! How come that we have the same share?”

Nami said while holding her smile: “You don’t know how to navigate, do you? Will you be able to sail a boat? When you encounter a storm, even if you can use magic, you will sink to the bottom of the sea! Besides, you will find the pirates easier with me.”

“It is just navigation…half-share is too much!”

Looking at Nami, Ron couldn’t help complaining.

Nami raised her finger, pointed it towards Ron, and said, “But you don’t even have a boat, don’t forget that this boat is mine too.”

[Actually, I wanted to take over the pirate ship]

Ron murmured in his mind, but he couldn’t find a reason to refute Nami’s argument for a while, and he even had the illusion that she was making a good point.

“Oh, yes, there was this in the Pirate’s treasure.”

When Nami saw Ron unable to refute, she blinked her eyes, took out a roll of parchment from her pocket, and opened it in front of Ron.

With a strange pattern on the parchment paper and a cross mark, it looks like it was a legendary treasure map.

“is this … a treasure map?”

Ron said in surprise while looking at the parchment in Nami’s hands.

Nami nodded and said, “Yes, and I have cracked this treasure map and found the location of the treasure. What do you think? As an act of good faith!”

[Even according your strategy of splitting the treasures, I own half of this map…]

Ron whispered in his heart, but he did not complain about that. Instead, he said: “You don’t have to be so troubled. Ok, that’s good for now, I will just help you, as a repayment for your kindness when you saved me.”

Upon hearing Ron’s words, Nami exhaled instantly.


She stuck out her little tongue, showing a sweet and cute smile while looking at Ron and said, “You are quite the gentleman.”

Hearing Nami’s words, Ron nodded in agreement. They agreed on something, at least. He was a noble gentleman, and in addition, he became a solid magician.

On the first hand, Ron will be able to confirm how the system determines the attribution of wealth for future purposes. On the other hand, the next achievement related to money could only be unlocked by collecting 30 million Berries, and the next one was 100 million Berries.

While collaborating with Nami to get 100 million Berries she needs, Ron would reach a higher level, and he would be able to kill Arlong…

Despite that…

The treasure map that Nami took out made Ron feel good, because there was a ‘treasure digger’ achievement on the interface list of tasks. The achievement condition was to successfully dig a treasure while following a treasure map.

In addition, there was an achievement of the “Unlucky Man’’. The condition was to use more than three treasure maps to find treasures. However, each time the treasure should be empty…

If he was lucky, he could directly accomplish an achievement. Even if that wasn’t the case, and they turned up to be unlucky, he would complete one-third of the conditions for the second ‘Unlucky Man’ achievement.

Thinking of this, Ron said to Nami: “Is there a possibility that the treasure in this map was already taken by pirates?”

“Of course not.”

Nami’s big eyes were crescent-shaped, and she said, “If it was taken away, this treasure map would have been destroyed long ago. However, I found it hidden in a special wooden box.”

Hearing Nami’s words, Ron was also interested, and said, “So… we will leave immediately? Oh! No, we have to get some supplies first.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Nami nodded and said, “It’s a little far away, even with a good wind, it will take us a week. There’s no enough freshwater or food on the boat.”

After all, it was just a small boat with no cabin. There was only one small boat canopy that could barely be regarded as a cabin. Hence, not much food and fresh water could be stored. One person could drift for one month, but two would drift for half a month at most.

Ron and Nami went ashore, purchased supplies on the island, replenished food and fresh water. Also, in order to achieve the “First Drink” achievement, Ron also bought two bottles of wine on his way.

The boat soon set sail again.

“To our cooperation, kanpai!!”

Nami, holding the bottle in her hand, sat across from Ron and stretched out the bottle.

Ron wanted to prohibit the underage girl from drinking, but because she got more than 10 million Berries at one time and a treasure map. When she saw Ron buying Sake, she was too excited and said she wanted to drink a toast.

After she promised to have just one sip, there should be no problem, Ron didn’t stop her.

At the moment, sitting opposite to Nami, looking at the girl who was active and happy in front of him, Ron also opened a bottle, smiled, and then raised a toast.

“Cheers for the cooperation!”

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