Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 12: Rise in The World

Ron was tangled up over the ownership of the treasure.

If it was the first or the second assumption, it would be quite troublesome for him. He would have to share every stolen item with Nami.

It was too much hassle that Ron didn’t want to share the money with Nami. If it wasn’t for the money-task achievement, he would probably give all the money to Nami for safekeeping.

[The third possibility is the best option…Nothing good would come from dividing the treasure! Otherwise, it will be a headache.]

Ron murmured in his heart. At the same time, he called out the attribute interface, and all the three achievement points were added as usual to the spiritual attribute.

Previously, his mental attributes were around 16 points. With the 3 additional points, he was so close to reaching 20 points. The 3 points improvement was great for Ron.

The improvement of his spiritual essence brought a marvelous increase in his thinking speed, his soul was becoming purer, like an impure jade gradually removing the impurities, becoming perfect and flawless, and even approaching to be ethereal.

Currently, for Ron, the time to release Wind Blade should be less than 1 second, and the number of possible consecutive Wind blades should be increased to seven.

What’s more, Ron felt that his mental recovery speed seemed to have improved to some extent, and not in his meditative state, but in his normal state!

He could feel that his mental strength was recovering, but at a slow rate. Before, he was completely unable to feel his mental strength recovering in a non-meditation state.

“That is to say, if his spiritual attributes continue to improve, his normal recovery speed of spiritual power should also increase accordingly…’’

Ron said thoughtfully.

The ability to recover under normal conditions, even if it was slow, was a big deal. This implies that after reaching a certain level of spiritual attributes, the consumption of releasing ordinary magic could be ignored, and his mental strength wouldn’t completely be drained.

In fact, Ron wanted to take over the pirate’s ship at that moment, because it was a medium-sized ship, which could also meet the conditions of achievement.
However, he was affected by the loss of half of his mental energy, and also the remaining pirates should already have sailed and fled.

Hence, the ship-related achievements were postponed for another time.

When Ron finished and looked at Nami, she couldn’t help being stunned. He saw that the ground was wiped, and Nami had a shabby cloth bag on her back. It looked very funny. If she smeared some dust on her face, she would have the same appearance as a little beggar.

“Do you need help?”

Ron said softly.

Originally, the box was broken. He thought that it would take two people to pack the scattered gold and silver coins. However, Nami packed them all alone.

“No need to.”

Nami was carrying the cloth bag, and the miser waved to Ron with a smile and waved, “I’ll take the things back to the boat first. Could you take care of the bounty?”

Ron saw Nami carrying the cloth bag and headed towards the direction where they docked the boat. He couldn’t help laughing, looking at the rag bag in her hand. He looked at her briefly, then walked forward.

Of course, it was not difficult to find the location of the marine base. He just went straight to the center of the town. After walking seven or eight streets, the base appeared.

Although it was just an ordinary base, it was well organized. There were places to welcome interested people in joining the marines, places to receive ordinary people’s reports of pirate appearance, and places dedicated to pirate hunters and bounties.

“Captain Crewe, who offered a reward of five million Berries, for his head?”

In the office responsible for the Pirate Hunters and bounties, a marine captain wearing a lieutenant’s shoulder band looked at Ron with a look of wonder and doubt, and stood up.

There were famous Pirate Hunters in this area,
He was almost familiar with all of them, yet, he never saw Ron before. Besides, a Pirate worth 5 million Berries was not what ordinary pirate hunters could handle.

In particular, this Pirate Captain Crewe, who slaughtered a small town three months ago, nailed the bodies of three known Pirate Hunters over wooden sticks outside the town to intimidate the Pirate Hunters!

Without explanation, Ron threw the rag bag in his hand on the table. The rags were scattered, revealing the head of Captain Crewe.

The marine captain saw this scene and suddenly hesitated.


At a glance, he could see that this was the head of the captain Crewe, who had a reward of 5 million Baileys over his head, but he was still a little unconvinced. He pulled out the wanted poster of Crewe from the table and made a careful comparison.

After finally confirming the identity of Captain Crewe, the captain took a deep breath, asked Ron to wait a moment, and conveyed several orders to a seaman standing outside.

Ron didn’t care, walked to the sofa, and sat down.

After a while, the chief of the marine base came in. After a brief exchange with the captain, he started to ask Ron some detailed questions.

These questions were actually a process. Ron skipped the details concerning Nami and the treasure and started answering casually. Shortly, the captain stopped inquiring.

In the marine, the payment of rewards was very strict. On the first hand, the amount involved was relatively large. On the other hand, the reward system for pirates was established by the world government, because they couldn’t cover every corner of the world, and the establishment of such a system was the responsibility of the marines.

Because of this, the process of abolishing any reward order or distributing reward money should be handled by the chief of the base. After reporting to the marine headquarters, a decision is made, then it is executed by the processing agencies under the world government.

The whole process was extremely rigorous, so there were almost no accidents.

After all, for a commander or a base chief, the millions or even tens of millions of Berries could be obtained through other channels. There was no need to snatch the bounties. The risk was too great.

“Okay, you can go now.”

After the report was completed and the response and instructions from the headquarters were received, the chief put down the Den Den Mushi, took a box from the captain next to him, and put it on the table. He took a deep look at Ron.

Ron hunted and killed a pirate with a reward of 5 million Berries. Although he tried to stay calm to avoid attracting any attention in the marine base, it was a bit hard to do in East Blue. There weren’t many pirate hunters who weren’t capable of killing this level of pirates!

Ron took the box, made a simple count, closed it, and turned away.

A few days later.

The death of Pirate Captain Crewe was spread in the underground world.

Some pirates were shocked after receiving the news, while others scorned them.

Although it was not mind-blowing news, the name ‘Pirate Hunter Ron’ was like a drop of water falling into a calm lake, rippling and spreading in all directions in the underground world of East Blue.

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