Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 11: Three Achievements

Ron was relieved as he watched the many pirates fleeing.

In fact, his wind blade technique could be released six times at most. He has already used it three times in a row, and his mental exhaustion was a little serious. If the ten remaining pirates ganged upon him, even if he could manage to kill five or six of them, he would still get himself killed.

However, as he expected, slaying the pirates’ captain in a brutal way, and killing the other two pirates, made the remaining pirates completely frightened.

The seemingly panicked group of pirates was actually as stable as an old dog.

“A head worth five million Berries…”

Ron saw many pirates flee, glancing down at the body of Captain Crewe.

In fact, the first wind blade failed to kill Crewe directly, which made it harder for Ron. As long as his opponent managed to pick up his sword and swung it, even if Ron could dodge that strike, it would certainly put him in a troublesome battle afterward.

But everything was as expected by Ron. Although his first strike didn’t instantly finish his opponent, the latter was completely frightened. Crewe panicked and forgot how to properly grab his weapon, which gave Ron an opportunity to release a second Wind blade.

Of course, it was somehow risky.

The old Ron (In his previous life) would not be able to remain calm while facing a life-threatening situation, but as he became far stronger than ordinary people, he could keep calm and relaxed.

As an elegant and noble magician, it was natural not to act like wild warriors who fight like a beast, instead, he calmly and elegantly got rid of his opponents.

“Nami! It is time for our departure. I think we are done here!”

Regaining his gaze, Ron looked at the scattered gold and silver coins on the roadside, turned his head and greeted Nami.

At that moment, Nami was back to her senses. Hearing Ron’s greeting, she made a subconscious snorting noise, walked over, and stared at Ron and said:

“What was that …?”


Ron thought for a moment and answered truthfully.

Considering things like Devil Fruit, Ron felt that it was normal for Black Magic and Witchcraft to exist in this world. Since Devil Fruit exists, magic was not something to be fussed about.

“Magic? Does it really exist?!”

Nami couldn’t hide her surprise while looking at Ron.

In fact, she heard before some legends about magic and also something called Devil fruit. Eating this Devil fruit, grant the person who ate it the devil’s power, but she never saw it before.

“It’s not surprising.”

Ron shrugged and said: “Even creatures such as Fish-man exist. Magic doesn’t seem to be a big surprise.”

“That’s right…’’

Nami thought it was the same thing. When she saw the Fish-man for the first time, she thought that it was some monster crawling out of hell.

Then she reacted again, said while making a demonic look at Ron, “Baka! You should have told me in advance if you had such ability. I was scared to death just now!”

Ron reluctantly put out his hand and said: “I was trying to tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid of these pirates, but you ran away holding the box before I could even finish talking…”

As the emotional ripples in Nami’s heart gradually calmed down, she couldn’t help thinking about what Ron said about helping her to kill Arlong…

‘Maybe…Can he really do it?’

‘No way…’

A ray of light struck Nami’s heart for seconds, but soon it was covered again by dark clouds. Although Ron could easily kill the Pirates’ Captain, in her opinion, Captain Crewe was nothing compared to Arlong.

Whether it was speed, strength, or toughness of body, the Fish-men were far superior than humans. Arlong could easily crush a sword made of steel with his teeth.

Although Ron could use magical powers, she could see that his body was similar to that of ordinary people. Facing Arlong, he won’t be able to react in time, to release his magic. He would meet his fate instantly…

Ron noticed the change in Nami’s expression. He could roughly guess what Nami was thinking about. He smiled and shook her hair without saying a word.

After this wave of fights, Ron became more familiar with the power of his Wind Blade. He could evaluate his combat effectiveness.

If he keeps his distance, he won’t have any problem dealing with pirates having a bounty of several million. However, facing pirates with a higher status, could be a bit dangerous.

At his current state, he won’t be able to kill Arlong.

However, mastering the second level of wind magic, would make a huge difference.

Considering the need for three rune combinations to release second-level magic, it would be at least three times powerful than first-level magic.

And most likely its range would be even bigger!

Even if the second-level magic wasn’t enough, the third-level magic would be more than enough to kill Arlong at will. So, he should wait till he was sure of his capability of getting rid of the Fish-men.

Thinking about this, Ron raised the serrated knife, destroyed by the wind blade, frowned slightly, and then beheaded Captain Crewe.

It was great to collect five million Berries.

Among his money-type achievements, the easiest task to complete was ‘holding 10 million Berries. Half of the amount was covered thanks to Crewe’s bounty.

And in addition to that, there was also a “spending money” achievement, on the condition that he spends 10 million Berries in one day. This means that if he could make it up to 10 million Berries, he could directly accomplish two achievements.

Speaking of that, there was a marine base stationed on this island, where he could collect his bounty.

Ron covered Captain Crewe’s head with a rag, glanced at Nami, who had gathered the scattered gold and silver coins, and then evoked the achievement system.

In his previous battle, he heard the achievement system’s alert sound twice, but at that time he didn’t have time to pay attention to it. But, finally, he could check it.

[Tip: you completed the task (First Battle), you got 1 achievement point]

[Tip: you completed the task (First Blood), you got 1 achievement point]

Sure enough, two achievements were accomplished in succession. Ron glanced at the pop-up text without any surprises, but when he was about to use the achievement points, he heard another alert sound.

[Tip: you completed the task (Shy Bag), you got 1 achievement point]

Reading this tip, Ron blinked for an instant. If he remembered correctly, the condition for this achievement should be 1 million Berries.

He looked at the rag bag in his hand, tilted his head, and looked at Nami, who was gradually sorting out the gold and silver coins, showing a thoughtful look.

This achievement was suddenly achieved. It seemed that there are three possibilities.

First, Captain Crewe’s head was directly counted as money, but it was unlikely.

Secondly, the system assigned the ownership of the gold and silver coins to Ron instead of Nami, which is quite possible.

Third, Nami’s treasure was his treasure…

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