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P.A.S Chapter 10: The Power of the Wind blade

No way out!

Seeing the pirates getting closer, Nami could only helplessly throw the wooden box aside. Hitting the floor, the box got smashed into pieces, countless gold and silver coins went flying.

She picked up the most valuable items, and then, she went all out, accelerated steeply, expanding her distance from the pirates’ captain again.

“It’s much easier to escape like this…’’

Nami sighed softly as she ran, but soon blinked.

“Did you forget something?’’

Turning her head slightly, she saw that she left Ron behind. Several pirates ran to the broken treasure chest, while a dozen others were chasing after them. The pirates’ captain was holding the knife in his hand with a fierce and murderous expression on his face. It was obvious that only the death of one of the thieves would calm his anger.

“Damm it.”

Nami’s slowed down instantly, revealing a gaze showing that, as expected, she shouldn’t have brought Ron with her!

With a confused face, Nami desperately thought of a way to save Ron.

At that moment, Ron, who had been running behind Nami, stopped, a look of helplessness was all over his eyes. As expected, he still had to do it.

However, he was also a little excited. He was already getting bored of simply practicing his magic in the air. He was desperate to try it in actual combat for a long time.

Nami’s eyes widened when Ron stopped.

“He stopped running?”


There was a marine base stationed on this island. Pirates were afraid to alarm the marines by using guns. When it came to Nami, she could help Ron at that time. Although she wasn’t certain that she could make it afterward, there was still hope if they ran to the marine base!

“Aren’t you going to run? Kozou!!!!”

The captain, who was chasing Ron, spotted that Ron stopped. He slowed down and said sneeringly while swinging the knife in his hand: “it was really brave of you to steal things from my ship.”

“Do you know who am I? I’m ‘Captain Crewe’, a pirate with a bounty of five million Berries! Now you have to pay the price for your ignorance and offense!”

Crewe said furiously and then raised his serrated wide-bladed knife.

In the weakest sea, East Blue, a 5 million Berries bounty, was indeed more than enough to make him a famous Pirate. However, Ron’s expression didn’t change after hearing about his bounty.

Although his physical strength seemed different from ordinary people, and bounties were never an accurate reflection of a pirate real strength, but seeing this pirate in front of him… Ron thought that he was a perfect fit for his first battle.

Although he was out of breath because of running, Ron’s eyes were steady, and his spirit wasn’t disturbed. Looking at Crewe, there was a glimmer of light in Ron’s eyes. In the deepest part of his pupils, there seemed to be countless green light lines intertwine at full speed.

First-level of Wind Magic!

Wind Blade!

The serrated knife in Crewe’s hand was severely chopping down towards Ron. Nami was frightened, standing not far away. She could not help but close her eyes. Right in front of Ron, the airflow was surging and converging rapidly, forming a blue blade in a flash, and suddenly the knife swung away.

The Wind Blade, which was formed by wind pressure, collided with Crewe’s serrated knife, making a squeaking noise, and sparks splashed everywhere.


In the splashing sparks, two serrations of the serrated knife in Crewe’s hands were shattered. With trembled hands, Crewe staggered backward. His shoulder and most of his left ribs were broken. There were two bloodstains in a straight line!

Not far away, looking at that scene, a look of amazement and disbelief was all over the faces of the present pirates.


“What happened?!!”

Nami over there with her eyes closed,
Aware of the tense atmosphere, she slightly reopened her eyes, to see what happened in front of her.

Compared with the astonishment of many pirates on the lookout and Nami who didn’t see what happened, Crewe’s heart trembling was as loud as an earthquake.

He touched the wound on his shoulder and looked at Ron, who was standing still with a calm look and fierce eyes.

“What was that?!!”

”Magic? Witchcraft?”

He was sure that Ron didn’t move, even made any kind of movement! He didn’t see any weapon being drawn! But he withstood some inexplicable attack that he almost got blown away.

Crewe was still under shock. Ron took a deep breath and didn’t stop. He was on fire, and a wind blade was condensed again, directed to Crewe.


When Crewe saw the blue wind blade appearing in the air in front of him, his face changed suddenly. But the wind blade was instantly formed, and its flying speed exceeded Crewe’s reaction time. Instinctively, he tried to hold the serrated knife in his hand to try to block the blow.

The last time he could resist the attack, but not this time.

From the start, the knife was cracked by the first wind blade strike. The severely damaged blade was hit by the wind blade again. After holding on for a moment, it broke down into pieces.


The blue wind blade cut off the serrated knife, slashed past Crewe’s body and swept about two or three meters away. The wind blade disappeared while leaving a breeze behind Crewe’s back.

Crewe’s body was stiff and the look on his face was frozen. He looked at Ron with eyes filled with horror and disbelief…


Blood splattered, and Crewe’s body fell backward.

Nami, standing not far away, has already opened her eyes wide. Her big brown and bright eyes were paralyzed looking at the scene.

Ron’s breathing gradually calmed down. Using the Wind Blade twice was not very stressful for him, but he felt a little mental exhaustion. However, he didn’t show it! Instead, he looked calmly at the other pirates standing not far away.

The other pirates were still frozen, in a state of panic and disbelief.

Ron took a step and walked forward, like a black magician wearing a magical robe and holding a magical wand. Despite having a calm expression, he gave them a strong sense of oppression from his temperament.


Ron’s eyes fell on the two nearest pirates, raised his right hand, and made a gesture of slashing towards them. A blue wind blade was formed again. In an instant, it passed throw them before they could react.

They looked terrified, tried to turn around and escape, but at that moment, they fell to the ground covered in blood.

”Escape … Run…”

After seeing this scene, one of the pirates finally reacted. Looking desperately at Ron, with a trembled open mouth, he turned around and fled away.

Some people fled in panic. No one dared even to think about picking up the box of treasure scattered on the side of the road. They all fled desperately, lest the strange blue thing would take their lives.

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