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P.A.S Chapter 9: Unexpected Situations

“Yosh! we have a target.”

Nami carefully observed the not far away pirate ship, and then she began to hiss at Ron in the rear: “We wait till it’s noon…”

Listening to Nami quickly finishing the plan, Ron touched his chin. In fact, if it wasn’t for the pirates’ number which might have been in double digits, he would simply face them head-on. He wouldn’t be able to fight a bunch of pirates at once; he could use his wind blade technique six or seven times at most.

However, if their captain was killed quickly, no accidents would occur, and his crew members would be frightened and surely, they would run away. It is not impossible to enter directly.

“It’s a good plan, but the captain’s bounty should not be very low considering the size of their ship. If we can capture or kill him, we may also get millions of berries bonus.”

Ron said that casually.

Hearing Ron’s foolishness, Nami looked at Ron, stretched out a small fist and hammered it on Ron’s head, saying: “Kono-bakaaa!!”

“Even if you manage to steal a gun or something and kill their captain, dozens of pirates are still there. What the hell are you thinking?”


Ron tilted his head and said, “In fact, it is not that difficult to deal with dozens of pirates. It will be difficult to handle them all at once, but divided, it will be an easy job.”

Nami: “…”

Turning over her eyes, Nami revealed an expression showing that she didn’t want to discuss further the subject with Ron, and said, “In short, you stay here first! When they all go to eat, I will sneak in. If you see something suspicious, only in that case, you can make some moves to attract their attention. Understood?!”

Seeing Nami’s demon expression, Ron raised his right hand to his chest and said: “Okay, I understand.”

Nami hummed, walked towards the other end of the tunnel, and muttered in her mouth, “Clumsy guy…”

[Should I run away and leave this guy behind…]

With this thought in her mind, Nami felt a bit helpless. He still owes her money. It was a bit lousy to get rid of him now.

After thinking a bit, Nami gave up the idea. Anyway, Ron was just additional insurance to keep her safe, which would not affect anything. It all depended on how she plays this out.

The sun almost reached its highest point, it was about noon.

Under the watchful eye of Nami and Ron, the pirates left their ship in twos and threes, leaving about a dozen people, having a banquet on the deck.

At this moment, Nami, who was close to the ship, turned back and drew a gesture of “action” at Ron, and then quietly went to the ship.

Nami climbed to the stern with ease, turned her body softly and flexibly. She quietly climbed to the second floor of the cabin, looked at the room from the window, and then carefully opened the door and slipped in.

“So flexible.”

Ron watched Nami disappear at the door of the cabin, he couldn’t help tilting his head. It seemed that his anxiety was unnecessary. Nami was a skilled burglar that made it nearly impossible for these pirates to discover her plot.

After a while.

Ron saw the hatch open again. Nami came out struggling with a wooden box, careful not to make any noise.

After reaching the fence of the second floor, Nami looked at Ron and gestured to him.

Ron understood, and immediately drove in the direction of Nami, just below her spot.


Nami made a hissing motion at Ron, then took out a hemp rope, tied the wooden box, stood on the guardrail, kept dropping the wooden box carefully towards Ron while holding the rope as hard as she could.

Looking at Nami’s struggle, Ron said worrying: “Stop endangering yourself…” then he stretched out his hands, carefully received the wooden box. He slowly placed it on the ground without making any sound.

Trying to lift the box, it was at least 30 pounds.

It wasn’t that heavy, however, for Ron, who had average physical strength, it was a bit stressful to hold it.

Ron was a little depressed. This seemed to be a thief, not the type of work that a future great mage would do… Shouldn’t he act more like a nobleman, wield a scepter, kill a pirate in seconds, and others, scared to death, would kneel down in submission?

Nami was relieved watching Ron put the box without making any sound. She climbed down the ship flexibly, and reached out. Whipping off sweat from her forehead, Nami said: “Yosh! We are done, let’s go. “

As she whispered, Nami picked up the wooden box.

But just as Nami was leaving the coast on tiptoe, headed towards the town, few shabby and drunk middle-aged men appeared.

When they saw Nami and Ron, they were stunned. They first glanced at the wooden box in Nami’s hands, and then looked at the pirate ship behind her…

Suddenly awakened.

“Heeyy! Thieves!!!”

“F! How dare you stealing from us!?”

Several pirates who happened to return came to their senses, and immediately showed with a fierce expression, roaring towards Ron and Nami.

“Oh S***! RUN!”

Nami’s reaction was one step faster than those pirates, picked up the treasure box and ran quickly towards the town. Looking at how fast she was, Ron didn’t believe that she was just a 14-year-old girl carrying a wooden box with a weight of 30 pounds!

Ron blinked as he watched the scene, and he couldn’t help but say, “Damn it! This is a little out of the ordinary!”

Nami was more flexible than him, he could tolerate that. She was stronger than him, he could also tolerate that, but that she could run faster than him with such a heavy treasure chest was another story!

Ron wanted to try his wind blade against some pirates, but when he saw Nami’s speed, he reluctantly followed her.

Nami originally could run much faster than Ron, but she was carrying a heavy wooden box, which really slowed her down a lot. Still, she was slightly faster than Ron. (T/N: Poor Ron x’))


“You piece of S***! That’s the treasure we risked our lives to plunder!”

There were more than a dozen pirates in the rear. The captain was wearing a black-eye mask, holding a long knife with a wide blade. He ran faster than the others, almost as fast as Pegasus (T/N: a mythical winged divine horse).

Nami ran all the way. Soon she was panting and sweating. She caught a glimpse of the pirates in the rear, slowly catching up with them. She could not help but look helplessly.

The box was too heavy!

It was purely bad luck, meeting those filthy pirates when they were coming back. If she knew… She’d only steal some of the most valuable things. Now, she won’t even have a chance to pick one thing.