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P.A.S Chapter 16: Fire Magic

First of all.

Runes couldn’t be fused together.

Ron tried to form two complete runes, and then extended some line to fuse them. But he failed badly, it was bound to fail. It was the wrong way to do it.


The core area of

a single rune shouldn’t be destroyed.

Each rune was divided into a core area and an outer area. The core area represented the absolute core. Ron suspected that not only the basic runes, but even the derived runes, as long as they were wind-based, they all shared the same core. In other words, identical core for runes of the same attribute.

The core area shouldn’t undergo any changes. Only the outer area could be changed. The outer areas could be linked together as a form of integration, which was the right direction.

And Ron thought that it was better to start by the fusion of only two runes first. There were a lot of problems with the fusion of the runes. Fortunately, with enough spiritual power, he could barely overcome them. However, for the case of the fusion of the three runes integration, Ron was afraid it would be overwhelming and really challenging.

Of course, even if he could fuse the first two runes, it was just a part of the whole process. Trying to finish the integration of the 3 runes, he would end up being blown out by the wind whirlwind and fallen into the sea. Unexpectedly, it was in his favor, as he got the chance to complete the series of challenges related to the accidental fall in the sea.




After falling into the sea three times consecutively, Ron’s mental strength was almost exhausted, so he stopped and meditated to restore his powers.

Because the requirement to accomplish the achievement was to ‘accidentally’ fall into the sea, it was obviously not possible to count an intentional fall into the sea. At that time, Ron even thought about how many times to fail and how to take his time before accomplishing the whole fusion process.

After his mental power was completely restored, Ron returned to his journey of “self-abuse”. He was continuously blown into the sea by the blasting wind, and climbing wetly into the boat.


By the time he fell into the sea for the tenth time, Ron finally heard the system beep he was waiting to hear.

[Tip: you completed the achievement ‘The Unfortunate’, and got 2 achievement points]

This was the first time that Ron achieved 2 achievements at once. It seemed that the accomplishment of this “The Unfortunate” achievement was supposedly very difficult. In addition, the stronger he got, the harder to achieve such tasks. After all, the conditions were based on the unexpected event rather than intentional.

If Ron was strong enough, it would be almost impossible for him to accidentally fall into the sea. That’s said, without practicing wind magic, he might not have completed this achievement.

He got 2 achievement points at one time. Ron was very satisfied. After all, he didn’t waste his time being thrown into the sea ten times. His belly was full of seawater just to achieve this task.

And just after the first alert sound, a second one rang in Ron’s ear.

[Tip: your total achievement point reached 10 points, and you got a rune extraction opportunity]

Counting the 2 achievement points obtained this time, Ron has accumulated 11 achievement points. As he expected, once the achievement points reach 10 points, he would be able to extract the next rune.

Swum back to the boat from the sea, Ron did not rush to extract the rune. Instead, he first went into a meditation state to recover the huge amount of exhausted mental power.

When the mental strength was almost restored, his fatigue and headache disappeared, Ron opened his eyes and called the Career interface of the achievement system.

When the Professional interface was called out, an extraction interface popped up in front of Ron.

This time, the interface was different from the previous one. In addition to the four basic system symbols [earth, water, wind, and fire], displayed in the four directions, there were three more patterns in the inner circle, which were arranged in a triangle state.

The top pattern was easy to recognize, it was a purple lightning symbol.

As for the two remaining symbols at the bottom left and right, they were a bit strange. After looking closely, Ron thought that the blue crystal-clear overlapping pattern on the left bottom should represent Ice magic, while the shield symbol on the other side was a little confusing.


Guardian magic?

Although the magic represented by the pattern in the right bottom corner was temporarily unclear, the three new patterns appearing in the middle were undoubtedly advanced runes superior to the ordinary runes.

As Ron was wondering if he could draw an advanced rune, the patterns began to flicker one after the other. Apart from the wind pattern, always remaining dim, the other six patterns flickered out one after the other.


The flickering light was fixed on the flame pattern on the left.

[Tip: you obtained the Rune of Fire]

Ron felt a bit down as he didn’t get one of the three higher level runes. However, after giving it a second thought, he felt a bit relieved knowing that he might not have enough mental power to master higher-level magic. After all, he wasn’t able to master even second-level magic.

In addition, fire magic could give him a great advantage. Fire and wind magic could be used together to come up with a certain useful combination, which was not the case of the earth magic.

As for the water-based magic

Ron didn’t think it would be useful for the time being.

It could be very effective to deal with ordinary people having devil fruit powers. However, only a few of them were in the East Blue. In addition, fighting fish-men with water was tantamount to certain death.

At least for him, at present, the fire abilities should be the most suitable.

With the alert sound, a light spot appeared in front of Ron’s eyes, extending in all directions, in a completely different pattern as in the wind rune, but it was interweaving into a Rune of almost the same complexity. Then, the gloom disappeared slowly.

Back to the professional interface, there were two runes on the left side of the interface, both emitting a light green luster, with “basic fire rune” and “basic wind rune” marked below.

[Profession: legal system – Supreme God of law]

[Mark of Magic: first level (spirit attribute + 5)]

[Owned runes: 2]

[Total achievements: 11 points]

After glancing at his career features, Ron switched to the attributes interface, added the 2 achievement points he just gained to his spirit again, and then turned off the achievement system.

Two more mental attributes have been added, and Ron’s total spiritual attributes reached about 25 points. In addition, his proficiency in Wind Blade has reached its limits. With his current mental strength, he had the capability to release his wind blade almost ten times.

“Fire magic …let’s try it first.”

Ron thought for a while, then he decided to put his research on the runes of the wind aside for now, and to familiarize himself with the fire magic he just obtained.

Because his spiritual attributes were far different from before, and also his proficiency in runes changed dramatically, he was able to condense the fire rune in his first attempt. It only took him five seconds!


Red flames expanded in front of Ron, converged into a fireball twice the size of a human head, and then ”Fuuss!” It was launched toward the sea.

The Fireball flew about seven or eight meters away and fell into the sea, exploded into flames with a huge bang. Then it was swallowed by the sea and disappeared slowly.

[Tip: you have mastered the first-level of fire magic, Fireball]