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P.A.S Chapter 2: Differences in the World

In a room.

“A hundred thousand Berries lost…”

Nami was sitting at the table, with several charts scattered on the table. She leaned against the wall, and her body continuously emitted a very negative aura, similar to the negative ghost of the Ghost Princess, Perona.

Not far away, Ron was leaning on an old sofa, holding half a loaf of bread in his hand, and constantly sending it to his mouth. He soon finished eating the loaf, groaned, and drank a glass of water. Finally, his exhausted body regained some vitality.

“I survived!”

Feeling the slow recovery of his body, Ron finally took a sigh of relief and recovered his spirit. He turned to look at Nami sitting not far away.

In the world of One Piece, he liked Nami very much, especially when she first appeared in the Anime. In order to protect her village, she silently carried everything, whether it was emotionally or physically, which was enough to touch anyone.

At that time, Nami, who was only 14 or 15 years old girl, was capable of saving Ron’s life from the Arlong pirates. Otherwise, he might have been a dead corpse by this time.


Ron tried to say hello to Nami. But he never thought that he could come to this world and meet Nami, which made him unable to think of anything to say for a while. He only managed to say in an awkward tone ” Thank you very much, I might have been killed by those fish-men.”

Nami laid on the table, moved only her eyes in the direction of Ron, and glanced at him, and constantly murmured.

“A hundred thousand Berries… A hundred thousand … Berries”



Ron could fully understand how important the 100,000 Berries was to Nami at that time, and he could perceive Nami’s mood at the moment.

“Oh, I’m very sorry for making you lose 100,000 Bailey, but I will pay it back. How about double payback?”

Ron tried to calm down Nami.

As a person who was familiar with all the plots, even if he was just an ordinary person at that moment, Ron was full of confidence. Naturally, 100,000 Berries would not be taken seriously enough. Hence, in order to make Nami feel better, he pledged to pay her twice as much.

“Repay me…Twice as much…!”

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami’s dim eyes finally flashed a glimmer of light, as if she had regained her vitality. She sat up, stared at Ron, and said enthusiastically “No! At least three… No, five times! You know it is easy to double 100,000 Berries if used for business! “

‘There is no way that it can be that easy.’ Said Ron to himself.

Ron couldn’t help rolling his eyes when he heard Nami’s words, still, the purpose here was to get Nami back on her feet and boost her mood, he said: “OK, no problem, then 500,000 Berries, but it may take a while.”

“No problem, deal!”

Nami snapped her fingers while smiling.

Nami was depressed from the thought that that the 100,000 were lost. She never thought about getting the amount back from Ron, so she fell into a gloomy state of mind. Now, although Ron ’s promise was just a verbal one, it didn’t sound like perfunctory words.

Even if she didn’t receive the 500,000 Berries, it should be no problem to recover the original 100,000 Berries.

“500,000 Berries are a debt that will make sure to pay. As for the kindness you showed toward me when saving my life, hmmm…How about helping you kill Arlong.” Ron said grinning.


Nami’s smile froze.

She silently picked up a blank piece of paper and placed it on the table. She picked up a pen in her right hand and quickly wrote a note, handed it to Ron, and said with a stern expression: “Sign!”

At first, it seemed that Ron had some confidence in his voice. Maybe it won’t be long before he could get back the 100,000 Berries, she paid for him,

But Ron suddenly jumped out talking about killing Arlong. This instantly made his image in Nami’s heart fall to a completely unreliable level.

Ron glanced at the note, it stated that he owed Nami a half-million Berries. He looked at Nami’s face expression, it was clear that her image of him had fallen to the level of Usopp, her lips were pressed together that wrinkles appeared on them.

But Nami’s reaction was understandable.

A man who was on the verge of death, with scars all over his body, suddenly started babbling about helping her kill Arlong. Surely, it was a bit confusing.

“Well, it’s hard for you to believe…”

Ron reluctantly rubbed his temples. He was not only serious, but also confident.

As from where all this self-confidence came from, it was not coming from just knowing the plots of the story, but also, from a translucent screen flickered in front of his eyes while he was eating the bread.


Although he did not have time to check it in detail, there was no doubt that it should be a system or something.

So, at that moment, Ron’s self-confidence increased infinitely that he ignored the fact that he was almost killed by the fish-man before and Arlong’s frightening image transformed into gravels in his heart.


Nami didn’t say a word, instead, she banged her clenched fist Ron’s head, and shouted angrily: “Baka! shut up! Do you have a death wish? What If they hear you?! do you wish for a cruel death?! “

“Now! Immediately! Sign it! The door is over there, and remember to pay me back!”

Looking at Nami, showing her known demon-like face, Ron couldn’t hold himself from crying and laughing at the same time. It was a weird sensation, feeling such aura radiated from the 14-year-old beauty.

Even made him think of the ‘super fierce’ emoji on her head.

However, it still hurts!

Although it was only a little girl, the power of her fist seemed to be greater than that of an ordinary adult, which made Ron think that a Bump was going to pop out on his head.

After rubbing the place where he was hammered, Ron decided not to share his knowledge with Nami. He took over the pen and signed the note.

Looking at Nami taking back the note, Ron couldn’t help but to have a strange feeling, he felt as if he did not sign a simple deed of sale, but actually sold his soul to Nami…

“Well, the door is over there.”

Nami took the note, her mouth narrowed and pointed to the door.

Ron said embarrassed, “Well, can you let me stay for a while? If you kick me out now, I may starve to death tomorrow on the street and that paper will never be settled.”

Although it was a bit shameful to make a request to a fourteen-year-old girl to live in her home, Ron was badly injured, which justified his request.

Nami didn’t plan to kick Ron out. After all, she was the one that saved him, and he was clearly still hurt. She was just annoyed because of Ron’s blather earlier.

Nonsense talking about killing Arlong…

The thing was, two years ago, a Rear Admiral from the East blue commanded a warship to deal with Arlong, but it was easily defeated and destroyed. Sinking a warship in the bottom of the sea was an easy task for the fish-man Arlong.

It’s impossible for human beings to go against the fish-man, let alone Ron, who was almost killed by one. The fish-men were strong monsters, completely superior to human beings!

Only by working hard, by collecting the 100 million Berries, the Cocoyasi village and townspeople could be redeemed from Arlong.

After hearing Ron’s words, Nami narrowed her eyes, looked at Ron, and hummed “It’s okay to live here, but you have to pay one thousand Berries per day!”


Ron promised to pay, and said to himself “With such low rent, I could live here for a long period”.

Hearing Ron’s promise without hesitation, Nami frowned, stared at Ron and threatened: “You promised so quickly, wouldn’t it be that you don’t plan to pay at all, if you dare to not pay your debts… “

As she spoke, Nami pointed her finger at him with a threating gesture.

While making such action, there was absolutely no threatening force. It only made him feel a burst of cuteness. Ron’s heart was full of laughter and joy, but on the surface, he said: “absolutely not, don’t worry, I can sign another note if you want.”

Nami slowly lowered her hand and looked at Ron with a little suspicion. Although she was still not convinced and thought that Ron was totally unreliable, there was no other way.


With a slight hum, Nami turned her head and walked into the bedroom.

As Nami’s back disappeared, the expression on Ron’s face gradually converged, leaving only a slight smile in the end.

Just like a meteor across the sky, at a certain point, it breaks apart and turns into a meteor shower.

That was where the world divides.

Let a world move towards a different future.

And the moment when Nami rescued him, it should be such a point.

With that slight smile, Ron thought, and evoked an interface that only he could see. It was like a translucent light screen.