Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 3: Achievement System


[Achievement system is activated]

When the interface appeared again, a strange mechanical sound rang in Ron’s ears. At the same time, countless small words appeared on the translucent interface in front of him.

[Achievement: Arrived to One Piece World [1 achievement point]]

[Achievement: First Practice]

[Achievement: First Battle]

[Achievement: First Drink (drinking a bottle of wine in one breath)]

[Achievement: Steady Progress (100 hours of practice time)]

[Achievement: Self-Discipline (1000 hours of practice time)]

[Achievement: Berserker Mode (10,000 hours of practice time)]

[Achievement: Shy Bag (Get 1 Million berries)]

[Achievement: Small Fortune (Get 10 million berries)]

[Achievement: Big Shot (50 million Bailey)]

[Achievement: Golden Bag (getting 300 million berries)]

All the achievements were black except the first line ‘Arrival of One-Piece World’, which was green.

Ron saw achievements such as “Small Fortune” and “Golden Bag”, and also achievements such as “Devil Fruit Collector” and “Famous Katana Collector “. In addition, he saw achievements such as “Top of The world”, which could only be achieved by killing the four emperors.

“Good, easy to understand.”

After a simple look from the top-down, Ron roughly understood the basic situation of this achievement system, except for the use of achievement points! It was not clear yet.

As Ron was thinking about what the purpose of the achievement points, he heard a new alert sound in his ear.


[Host Ron’s new achievement: Arrived to One Piece World… 1 achievement point granted]

[Property system is activated]

[Career system is activated]

[Random career selection…Career selected! Host Ron has obtained a legal profession, he was approved as the path of supreme God Dharma. (The supreme God of law.)]

After a series of system prompts sounded, Ron saw two circles appearing on the left and right sides of the screen interface, with the words ‘attribute system’ and ‘career system’ written in them.

Looking at these two emerging options, Ron had a thoughtful look in his eyes. He started to open the attribute system first.

The interface of the attribute system was extremely simple, with contains only four options.

Strength, agility, vitality, and spirit.

At the moment, the points assigned to each attribute were all 0. Ron wondered whether he was too weak for not having even a single point. He thought that what was shown here, was just an additional bonus.

There was also a row below the four attributes.

[Achievement Points: 1 point]

Looking at this situation, he guessed that the achievement points should be used as attribute points, to gain more power.

However, there were only four attributes: Strength, agility, vitality, and spirit. It seemed a bit too monotonous. Ron did not immediately consume that 1 achievement point. He exited the attribute interface and opened the Career interface.

The career interface was more barren than the attribute interface, the entire interface was completely empty, only a single line was written at the bottom.

[Total achievements: 1 point]

Ron’s eyelids fluttered. He was just assigned as the supreme God Dharma. How could he not be able to see a thing?

Ron, who started getting anxious, soon noticed that the “total achievement points” line at the bottom was shining with gold and was shaking.

While his thoughts were in chaos, the total achievement points quickly zoomed in. New lines of text appeared on the interface.

[Profession: legal system – Supreme God of law]

[Mark of Magic: None]

[Owned Runes: 0]

[Total Achievement Points: 1 point]

After the emergence of the four-line, the entire screen flickered again, and a new golden text appeared flashing, accompanied by a system prompt.

[Tip: your total achievement points reached 1! You got the first level of the magic mark]

[Tip: your total achievement points reached 1! you can pick a basic rune]

With the sound of the two consecutive prompts, Ron felt peace and serenity in his mind. His exhausted spirit seemed relieved. His mental state quickly recovered.

Immediately after that, the interface in front of my eyes bounced, and four patterns appeared. They were displayed in four directions, up, down, left and right.

At the top, it was an airflow pattern, the left one was a flame pattern, the right one was a water pattern, and finally in the bottom a stone pattern.


The four patterns turned on and off in sequence. After several consecutive flashes, only the top air pattern remained as the other three patterns faded away.

[Tip: you got the Rune of the Wind]

With the sound of the prompt, a light spot appeared in front of Ron’s eyes, and quickly extended in all directions, golden lines appeared, combined, they formed a Magic circle. After blinking for a few seconds, it gradually disappeared.

[Profession: legal system – Supreme God of law]

[Mark of Magic: first level (spirit attribute + 5)]

[Owned Runes: 1]

[Total Achievements Points: 1 point]

Looking at the re-emergence of the career interface, Ron’s eyes fell on the second line of magic marks, excitement shone in his eyes.

No wonder he felt that the spirit had recovered a lot, as if his spirit was resuscitated. It was the effect of the magic mark just extracted, which directly improved his spiritual attributes by 5.

Ron didn’t know what his previous mental attributes were, but the changes brought by these five mental attributes can be clearly realized. He felt like he didn’t sleep for ages, lack of energy, however, both his mental state and thinking speed were much more stable and faster than before.

Ron looked again at the column of the magic mark, but he couldn’t find anything new. It seemed that the magic mark just simply increased his spiritual attributes.

In addition to the magic mark, he just got a wind rune. Although it was not clear what the purpose of the wind rune, it sounded like something related to wind magic…. Ron then returned to the original career interface.

This time, the career interface was no longer empty, a new delicate light green rune was added on the upper left side, and it was exactly the same as the rune that had blinked before.

This rune was not complicated, yet not that simple. It must be remembered by Ron at a glance, but it was difficult for him. It was clear that he needed to draw it several times in order to completely memorize it.

“Rune… what’s the use of this thing?”

Looking at the rune pattern on the interface, Ron frowned slightly.

He couldn’t find any instructions, he even tried to ask the system, but he got no answer. Ron quickly thought of a possibility.

“Wind Rune … Wind Magic … Magic Rune …”

Looking at the rune pattern murmuring, Ron gradually showed a thoughtful look. He moved his mind, turned off the interface of the achievement system, then closed his eyes, and began to meditate in accordance with the picture he had recalled earlier.

First, a light spot appeared, then extended in all directions, turned into golden lines, and finally combined into a complete rune pattern.

It sounds simple, but it was very difficult to perform. Even though Ron’s spiritual attribute has been improved by 5 points, which was more than ordinary people, and he was in complete concentration, it was extremely difficult to accomplish the ritual.

Ron barely remembered the rune patterns. Undoubtedly, the first attempt was a complete failure, and it collapsed before a third of the whole pattern could be formed.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion.

Ron felt as if there was a faint wind in front of him when the imaginary pattern of the rune collapsed in his mind.

Because it was too weak, Ron was not sure if it was an illusion, but in any case, he was sure that he was on the right track.

Firming his thoughts, Ron took a deep breath and called up the interface of the achievement system again, stared at the rune pattern and tried to memorize it.

Although his spiritual attributes were increased by 5 points, it was not easy to remember a simple rune pattern in a short time.

After staring at the rune for about a minute, Ron had a new idea, switched the career interface to the attribute interface, and added his only achievement point to the spiritual attribute.

Compared with the previous 5 points of improvement of spiritual attributes, this one point of improvement felt a lot worse, but he still felt it, he could clearly feel the improvement of his mental state.

After raising his spirit attribute by 1, Ron returned to the career interface again, struggled to remember the rune pattern again.

One minute……

Two minutes…

Three minutes……

After about 5 minutes of continuous memorization, Ron finally learned the pattern. He might forget it in the near future, but he could remember it clearly for a short time.

Keeping in mind the rune patterns, Ron tried again.

Compared to the previous attempt, Ron was fully prepared in this attempt, he even improved his spiritual attributes by 1 point.

In the dark spiritual world, golden dots emerged, with extended golden lines in all directions, gradually formed a complete pattern…

This time Ron completed one-third of the rune illusion in one breath, and then completed about one-half with high precision.

However, it is not a simple thing to draw such a pattern in the spiritual world using imagination. When the pattern reached two-thirds of completion, there was a little error. A position of a line was deviated a little and Ron was unaware.

Very soon.

A complete rune pattern appeared in Ron’s spiritual world.

“Huh, it’s finally done, it wasn’t that difficult…!”

Looking at the complete rune pattern, Ron breathed softly, but quickly frowned. He noticed that the rune pattern seemed a little different from what he memorized.

Ron froze for a moment.

Then there was a bang in Ron’s ear.

It was as if something had exploded in front of him, and Ron was pushed backward along with the sofa, slamming into the wall.

Immediately afterward, a strong wind swept across the living room, sweeping the water cup on the table to the ground, shattering it and breaking it, together with the stacks of charts and white paper on the table, all blown into the air, flying like snowflakes.

“Oh… F**K!”