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P.A.S Chapter 4: Wind Magic First Level

“Oh, that, I’ll get it right away.”

Looking at the bedroom, overwhelmed by the room condition, murderous intentions were all over Nami’s face. Ron could not think of any way to explain it, he could only maintain an awkward smile.

Nami clenched her little fist and stared at Ron, gritted her teeth for a while. She wanted to come over and give Ron a ruthless punch. But she couldn’t, looking at Ron’s injured appearance.

“I probably saved the wrong person…” She said helplessly.

At this time, it was no use regretting. Looking at the scattered maps, Nami took a deep breath and shouted: “Before I come back again, restore the room to its original state! Fix it!!”

“Also! An additional 5,000 berries for cleaning fees!”


After leaving two clear and loud angry calls, Nami slammed the bedroom door, leaving Ron helpless in the living room.

“What the hell the cleaning fee is for?! It was clear that I will be the one to clean it up, wouldn’t she spare me from paying these fees?”

This was just the fourteen-year-old Nami. Living with her under the same roof, even while having millions of berries, she would make sure to dry Ron clean in less than a half of a month.

But this mess was really his fault. Ron silently squatted down, picked up the scattered charts one by one, and reorganized them.

While finishing, Ron evoked the interface of the achievement system.

[Tip: Host Ron made an achievement: “First Practice”, you gained 1 achievement point.]

“So, there should be no mistake in the attempt I just did. Chotto-matte! No, even if it was wrong, it could be regarded as a practice. It must be a useful attempt.”

Ron nodded thoughtfully as he picked up the chart on the ground.

After thinking about it, he added the achievement point he had just gained to the spirit attribute.

As a qualified magician, it was a basic operation to focus all the attribute points on the spiritual attributes. Although Nami may be dissatisfied with his poor physical strength, he could always find a way to make up for it. All he needed was to exercise a bit to improve.

After nearly half an hour, Ron managed to rearrange the room.

This time, to avoid making a big mess in the room, Ron came to the window, opened it, faced the beach outside, and tried to build the magical rune again.

This time, His efficiency was a little higher than before. After all, he added another point to his spiritual attribute. It was easy for him to achieve half of it.

But in the latter half, keeping the already drawn part of the rune unchanged was a bit difficult. In the last third part, Ron made another mistake.

This time there was no strong wind, just a faint breeze, blew a little dust, and then it dissipated.

“Let’s do it again!”

Ron took a deep breath and started his third attempt.

The more he tried to do it, the more instinctively Ron felt that there was nothing wrong with his approach, it should be the right way to unleash the magic. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain the fact that he could control the wind.

The third time……

The fourth time……

The fifth time……

Successive attempts with successive failure…

The difficulty of constructing the entire rune was increasing. The closer it was to the completeness, the more difficult it was to stabilize. It was really hard to keep the already constructed part, while depicting the remaining part of the rune.

With these successive attempts, Ron also gradually started to understand the principle of runes.

The rune should represent a Magic Circle that provokes the formation of his magical elements. The process of forming the rune by spiritual meditation was to consume spiritual force to build the Magic Circle. Once it is formed, using spiritual force, it will attract his corresponding magical elements, gather them and then release them as magic.

After nine attempts, Ron stopped.

He didn’t succeed, but he felt dizzy, things started to get blurry in front of him. After a few steps, he sat down on the sofa.

After understanding the principle of runes, Ron expected encountering such a situation. Building runes consume spiritual/mental power and he wasn’t at his best conditions to start with.

Sitting on the sofa, Ron closed his eyes and stopped thinking about the runes. Instead, he was like a sleepy man, completely emptied his head, got rid of any thoughts.

Time passed quietly.

In this state, Ron had a really weird sensation.

Previously, when he was so tired, he would fall asleep instantly after emptying his head. However, this time, he found himself in a strange state, as if he was half-dreaming and half awake.

He could choose to stay asleep or wake up.

Inexplicably, a word appeared in Ron’s mind.


This should be what the magician calls meditation, a state and method of lifting the spirit and restoring it.

Ron has never experienced this kind of state before. It seemed that the added 7-spiritual attributes made his soul completely different from ordinary people.

What is the normal attribute of an ordinary person?

3 points? 5 points?

It should not exceed 5.

Ron was certain that his spiritual attributes should be about three times as they were initially, about 10-12 points.

In meditation state, Ron could clearly feel the recovery of his mental strength. First, the tiredness gradually disappeared, then his mental vitality became stronger and stronger until it finally reached its fullness.

When his spiritual power was completely restored, Ron’s feelings changed again. He could feel that he was no longer in the recovery process, the meditation state began to fade away.

It was like bacteria in some kind of incubator, which get divided little by little.

This process was extremely slow, but Ron still felt it very clearly.

After my spiritual power was fully restored, could I continue to maintain the state of meditation, and then slowly improving my spiritual essence?

Ron had such an idea in his mind

He realized that for a moment. Then he gave up meditation and opened his eyes to wake up.

Although it was also very important for him to improve his spiritual attributes, but this time, the most important thing for him was to quickly master a kind of magic. Otherwise, he would be powerless, and probably couldn’t even win a fight against Nami.

The flow of time was greatly different in the meditation state than the one in reality. For Ron, it was just a few seconds of mediation, but in reality, nearly two hours have passed.

During this time, Nami passed by, saw how clean the room was thanks to Ron’s efforts. She found Ron asleep like a little baby on the sofa. She thought he was tired of cleaning, so she didn’t bother him.


Ron shouted while warming his shoulders. He came to the window again, and started a new attempt.

This time, his state of mind was restored to fullness. With the foundation of the ten previous attempts, in light speed, he depicted two-thirds of the rune.

In the last third, Ron’s spirit was deeply focused, subtly controlling the whole Rune lines, extending one by one.


After several times of failures and excessive practice, a perfect rune was constructed in the spiritual world, with no errors, exactly the same as the one in the achievement system.

As soon as the rune was completed, Ron clearly felt that the rune constructed in the spiritual world was like a vortex, and it exhausted a third of his spiritual power.


In the real world.

Directly in front of Ron, a cyan light converged, formed a wind blade about the length of a girl’s skirt, busted out towards the front.


The wind blade slanted downwards, struck the F ground, and dug a hole visible to the naked eye.

At the same time that the blade was released, Ron also heard a system beep.

[Tip: you have mastered the first level of wind magic, the wind blade Skill]