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P.A.S Chapter 277: Reaper’s sickle


Looking at Ron in the undead form, Garp finally spoke. He stared at him with complicated eyes and said: “Is that really you…”

Ron putting down his hand, he looked sideways at Garp and said:

“It’s been a long time, Vice-admiral Garp.”


Garp didn’t respond immediately. He was silent for a few seconds, then said: “I didn’t expect things to be like this, but the old man is a marine soldier, and his position will not be shaken!”

Ron relaxed his body, gradually adapted to the body of the undead, and progressively realized the power he possessed thanks to his new form. He looked at Garp and said:

“Nothing in this world is permanent, Vice-admiral Garp…I also have some objective that I won’t give it even in this form.”


Garp lowered his face slightly, and the ground under his feet suddenly shattered.

Geppo was used in an instant! His speed was almost incredible, comparable to Borsalino’s flickering to traverse a short distance! He came to Ron in an instant.

With a huge fist, covered with armament Haki, Garp directly struck Ron in the cheek, willing to finish him with that punch.

On this battlefield, Garp’s position was firm.

Except for facing Ace or Luffy that would shake him, Garp will never be shaken by other foreign objects. He knew what he had to do, what action to take, and would definitely go all out!

Otherwise, with every minute and a second of delay, there may be more marine casualties, and more people from the Whitebeard Pirates may leave the battlefield alive!

And so.

The answer was to go all out! Bet everything on the first blow!

Garp planned to defeat Ron with a single blow, and then go to support Zephyr.

In the face of Garp’s punch, Ron acted weirdly. He didn’t use any space magic to evade, nor did he use any defensive magic, just folded his arms in front of him.


Garp’s punch hit Ron’s arm.

How powerful is Garp’s all-out punch?

A mountain can be flattened with that one punch! Even an island can be cracked from the middle with that one punch, or even torn apart, completely smashed!


An unbelievable thing happened!
As Garp’s punch hit Ron’s arm, it just made the latter’s body shake, causing the mist that emerged from his body to drift backward with the wind.

Ron just stood on the spot so steadily! He took Garp’s punch abruptly, without taking a step back!


Garp’s face changed, and there was a touch of shock in his eyes.


After a brief period of silence, there was an earth-shattering roar between Ron and Garp. The earth broke apart between them, splitting a gully several hundred meters long!

Ron and Garp leaped back and landed steadily on both sides of the gully, facing each other far away.

“… he blocked it?!”, Sengoku said with astonishment.

As a companion who fought side by side with Garp, he knew very well about his strength. Garp going all out? The ridiculous power in his punches was enough to knock out the strongest in this world!

Yet, a full swing from Garp was actually blocked by Ron.

How is that possible?!

Looking at the scene, Borsalino was so surprised that his chin almost broke. As one of the people who had fought with Ron, he knew too well what he was capable of.

Extremely fast space movements speed, weird invisible defense abilities, various powerful attack magic, and some other weird means to restraint his enemies…

If Ron used space movement to avoid Garp’s punch, he would not be surprised, but Ron using ordinary means! Physically blocking Garp’s blow made Borsalino stunned.

He clearly remembers that Ron’s body was very fragile!

That was Ron’s weakness! (T/N: oh boy!)

“Is it… because of that weird undead ability?”

Akainu was also looking in Ron’s direction, his face looked a little gloomy and ugly.

Akainu ‘s guess was correct.

That was indeed the ability of the undead form!

Facing Garp’s punch, Ron didn’t use space magic, but couldn’t use it.

In the form of the undead, the power of the undead fills the entire body, combined with the spiritual power, so, Ron was unable to release magic.

And at that price, you get in exchange an absolute power!

It’s like a fusion of the power possessed by those countless sacrifices before they met their end. These powers were completely condensed in the body of the undead, and unless that power is exhausted, the undead will not disappear!

“Um…I roughly understand it.”

Ron was also in the phase of realizing the powers of his form, and now he has roughly figured it out.

At the cost of being unable to use other magic, he gains an immortal body for a certain period of time: his strength and speed were improved to an incredible level…

Ron looked at Garp again.

After his all-out punch was blocked by Ron, Garp didn’t immediately attack him again, but stared at him, frowning, a little confused about Ron’s state at that time.

Ron didn’t intend to give Garp time to observe. His undead form was not permanent. It consumes the power of the undead consistently, and once it is exhausted, he will disappear.

“Vice-admiral Garp, here I come.”

Ron looked at Garp, spoke quietly, stretched out his hands, and shook it in the void.


The power of the undead surged, and gathered crazily between Ron’s hands, forming a huge sickle with a faint cyan color all over!

Reaper’s sickle!


In the next instant, Ron’s figure disappeared from the spot, and when he reappeared, he had already come to the front of Garp. With a roar, he waved the huge sickle in his hand abruptly.

As the huge sickle fell, space seemed to be torn, and there were faint cracks in the void, which were traces of the air being torn and shattered.

Facing Ron’s speed, Garp also roared and swung his fist without delay.

Under the attention of countless people, the fist and the sickle violently collided.

Click! Click!!

When the powerful fist covered in armament Haki collided with the huge sickle, countless black lightning appeared in the air.

Just like a nuclear bomb explosion, a terrifying airwave, centered on Ron and Garp, swayed in all directions. Countless marines and pirates were thrown away by this airwave! They were powerless against such terrifying power!

The black thunder and lightning were similar to the shockwave-like effects of clashing Haoshoku Haki users.

The sky was falling… the ground was cracking!!

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