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P.A.S Chapter 278: History will be written

The dark lightning burst and the aftermath of terror swept away.

With Ron and Garp as the center, the earth suddenly sagged down and spread out round by round, like a muddy pool, continuously disintegrating and collapsing.

Until the collapse of a giant crater nearly 100 meters, the shock waves finally stopped, and there was only one extremely large hole left in the field.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

In the next moment, Ron’s figure flashed out of the crater and landed on one edge.

Garp followed by flashing right behind him, and he was not injured, but he did not look relaxed. A white mark appeared on the fist from the middle finger to the joint.


Garp kept a calm face and didn’t speak.

Ron’s strength actually exceeded his expectations.

In the collision between the blows, he almost measured Ron’s power, which was not much inferior to his!

Imperceptibly, Ron emerged with such a level… No, it should be said that Ron is dead, but the body resurrected by a certain ability has such enormous power!

Garp turned his head to Nami.

Generally speaking, this ability should be dissolved by eliminating the summoner.

However, at this moment, Nami was no longer controlled and protected by Ron, and she knew she was in danger, so as soon as Garp looked at her, she used space magic, flashed onto the ship in the air, and manipulated the ship’s magic towers.

Garp bent his knee slightly and was about to leap into the sky, but before he could launch up, a giant sickle cut him down and stopped him from moving.

Bang! Bang!!

Garp was stopped from leaving the battle, waving his fist to block Ron’s blow.

At this moment, Ron was almost no less inferior to Garp in terms of speed or strength, not to mention that his current body is indestructible in the form of the undead. Even if it breaks, it can be instantly healed, unless the power of the undead gets exhausted.

Although Ron has no experience in a melee fight, with the speed of his mind in the God mode, he dominated the battle and still limited his opponent’s movements, stopping Garp from leaving the battlefield!

Boom! Boom!

Seeing that it was difficult to get rid of Ron, Garp could only fight fiercely. The battle between the two quickly became so heated, as if they were Saiyans, and their aura was slightly inferior to that of the whitebeard and Kaido, plus their collides continued to vibrate the entire island.

This is a battle between the mighty figures at the top of the sea!

Aokiji and Akainu, and the others were still in fierce fights, but from time to time, they looked sideways to those two.

It’s been a long time since they’ve seen Garp go all out, especially since they became Admirals, and his strength has surely thrust the barriers, but at this moment, witnessing Garp’s true form, they all have to admit that their strength was not even close to his…

There is still another level between them and Garp.

The gap if he was in his prime should be another Level, but with time this gap has shrunk a bit, but still, the difference is that if they were to confront him one by one, the ultimate winner will surely be Garp.

The most incredible thing now is that Ron has climbed to his level!

The beast Kaido.



These three monsters were present on this battlefield, standing at the apex of the sea, and after seeing the power of these lunatics, it was impossible for the admirals to win a one-to-one confrontation.

Among these three people, two of them were legends of the last era. Kaido, the Beast, was also a force to be reckoned with in the last era, but he wasn’t at their same rank.

But Ron is different!

Just a year or two ago, Ron was a recruit in the Marines!

Then in just a few short years, Ron has grown from a recruit to a Vice Admiral and even defeated several Shichibukai… Now he has the power of the peak monsters!

Such a growth rate is simply incredible.

At this moment, Aokiji suddenly felt a little surprised. No wonder why the government ordered to kill Ron at all costs. The existence of Ron is really too dangerous to the entire world!

Even Akainu and Kizaru were somewhat amazed by the strength Ron has revealed, not to mention the other officers of the Headquarters.

Vice Admiral Yamakaji, who was familiar with Ron’s power and got bitten down by him in the past, had a cigar in his mouth and kept looking at him.

“That guy Ron… is extremely powerful…”

More than one Vice Admiral was shocked by Ron’s strength.

Together with those civilians and forces in the Sabaody Archipelago who watched the battle in the Marine Headquarters through a huge screen, they fell to complete silence.

Some may not recognize all of the Shichibukai, some may not know the Three Disasters and the Whitebeard Pirates, but for Garp, the Marine hero, for Roger, the Pirate King, they were absolutely unforgivable names, their name resound through every part of the sea!

And now.

In the previous incident, the former Shichibukai, suspected of being killed by the world government, appeared in the top war through some strange ability and fought against Garp alone, and the two were almost on the same level!

The sound coming through the screen was not very loud, but everyone felt that thunder was exploding in their mind… The name of the magician Ron who had left his mark and impression in this world, at this moment, started taking root in their minds, shaking all people’s hearts.

“… The Magician, has he reached this level? ”

Silvers Rayleigh also looked at the live stream on the screen from a rooftop, and at this moment, he, with a slight shock in his eyes, murmured: “Should this be the power obtained through some strange ability? That state can’t last forever… but such power…”

He judged Ron’s weird ‘corpse’ state should be unsustainable, but no matter what, even if there was a time limit, at least Ron now has the highest power in the whole ocean!

Rayleigh was not optimistic about Whitebeard’s battle, and he even thought that Whitebeard would probably die in this Battle.

But now.

His thoughts have changed radically.

Ever since Albares joined forces with the Whitebeard Pirates and repeatedly demonstrated the appalling power of the organization hidden beneath the iceberg, he felt that the battle would probably not be as simple and the Marines would probably not win that easily.

And then, Kaido the Beast appeared, and Nami “awakened” Ron, and the course of this war had completely gone in an unexpected direction, and even he could not guess the outcome.

This battle will completely determine the future direction of the sea!

“This era… is about to be overhauled.”

Rayleigh took a sip of the wine bottle, looking at the scene of Ron fighting Garp, whispering in a low voice that only he could hear.

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