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P.A.S Chapter 279: Black Vs White

“Blocked …”

Whitebeard walked towards the Blackbeard Pirates with his spear, however, he was still glancing at the battlefield behind him. After all, he couldn’t rest assured that Nami would stop Garp.

Unexpectedly, Nami ‘awakened’ Ron, which had a surprising strength! So far, he was able to completely block Garp.

“Is it possible to return to this world even after death?! Zehahahaha, that guy is indeed a strange character.”

Blackbeard was also looking at the battle between Ron and Garp. He was grinning. But there was obviously a certain dignity in that smile, dignity towards Ron.

He thought that Ron, after his death, would be forgotten and that it wouldn’t take time before Albares getting wiped out by the government, yet Ron proved that he still has a saying in the matter.

Death was not the end!

[That guy…I’m afraid he really will become my number one enemy in the future!]

But at the moment, Blackbeard didn’t have the luxury to focus on Ron. Whitebeard had already approached, and the pressure on him was increasing.

Originally there was Garp over there, and Whitebeard was distracted by his existence. Blackbeard was waiting for the right opportunity to get rid of the latter, and seize his ability.

But now it became so tricky.

Ron blocked Garp, and the other members of the Whitebeard pirates were holding their grounds, in consequence, Blackbeard had to face Whitebeard, who could fight seriously and go all out!


Van Augur and the others also looked at Whitebeard with a calm face.

They all knew about Blackbeard’s ultimate goal, his plan to capture Whitebeard’s devil fruit. Shiryu said that it was a crazy plan, but once it succeeds, they can really become the new kings of the new world!


Whitebeard came to the front of the Blackbeard Pirates. He was much taller than them. He stood there, looking down on everyone like a giant.

Before he made a move, a strong sense of oppression was oncoming.

However, the members of the Blackbeard Pirates were almost all elites selected by Blackbeard, especially Shiryu. Even if he was compared to the admirals, his strength was not much different. Black beard pirates weren’t a force that could be easily suppressed.

“Zehahahaha, do you want to kill me, old man… You are old, this world should belong to a newcomer, you should… give up that position!”

Blackbeard stared at Whitebeard and said as he walked towards him.

There was a sharp look in Whitebeard’s eyes.


The spear in his hand slashed directly and brazenly, wrapped in a shocking force, exploded abruptly in front of him, and slammed towards Blackbeard.

Seeing such an attack, Blackbeard didn’t dare to react half-assed and instantly activated the dark-dark fruit’s ability without hesitation. A Dark fog collided with the shocking force, barely stopping it.


Whitebeard noticed that his attack was blocked, which made his eyes flicker.

Blackbeard’s couldn’t completely nullify Whitebeard’s attack. Although Dark Fruit was an extremely special fruit that restrained other abilities, it was obviously inferior to the world’s strongest Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor fruit ability.

The aftermath of the shock that could not be swallowed up completely was affecting Blackbeard’s crew.

Shiryu and the others were also strong enough. After their complexion changed slightly, they also shot one after another, blocking the remaining aftermath.

“Zehahahaha, this is my new ability, old man… The ability you are proud of does not work against me!!”

Blackbeard laughed arrogantly as he stretched out his hand.

“Dark Water!!” (Kurouzu)

The dark gravity enveloped Whitebeard in an instant and pulled him in Blackbeard’s direction.

Whitebeard was a little caught off guard, but he didn’t panic… letting go of his right hand, his five fingers clenched into a fist, the bright white light condensed, and he struck directly towards Blackbeard.


Blackbeard’s palm and the whitebeard’s fist collided in the air, and the dark fruit’s ability was activated. Before the Quake-Quake fruit’s ability was exerted, the shock was swallowed and contained abruptly.

Black beard punched out with the other hand, and bombarded Whitebeard’s chest, pushing him back two steps, but it was only two steps back.

“Just to get this! You killed Thatch?”

Whitebeard, who was forced to step back, was hardly affected. He stared at Blackbeard with cold eyes and spoke.

Whitebeard at this moment has healed all his permenant injuries and was close to the prime version of himself!

Strength… approaching the peak.

Speed…Although he was not as fast as Borsalino, he was not slow, and the power of his devil fruit was enough to make itself free from flaws.

Domineering…Observation and armament Haki were both top-notch!

Although part of his energy was focused on the ability to develop the devil fruit, Whitebeard, in terms of Haki was slightly inferior to Garp, but it was just a small gap.

Whitebeard’s armament Haki was still top-notch!

Blackbeard’s punch was blocked by Whitebeard’s armament Haki.

“You can still display such a strong Haki, old man… It seems that age didn’t make you completely powerless…”

Blackbeard’s smile narrowed as he looked at Whitebeard solemnly.

From the previous encounters, he suspected that Whitebeard’s condition was not that great. However, after facing him, after confirming that Whitebeard’s domineering did not decay, Blackbeard’s face looked a little ugly.

As he suspected, it seems that the people of Albares have brought something or used some kind of ability to solve the hidden physical injuries of Whitebeard!

[Damn it!]

Blackbeard cursed secretly in his heart, but there was no way to back down. It was the moment of truth! To be or not to be!

“Altogether, get rid of him quickly!”

An injury-free Whitebeard? Blackbeard dared not to fight him alone. He decisively gave instructions to Shiryu and the others to join hands and attack him.

Shiryu and the others naturally didn’t have any crazy thoughts like dueling with Whitebeard. Hearing Blackbeard’s orders, they all looked at the enemy, their eyes flashed, and they all shot at once.

“Oyagi be careful!!”

Marco in the distance saw that scene and shouted at Whitebeard, hesitantly wanted to come over to support him.

Whitebeard didn’t turn his head. He clenched his right fist and smashed it to one side. The trembling air burst every inch and at the same time, then he said: “No need to come…I’ll handle the small fry alone!”


The power of the Quake-Quake fruit erupted! The joint efforts of Blackbeard’s crew were not sufficient! They were shocked that they had to take few steps back! Whitebeard suppressed them alone!

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