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P.A.S Chapter 280: Where is the reinforcement

Blackbeard took the opportunity to rush forward, grabbing Whitebeard’s wrist with one hand, restraining his devil fruit ability, and then slammed his abdomen with a punch.


As the punch fell, sparks flew everywhere.

Whitebeard’s abdomen was covered by pitch-black armament Haki.


Whitebeard looked at Blackbeard coldly and kicked him out sharply.

Although the ability of his fruit was suppressed, Whitebeard’s physical power, combined with the armament Haki made that kick a heavy blow to Blackbeard’s body.


Blackbeard screamed as he was blown out into a building with a bang.

Instantly, Whitebeard held his spear with both hands, gave a low growl, and made a bold whirl, the air around him cracked every inch.

Click! Click!!

The force of the shock erupted towards the surroundings, and Shiryu and the others turned pale.

Everyone roared, and they all fought to resist Whitebeard’s blow, but the power of this attack was beyond imagination. Even with the power of all the crew combined, they still could not stop it. They were constantly retrogressed, their arms were numb, and they started losing control over their armament Haki!

With just two moves, Whitebeard repelled the entire Blackbeard Pirate Group! That was the true might of the Strongest Man in the World!

When dealing with the two admirals, Kuzan and Akainu, it could not be reflected, nor was it reflected in the one-on-one against Garp, but when Whitebeard faced Blackbeard pirates, the combat power of the sea’s top powerhouse was immediately revealed to its fullest!

It was the power of the strongest man who stands at the pinnacle of the sea!

boom! boom! boom!!

Whitebeard continued to chase and confront the members of the Blackbeard Pirates. With just his own power, he showed great strenght, defeating the entire Black Beard Pirates, shocking the audience!

On the other side, Ron and Garp continued to fight fiercely, from the ground to the sky, and from the sky back to the ground, fist to the flesh, every collision was deafening, making the eardrums humming.


Sengoku, which was resisting the beast Kaido, had gradually fallen into a disadvantaged state, felt the situation on the battlefield, and couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

Ron’s appearance was beyond his expectation, and his demonstrated strength was even more beyond his expectation. One person dragged Garp, and now Whitebeard also suppressed the Blackbeard Pirates.

The situation on the battlefield has not improved at all!

“Has the government’s support come yet? What is the government doing…”

Ordinarily, since two Yonkos Pirate Group appeared here, the government should have sent more support immediately.

[They should arrive by now!]

The Holy Land Mary Geoise.

The five elders have been paying attention to the battlefield of the top war. When the beast pirate group appeared, they immediately sent CP-0 to support the marines.

It was not what Sengoku thought! The support was actually dispatched quickly and timely, but it couldn’t reach the marine headquarters! It was blocked!

On the edge of Mary Geoise.

The four CP-0 members wore masks and stood in a line, with angry expressions in their eyes, staring at several figures in front of them.

“…Damn it, Monkey D. Dragon!!!”

“You guys dare to come to Mary Geoise!”

The four of CP0 gritted their teeth! Among the few people in front of them, the leader was indeed Garp’s son, Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon!

Beside Dragon, Sabo, the second in command of the Revolutionary Army, and the commanders of the four armies of the East, the West, the North, and the South were present!

Dragon looked at the four of CP0 indifferently, and said calmly:

” Mary Geoise… is it hell?”

“Since it’s not, of course, I can come. I just wanted to get something from here to confirm some of my guesses.”

Dragon said lightly: “I’m not ready to declare war against the Celestial Dragons. But, the problem at the marine headquarters is getting more and more serious. Why are you still standing here? “

It was not that Dragon blocked the four CP0s, but the four CP0s were forced to stand in the way of Dragon.

They simply couldn’t let Dragon enter the Holy Land Mary Geoise!

Compared with the crisis at the marine headquarters, for the CP-0, there was no doubt that the safety of the holy land was more important. They must stay here to stop Dragon!

The four of them were the few remaining combat powers in CP-0. One of them was the commander, and the combat power was similar to that of the admiral of the marines, and the other three had the combat power of the Shichibukai.

But such force wouldn’t be enough to face Dragon, Sabo, and the others!

They were just reluctantly blocking them.

“Get out of the way… You are wasting our and your time.” Sabo carried a water pipe and stood beside Dragon, looking at the CP0.


The faces of the CP-0, hidden under the mask, were very ugly.

Dragon walked forward with a cold face.

However, in the next instant, a breath gushed out from the direction of the Holy Land, and a figure appeared from there, walking towards that side.

He was the former marine fleet admiral, the current World Government Commander-in-Chief, Boo Kong!

“An old guy came out…”

The commander of the Northern Army tilted his head and spoke.

Boo Kong was once sitting at the top of the sea. His strength was comparable to that of Garp in that era, but age took its toll, and his combat effectiveness should have declined a lot. it was doubtful whether he can match a marine admiral with his current level.

Dragon knew this too well, so his expression did not change in any way.

He was one of the top powerhouses in the sea. There was no way that someone at the level of the Shichibukai could stop him. The four CP-0 agents weren’t enough to stop him alone! Let alone the whole team!

Kong’s current strength may only be at the level of Gion or Tokikae, and may still retain the level of an admiral, but even with that strength, it would not pose a threat to Dragon.

“Do you want to declare war? Dragon.”

Kong knew Dragon, he looked at him and said in a deep voice.

As Garp’s immediate boss, he met Dragon as a young boy a couple of times, but he did not expect that Garp’s son would eventually become the number one criminal of the world government and the leader of the revolutionary army.


Dragon calmly said: “I just came to fetch some things.”

It was not for no reason that he appeared there, it was Ron who contacted him by relying on the Albares Guild under his command and told him some information.

After he got the information, he decided to take action, which was to wait at the red line.

If what Ron told him was true, there will be two Yonkos at the marine headquarters, which should be more than enough to contain all the fighting power of the headquarters!

It was a golden opportunity!

It was the weakest moment for the defense of the holy land!

It was the best time to invade the Holy Land!

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