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P.A.S Chapter 281: Tokikake and Vista

The battle for the top continues.

As Dragon went to the holy land Mary Geoise, the support of the world government could no longer reach the marine headquarters.

The huge fortress of the marine headquarters was completely turned into a ruin, and even the entire island has been fragmented. An island was not enough to host such a massive battlefield. Kuzan even froze the sea that was ten times larger than Marineford to serve as an additional battleground.

Ron fought Garp fiercely!

Ron’s stomach and shoulders were cracked by Garp several punches, but he recovered quickly because of his undead body, as for Garp, his clothes were torn apart, and there were some visible bloodstains.

Since Garp’s armament Haki was so strong that it was almost outrageous, these wounds were not fatal, or most of them were just skin injuries, and there did not have that much impact.

But there was no doubt that Ron hurt Garp!

Ron’s power in this form could break Garp’s armed defense!

The other side.

Despite facing one person, the Blackbeard pirate group continued to retreat, and actually, three of them were seriously injured. However, their foe, Whitebeard was also injured due to the limitation’s effects of Blackbeard’s ability.

But the man standing in front of them was Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world with all his past hidden injures healed! Even if he was wounded and suffered two sword cuts from Shiryu, he still maintained almost the same terrifying combat power and still suppressed the Blackbeard Pirates.

The other battles were also extremely fierce.

Zoro’s duel with Hawkeye, due to the influence of Kaido, Sengoku, Ron, Whitebeard, and others’ massive attacking power, it was had to focus on the fight… It was an intermittent fight, where there was no winner or loser, but Zoro was obviously at a disadvantage.

In the fierce battle with Hawkeye, Zoro was also further growing and improving. His swordsmanship has been improved little by little, and he has almost reached the peak of the swordsman. He was not much different from Vista of the Flower Swords but was still far from the Hawkeye.

Hawkeye had no intention of killing Zoro.

Originally, he was not very concerned about this battle. He came here just to see what was going on with his own eyes, and to find an opportunity to fight a powerful swordsman to pass some time, and Zoro just met his needs, so he naturally didn’t want to ruin his fun too quickly.

Hawkeye didn’t have any killing intent, and with no one interfering, the battle between the two was fierce. It seemed that the situation was dangerous, but in fact, it was the contrary, it was much more stable than the other places.

There were more bloody fights in other places.

Just like the duel between Ace and Kuzan! It wasn’t just a duel, from time to time there were some interferences, for example, Kizaru released laser attacks on Ace every time he finds a window, and Marco was doing the same to Kuzan.

Although the admirals were too strong, they could not withstand this kind of sneak attack. Kizaru and Kuzan and others were all injured. No one was able to fight calmly, and blood spilled on the corners of their foreheads and the corner of their mouths.

Fighting is mortal.

On such a battlefield, perhaps only the top existences such as Garp, Kaido, and Whitebeard could have a certain degree of self-protection, otherwise, everyone else was always facing a life and death crisis.

After the appearance of Ron to block Garp, another death occured in almost half an hour. It was the commander of the fifth division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Vista!


Gion appeared behind Vista, panting violently, and there was an obvious bloodstain on her arm and shoulder, and the blood was dripping down continuously.

There was also blood dripping from the sword in her hand.

In front of Gion, Vista stood there stiffly, and after shaking it twice, he fell weakly towards the ground, making the final sound.

“It seems…my swordsmanship…not enough…”


Almost everyone like Marco, Ace, and others screamed in anger.

Caught off guard!

Everything was decided in an instant! Under one move, life and death were divided!

“Damn it!!”

Ace roared, and the anger vaguely matched the power of burning the fruit, the flame became more vigorous, and the monstrous flame burst out, pouring in the direction of Gion.

Kuzan exhaled a breath of cold air, released the ice with a cold face, stopped Ace’s movement, and intercepted his flames.

“Get out of here!”

“This is difficult to do.”

Kuzan responded indifferently.

Ace was furious, but in the next instant, Kuzan’s face changed abruptly, turning his head to look in a distant direction.

Kizaru and the others, all looked over, and their faces changed drastically.

They saw Tokiake confronting King, one of Kaido’s three plagues. When he repelled King in a frontal attack, a touch of extreme frost came from behind.

It was a surprise attack from Nami. It was fourth-level magic released by Nami at the cost of damaging her spirit by relying on the spiritual energy provided by the wizard tower!

Nami, whose mental attributes had not exceeded 200 points, lost consciousness after releasing this blow, her mind went blank, and she passed out.

Click! Click!!

Even though Tokikae had foreseen the attack in advance, the attack range of Frost Element 4th-level magic was too large. He was already doing his best to deal with King, and he couldn’t spare much power for a while.

Barely resisting the frost coming from behind, he was still frozen in place.


Queen took advantage of the opportunity, left from beside Zephyr, and slammed into the ice block.

Frost did not penetrate Tokiake’s internal organs with his armament Haki activated, but it was enough to penetrate his skin, flesh, and blood, making him unable to move.

Under Queen’s collision, the ice cubes were completely shattered, and Tokikake’s fragments were blown everywhere.

“Go to hell!”

“Vice-admiral Tokikake!!!”

The nearby marines saw this scene with horror.

Gion’s pupils shrunk violently, and she wanted to support him before his doom, but Vista’s dying attack also severely damaged her right arm, making her unable to use her sword.

“Damn it.”


Sengoku, Akainu, and the others were also full of sorrow.

They were all restrained, unable to come to support. life and death occurs often in an instant.

The fall of Tokiake and Vista on the battlefield also means that there were two powerful men less, standing on the top of the sea!

The crowd went from shock to numbness, then to fear.

As the war continued, with the fall of Tokikake and Vista, whether it was the Whitebeard pirates or the marines, their fighting spirits were weakening.

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