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P.A.S Chapter 282: They can’t win

Ace has been rescued.

The marines were not that easy to be eliminated, and there was no point in continuing to fight. Just now… No, We should’ve left right away from the beginning.

Marco gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

The members of the Whitebeard Pirates were gradually losing their intent to fight, but so did the marines. After all, the three powerhouses: Whitebeard, Kaido, and Ron were dominating the battlefield, and the marine officers could no longer see any hope of victory, including the admirals!

“We can’t win…”

“If we continue to fight, we will definitely die.”

Gion and the others were already very strenuous at that time. They were all injured, and some of them were in a seriously bad condition, coughing up blood constantly.

Even Tokikae has fallen on the battlefield, and the ordinary officers knew they couldn’t do better than him.

Still, the key point to confirm the fact that there was no hope of winning, was that the leader of the revolutionary army has invaded the Holy Land Mary Geoise, and there was news that the latter was in chaos! Hearing such news, the marine’s fighting spirit has declined even more.

If there was no disruption by the revolutionary army, they would cling to the hope of the arrival of backup from the government and eventually, victory. However, the revolutionary army has blocked the reinforcements of the Holy Land, how can they win?!

They can’t win.

On the current battlefield, the Whitebeard Pirates, the Beast Pirates, and the Albares Guild have formed a unified front. The marine, CP0, the Shichibukai, and the Blackbeard Pirates were on the same front fighting against Whitebeard, Kaido, and Ron.

Despite the fact that Blackbeard betrayed the marines, and invaded Impel down, the marines had no other option but to rely on him to contain Whitebeard. Still, it was a great gamble! If Blackbeard ran away or temporarily gave in to Whitebeard, or even choose to attack the marines, the latter will definitely be destroyed!

Under such tremendous pressure, the marine’s fighting spirit faded even worse than the members of the Whitebeard Pirates. As for the Beast pirates and the other pirates who joined later, they had the highest spirit.

Their purpose was to fight, to kill as many marines as possible, weaken the combat effectiveness of whitebeard and the marines, in order to achieve the purpose of dominating the sea.

The Whitebeard Pirates, as for the marines, were willing to retreat.

But with the current condition of the battlefield, no one was allowed to retreat! Retreating was tantamount to death…

“If we continue to fight like this… it will only increase our casualties endlessly…”

Garp and Ron were fighting fiercely, and the battle was gradually slowing down at that moment because Garp knew that it was unlikely to win against Ron in this state.

Ron glanced at the battlefield, his eyes flickered slightly, and said: “It seems that he doesn’t want to continue the fight anymore, hmmm…is it an opportunity for an armistice?!”

Ron didn’t intend to continue either.

The magic unit under his command was seriously injured, nearly one-third of them were in a dire situation, and Nami has also fallen into a state of mental shock because of the forced release of the fourth-level magic, which was very bad.

The purpose of this war has almost been achieved. If the fighting continues, although the marines, the Shichibukai, and the Whitebeard Pirates will continue to suffer casualties, Nami and the others on his side will also be in harm’s way.

For Ron, the safety of Nami and the others was the most important.

Originally Ron intended to protect Nami himself, but the effects of the magic of reincarnation of the undead were beyond his expectations, so he thought it would be a waste to not take advantage of such terrifying power.

Without Ron, Nami was actually in extreme danger on this battlefield. Fortunately, there were magic airships and Miss GoldenWeek.

The fierce fight with Garp has lasted for nearly half an hour, and he could sense the passing of the power of the undead in his body, and Ron estimated that the remaining time will not exceed twenty minutes.

Without the body of the undead, he must take over Nami’s body to release magic. He definitely can block an admiral, but it would very difficult to block Garp.


After Ron and Garp collided again, the former stepped back a few meters, his eyes flashed slightly, and then looked sideways in a certain direction in the distance.

“He’s coming.”

Both the Whitebeard Pirates and the Beast Pirates appeared on the battlefield of the top war, so the last emperors (except Big Mom), the red-haired Shanks, naturally cannot be absent.

It’s just that Shanks came a little later than Kaido. Maybe he really just arrived, or maybe he was deliberately late, waiting for the situation to become more and more serious.


Garp didn’t notice Shanks. It was almost impossible to spot his presence in this absolute mess without the spiritual perspective. Still, he noticed Ron’s gaze, and as soon as he paid attention to that side, he also immediately noticed Shanks’ figure.

Step, step, step.

Wearing a black cloak, he just walked slowly on the ice surface without releasing much aura, so that the nearby people don’t notice it.

Or it should be said that the atmosphere on this battlefield was too chaotic.

There were Kaido, Whitebeard, Ron, and Garp…When Shanks appeared silently, no one noticed him except Ron, who had long been expecting his arrival.

However, Shanks’ purpose was not to appear silently and deliver some sneaky attack. So after walking a few steps, he began to gradually release his aura.

Step, step, step.

An invisible pressure, accompanied by the sound of footsteps, gradually swayed away.

The footsteps on the battlefield of the marine headquarters should have been concealed to be inaudible at all, but as Shanks moved, it echoed clearly.

Another step fell, and the nearby air seemed to have twisted wave marks, swaying to the surroundings, and traces of fragmentation appeared on the ice surface, which began to spread.


At that time, Beast Kaido, Sengoku, Whitebeard, and other top powerhouses, couldn’t ignore the increasingly strong aura.

Everyone’s eyes shook when they saw Shanks’s figure.

Shanks took another step, no longer concealing his Haoshoku Haki, releasing it in all directions, sweeping the entire battlefield like a violent wind in an instant.

If in this world, the strongest armament Haki belonged to Garp, and the strongest physically is Kaido of the beasts, then the strongest in terms of Conqueror’s Haki would be Shanks.

No one questioned this.

The strongest Conqueror’s Haki…on of the Four Emperors, red-haired Shanks!!


The oppression that seemed to shake the sky and the earth erupted from Shanks and instantly eclipsed the entire battlefield.

Shanks’ Haki did not deliberately target anyone, nor did he even attack anyone on the battlefield, but simply released it against the sky.

the sky shrouded the dark clouds and under the impact of Shanks’s strongest Conqueror’s Haki, it suddenly showed a hollow vortex-like form!

At that moment.

It wasn’t just Ron and Garp who stopped their movements! The Shichibukai, the admirals…everyone stopped fighting.

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