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P.A.S Chapter 283: Stopping the War

Everyone felt the horror as if it could shock everything in the world, breaking through the sky and clouds.

“Hoy…that person is…”

When he saw Shanks’ appearance, the marine soldier’s fingers trembled. He could no longer hold the sword in his hand….

There was also horror and fear on the pirates’ faces, sweating profusely at the man with short red hair who was walking towards their direction.

“…He is coming.”

Blackbeard? his body was bruised and his face was very ugly, Shiryu and the others behind him were all injured.

Whitebeard also stopped his movements, looked sideways in the direction of Shanks and squinted his eyes slightly.

The battlefield has come to a complete standstill!

“Why did it stop?”

“What happened?”

“No, it seems that someone has appeared. Look there, that person is…”

In the sabaody archipelago, everyone who watched the battlefield was already a little numb, and when they saw the battlefield stagnating strangely, their expressions were shocked.

They all looked at the new figure that appeared in the corner of the screen.

When the whole figure was revealed completely, countless people lost their voices. Some journalists couldn’t hold the pen and paper in their hands and even fainted.

“Red…Red-haired Shanks!!”

“One of the four emperors!! Shanks!!”

“Another Emperor! Oh my god, is this world going to be completely destroyed?!”

Many people were full of horror.

For ordinary people, the marines were the maintainer of order. Yet, in this battle, that mighty existence was powerless in the face of the two Emperors! And now a third one joined the battle! Their hearts were extremely nervous!

The marines were obviously already in a dire situation, and now with another emperor appearing, the marine department most likely will be destroyed!

Countless people were afraid for a time.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Shanks with his one-armed hand.

“…The emperor, red-haired.”

Zoro also stopped fighting with Hawkeye and looked over with flickering eyes.

He also felt the domineering presence of Shanks. His conqueror’s Haki was overwhelming, but that was not what Zoro was interesting in! Shanks was also a swordsman.

Red-haired Shanks and Hawkeye once had a duel, and there was no winner! Shanks failed to take the title of Hawkeye’s world’s strongest swordsman.

It was also that duel that completely established the status of Shanks, making him the fourth emperor after Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom.

Zoro was grinning weirdly.


Hawkeye looked at Shanks, and after a few seconds of silence, slowly put the black sword back on his back.

Zoro noticed Hawkeye’s movements and frowned immediately: “What are you doing?”

“Dealing with Shanks was not within the scope of the agreement with the marines. My job is done here… our duel will be left to the next time. This is not a suitable place for a duel.”

Knowing Zoro’s character, he naturally didn’t want to end it this way, but this battlefield was indeed not a suitable place for swordsmen to fight. Also, by the corner of his eye, he noticed the casualties of Albarez’s magic forces, which made him give up and loosen his shoulders.

“Shanks…what are you doing here?!”

The vice-admiral of the marine Headquarters wore cold sweat on his forehead and spoke to the red-haired sternly.

At that moment, Shanks was no longer that chill guy who is always having fun with his companions. His face was so stern, showing only the aura and deterrence belonging to one of four emperors, he just stepped forward and came to the battlefield step by step.

“I’m here… to end this war!”

Shanks stopped after walking a few steps. He raised his head and glanced over to Akainu, Kizaru, Kaido, Whitebeard, and the others, and spoke calmly.

As soon as this sentence came out, Sengoku and many marine soldiers flickered.

Everyone was hesitant after hearing those words.

“Continuing to fight will only increase the casualties and in the end, no one will win. Any further fighting is meaningless.”

Shanks’ voice swayed on the battlefield; his gaze calmly passed across the battlefield.

In fact, everyone presents at the scene knew that fact, but no one could say it or dared to speak up.

The stance of Sengoku made him unable to say that, Kaido wouldn’t speak, neither would Whitebeard, Ron had been involved in the battle from the beginning, and he couldn’t stop midway.

And not everyone can stand on this battlefield.

Status and strength were indispensable. Even Big Mom was not qualified to stop this war, because she was already considered a loser, and the Big Mom Pirate Group has been destroyed.

“This battle is not something you can stop with just words…”

Kaido looked in Shanks’s direction and spoke coldly.

Shanks looked back at Kaido. His eyes didn’t show any retreat, he held the hilt in one hand and drew his sword out with a loud sound.

“Then, I will be your opponent!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!

Almost as soon as Shanks’ voice fell, many figures appeared and landed on his side. They were indeed the many cadres of the Red-haired Pirates!

To stop this war, you cannot do it with words alone. First, you must be standing at the top of the sea, and second, you must have the power to rewrite the situation on the battlefield.

And today’s Shanks, leading his pirate group, undoubtedly meets these conditions…With his clear position, no matter who wants to continue fighting, there was no doubt that he must consider the consequences!


Kaido stared at Shanks coldly, looking bad.

With his temper, the fight would have started a long time ago, but the situation of the Beast Pirate Group was not that very good. If they extend the fight and clash with Shanks, it will be very troublesome.

He was not afraid, but King, Jack, and the other subordinates would all die on this battlefield, and obviously, that goes against his purpose of joining this war.

“Redhaired…you kid…”

Whitebeard also glanced at Shanks with a calm face.

At that moment, Blackbeard wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth and looked at Shanks, and said: ” Zehahahaha, it seems that there is no point in continuing to fight. I didn’t get what I wanted, but sooner or later I’ll get it…Little ones, let’s go.”

Blackbeard was also very decisive. He knew that it would be impossible to get rid of Whitebeard that day.


Whitebeard turned his head abruptly and slashed at Blackbeard with his spear.

However, Blackbeard was decisive. He predicted such a move and retreat directly, fighting hard against Whitebeard’s blow, and withdrew from the scope of the marine headquarters.

Whitebeard slammed his spear to the ground, and the shaking ground was torn apart. Looking at the back of Blackbeard escaping, there was still anger in his eyes.

He can’t chase him.

If he, does it, Marco and the others will be in danger. It wasn’t worth it.

“Zoro…magic troops…”

Ron’s figure flickered and fell to the center of the magic troop. He signaled to Miss GoldenWeek in the sky, who released her mental power, attracted the magic troop, lifted all of them into the sky, and transported them to the magical airship.

Zoro glanced at the back of Hawkeye that had disappeared, then turned to look at Ron, and said in a deep voice: “What’s the matter with you now…?”

“Eh! I am undead.”

Ron smiled slightly and sent Zoro to the airship.

Akainu and the others watched Blackbeard’s departure, but at that moment, their eyes gathered on Ron again. Their faces were extremely gloomy, their fists burst out with various strengths, but they did not make a move.

They couldn’t strike.

Blackbeard Pirates were gone, and Shanks is here. If they make a move, the marine Headquarters will definitely be destroyed. Not only they cannot do a thing, but they have to hope that Ron will leave as soon as possible without causing another scene.

As long as Ron leaves with his men, the crisis in the marine headquarters will somewhat be lifted.

“It’s time to end.”

Ron glanced across a ruined battlefield full of wreckage, a faint smile appeared on his face as his undead body began to break away from his feet a little bit.

Seeing this scene, Shanks, Kaido, and the others all showed different colors.

Ron didn’t lower his head to look at his dissipated body but just glanced across the battlefield like this, passing his gazes at the beast Kaido, red-haired Shanks, Sengoku, and the admirals…

“Hell and this world are connected.”

“The moment the undead returns from hell, this world will be at his feet…”

With the last sentence left, Ron’s last head also turned into a little bit of fluorescence and dissipated on the battlefield without leaving any traces.

The 22nd year of the Great Age of Pirates.

Two wars broke out this year. The first war was called “destruction” by later generations, and the second war was called… ‘’rebirth’’.

In the first war, Ron, the former Shichibukai magician, fell fighting the terrifying lineup sent by the government.

In the second war, Ron returned as undead and fought against the hero Garp.

Countless years later, some people recalled these two wars and lamented! They opened the curtain of two eras.

In fact, these two eras cannot be compared. Their duration was different. The former was the last glory before the end of the great pirate era and was also engraved in history, and the latter was the entry! To the new world!

The former one was called the ‘Six Emperors Era’.

The latter one was called the ‘magic age’.

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