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P.A.S Chapter 284: Hi Vivi

Grand line.


“Oh, this time we have gained a lot. The guards of the kingdom are coming, little ones, it’s time to withdraw!”

With a bounty of 20 million berries on his head, the pirate captain Wally said while was carrying a large bag full of various valuable goods, waving at his subordinates.

“Hay Hay, captain!”

A dozen pirates rushed out of a shop with smiles, following their captain.

The passers-by on the street hid in horror, and no one dared to stop them.

More than a dozen pirates were grinning, each holding their weapons and frightening the civilians during their escape. However, when they were about to run to the edge of the city, a figure suddenly appeared on the street in front of them.

It was a young girl with sky blue hair, wearing a long white dress with a yellow ribbon, standing calmly in the middle of the street.

“Hey, get out of the way! Do you have a death wish?!”

Wally, who was running at full speed, held the sword in his hand and started yelling. Without slowing down, he continued to rush forward.

Seeing this, the girl didn’t say another word, she just stared at the pirate who rushed over with her eyes flickering, as if uttering something, a light flashed in the void.


When Wally and the others were nearly 30 meters away from the girl, the earth shook strangely, and the mud on the street began surging constantly.

Wally and the others didn’t know what was happening, and their faces changed drastically.

“What’s going on…”

“Did that girl do it?!”

” Watch your steps!!”

Just when the pirates’ complexion changed, the rolling earth under their feet suddenly seemed to stretch out countless large mud hands, grabbing their ankles, dragging them into the ground one by one, leaving only their head over the ground, like radish.


The girl watched this scene and clapped her hands.

She was undoubtedly the princess of Arabasta, Nefertari Vivi, one of Ron’s magicians who has the magic mark.

“The pirates have been restrained, so don’t worry about it.”

Vivi shouted at the civilians hiding on the left and right of the street. At the same time, she advanced forward, picked up a few pockets, and looked around, and said: “Are you all missing anything? You can come back and get your things.”

The hiding civilians looked at each other, seeing the pirates on the ground struggling desperately, unable to pull their bodies out of the ground, they gradually breathed a sigh of relief and came out of their hidings.

“Ahhhh, Your Royal Highness, why are you doing such a dangerous thing again!”

Igaram, the captain of the palace guards, rushed over and looked at Vivi with sweating profusely, and said: “What if you get injured by a pirate or even get kidnapped?! Please leave it to us to deal with those thieves.”

“You worry too much, Igaram.”

Vivi turned her head to look at Igaram, stuck her tongue out, smiled playfully, and said: “I can deal with this level of pirates! I am a magician.”

Igaram chattered: “Even so, you can just do things like this, you are the princess of Arabasta, if something goes wrong, what should this country do…”

“OK OK.”

One of the guards next to Igaram walked out and said with a smile: “Captain, you worry too much. The princess became so strong that I can barely keep up with her.”


Igaram still wanted to distinguish, but before he finished speaking, Vivi interrupted him and said with a grin: “Okay, since you are here, I will leave this matter to you. I’m going back.”

While talking, Vivi turned around and put her two small hands behind her back. She hummed a small tune, leaping away towards the distance step by step.

“…Your Royal Highness, slow down, I will have someone escort you back.”

Igaram waved at Vivi, but she was already gone.

After walking a few steps on the street, Vivi jumped on a roof flexibly and started hopping from a roof to another. After crossing several houses, her light gradually became dull and she can’t help looking up at the sky.

When the news of Ron’s death came, she couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept it.

If it wasn’t for the connection she senses with Ron, she wouldn’t be able to endure that big loss…She wouldn’t be able to get over his death.

But even with the vague feeling that Ron was still alive, her worries weren’t completely eliminated. She has been trying to contact Albares.

Because she was one of the magicians, Ron naturally didn’t hide his existence from her, so she quickly confirmed that Ron was not dead, and was relieved, but she was still worried about his situation.

After all, she could only get the news about the situation in Albares from the newspaper.

However, things are always unexpected.

In the sabaody archipelago incident, Nami and Zoro became famous, and many people felt that Albares, who was thought to be wiped out after Ron’s death, was resurrected, which made Vivi a bit relieved by the situation of Albares.

And then there was the top war that shook the world.

During that battle, whether it was Nami, Zoro, or Albares’ magic forces, they shocked the sea, especially when Ron’s “undead” appeared and fought the legendary marine hero Garp! His strength shocked the world even more!

After that war, the world government had no comments on Albares, but only increased the bounties on Albares’ cadres by a large amount.

Because Ron’s life and death status were weird, there was no reward on his head, but Nami’s reward reached 1.2 billion berries, Zoro’s reward reached 700 million berries, as for Miss Goldenweek her rewards reached 700 million berries… …

Even Perona, Robin, and the others who did not participate in the war, their bounties have greatly increased, reaching 200 million and more than 300 million!

The news came, and Vivi was also a little shocked.

Unknowingly, the Albares Guild founded by Ron has grown to such a degree that even the world government could hardly contain its existence.

As a lively princess, in fact, Vivi also wanted to join Albares and take risks with Ron, but she couldn’t let go of the country of Arabasta.

On one hand, she was the princess of the country and If she joins Albares, it will cause great trouble to Arabasta. On the other hand, if she leaves, Cobra will have to deal with all kinds of affairs of the country alone. Without her assistance, perhaps the burden would be too heavy.

Vivi was a little depressed.

However, the decline did not last long, and she quickly recovered.

If she can’t go on an adventure with Ron, she was happy to see that the guild founded by Ron growing stronger and stronger.

“Father, I’m back.”

Vivi said as she reached the palace, but before her voice fell, she was suddenly surprised by the figure in front of Cobra.

“…Long time no see, Vivi.”

Nami took off the wicker hat, showing a pretty face, and smiled at Vivi.

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