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P.A.S Chapter 285: re-establishment


With a look of surprise on Vivi’s small face, she ran over and said: “Why did you come to Arabasta? Is Mr. Ron, okay?”

Hearing the second half of Vivi’s sentence, Nami curled her lips and said: “He, he is good…”

“…even without my body, I will be fine.”

Ron’s voice rang directly in the minds of Nami and Vivi.

The relationship between Ron and Nami became weird lately, they are not lovers, but they are closer than partners…but Ron didn’t bother to distinguish them so clearly.

Most of his energy was spent on cultivation. From the top of the war to the present, he has been practicing spiritual power and studying the third-level magic of the space system for almost half a month.

“Where are you?”

Vivi heard Ron’s voice in her head, her big sky-blue eyes flickered as she looked around Nami, but she could not find Ron.

And at the next moment, Vivi, Cobra, and the others all looked at the ground at the same time and saw the bricks breaking continuously, turning into mud and gravel, and converging towards the center.

The mud gradually condensed into a human form.

“Ron… Um?”

Vivi looked at the sandman in a little astonishment.

Ron manipulated the condensed body of the sand, nodded at Vivi, then established a mental communication with her, using a few seconds to roughly tell her what happened during the last period.

Vivi was in a daze. After returning to her senses, she already knew what was going on with Ron at that time, and she couldn’t help but say, a little worried: “You lost your body… how can you recover?”

“If I raise my magic by one more level, I should be able to do it, don’t worry.”

Ron smiled at Vivi.

Vivi nodded somewhat dumbly, and said: “You are here…”

“Well, because something happened, I haven’t been able to come here for a long time. I specially came to see you. In addition, I plan to re-establish a branch in Arabasta.”

Ron manipulated the Sandman to speak.

Previously, because of Big Mom, after the branch of Arabasta was destroyed, in order to avoid bringing some danger and trouble to the country, Ron had everyone evacuated from Arabasta.

When Ron destroyed Doflamingo and gained a firm foothold, when he planned to rebuild the branch in Arabasta, the world government suddenly attacked him again, resulting in the fact that the branch on Arabasta was never established.

This time he came here for two purposes, or more like the establishment of the branch has two purposes.

One was that the population of Arabasta was very large, and it was easy to screen out many people with good spiritual talents so that they can become members of the magic force through cultivation and grow their power.

The other was to complete some other achievements in the achievement system interface.

There is an achievement for protecting an island from invasion…It is actually a multi-level achievement, where the last one is to protect ten islands.

In addition, there was an achievement to occupy an island, occupy a sea area with more than ten islands, etc. These were all the achievements that Ron has in mind to complete next.

It was troublesome to achieve such kinds of achievements before.

Now it’s different.

Now half a month has passed since the top war, and the news on the sea has continuously reported on the top war incident for half a month. The name of Albares has already resounded through the sea!

Many ordinary people and forces have placed Albares, the Whitebeard Pirates, the Beast Pirates, and the Red-Haired Pirates on the same level.

The Albares Guild never claimed to be a pirate group, but this did not prevent the latter from obtaining the status corresponding to the original four emperors.

In the old sea, four emperors ruled the new world.

Now some people call it the Six Emperors!

They were the six powers standing on top of the sea in addition to the world government and marine!

These six forces were Whitebeard, Kaido, and red-haired Shanks the three emperors who rule the new world, as well as Albares, which has powered all over the world, the famous ‘Blackbeard Pirates’ group that has fought the war, and Big Mom pirate group that segregated the North Sea.

After the Big Mom Pirate Group was wiped out by the world government, it fell into disrepair and has not returned to the New World.

But because Big Mom her self was still alive, it was still a great, frightening force. After the North Sea was divided, many forces still succumbed and defected.

Among the six forces, Whitebeard, Kaido, and Shanks were the top three.

Big Mom, Blackbeard, and Albares were the three weakest.

Big Mom was the emperor who has lost her original power, Blackbeard has not yet formed a huge power, and Albares’ president Ron’s life and death status are weird and unknown.

The three weak emperor forces have their own problems, but there was no doubt that they were far stronger than other pirate forces, far stronger than the Shichibukai and the like.

“Establish a branch?”

Cobra looked at the sandman. He was not very surprised, just showing a trace of thought.

Before, Ron had evacuated all his subordinates, and that was indeed the best choice.

Although this would make Arabasta suffer from the persecution of some pirates who enter the grand line, it was better than facing the threat of the four emperors such as Big Mom.

After Ron was ‘killed’ by the government, Albares retreated completely.

Now, there is no problem.

Although Arabasta was of the members of the world government, Albares became a force that even the world government can hardly deal with. They can do whatever they want. If they want to establish a branch in Arabasta, the government wouldn’t act rashly.

As for the threat of Big Mom…For the current Albares, it was no longer a huge threat.

“Are you going to make it public?”

Cobra asked Ron.

He wanted to know Ron’s plans because with Ron’s current power and status, establishing a branch in Arabasta is a declaration! Not just a simple branch establishment!

It is equivalent to declaring the ownership of Arabasta!

From today on, whether Arabasta is a country that belongs to the world government, or whether to break away from the world government and become an independent country protected by Albares, this was the key!

“of course.”

Ron nodded and said: “But you don’t have to make a decision whether to leave the world government or not. It’s okay to regard me as a strong separatist regime in this area.”

Speaking of this, Ron smiled and said: “Anyway, the government will not take any action in a short time. Their losses in this battle were too great.”

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