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P.A.S Chapter 286: Gold

In fact, Cobra’s question did not need an answer.

Anyway, with Ron and Albares’ current status and power, even if they directly control Alabasta, it will not bring much crisis to the kingdom, on the contrary, this will deter pirates from invading their territory.

As for whether to openly secede from a member country of the world government, on one hand, the Nefertari family is one of the twenty royal families that founded the world government. If their ancestors were stationed in the Holy Land at that time, they would have been celestial dragons now.

Therefore, their family has a different status from royal families such as Dressrosa.

Many key points influence the decision, such as Ron once saved Alabasta, and Cobra has complete confidence in Ron! He thinks that Ron is the one who can change the world.

“What are you going to do in the future?”

Cobra pondered for a while and asked Ron: “It is no longer possible to mediate between you and the world government, so are you planning to replace the world government in the future?”


Ron shook his head and said: “I have no interest in ruling. The Albares Guild will not participate in any politics. In the future, it will be an independent organization that will only be responsible for the stability of the world.”

A magic guild independent of all kingships has a transcendent status and governs magicians and powerful powers in the world.

And the ordinary people, the civilians, are still governed by the kings of countries such as Cobra…It is the form that separates ordinary people from the capable.

” Is that how you conceive it?”

Cobra looked at Ron with some surprise, and after thinking about it, he couldn’t help but nod his head.

In fact, in this world, the celestial dragons dominate the world government, which at the same time dominate all countries in the world.

The celestial dragons are the real-world rulers! Compared to the Five elders, the country’s kings are just playing house.

If things go according to Ron’s vision, the future Albares Guild will become an organization that replaces the world government without interfering in the governance of ordinary countries.

And this organization will be based on accepting tasks, protecting the royal family of various countries, etc. There will be no such thing as the so-called collection of ‘heavenly tributes’.

Cobra couldn’t predict what that situation would be like, but at least it would be better than the current situation, not to mention Ron’s current goal was to defeat the other five emperors.

“If you are going to establish a branch, build it here!”

Cobra finally made the decision.

As the king of Alabasta, he will not publicly declare to leave the government and support the Albares Guild, but being able to say this was him actually choosing sides.

Ron smiled and said: “Then, from now on, no heavenly tribute will be handed over to the world government. That is to say that Albares is in control and this should make Alabasta a lot richer.”


Cobra grumbled.

For Alabasta, the heavenly tribute was a heavy burden that made its economy suffer a bit! Saving that number of resources will make the whole country a lot richer, and the poor population will be greatly reduced.

Vivi looked at Ron, interjected, and said: “The construction of the guild should also require money. Now that the government is suppressing you all over the world, your situation should not be very good, right.”

“It’s not very good indeed.”

Nami rolled her eyes at Ron next to her and said: “The main income from hunting the bounty pirates has been cut off. A while ago, It was so difficult to receive a single commission and each branch was on the verge of collapse. Things became better now… but we are barely managing, we don’t even have enough money to buy basic supplies.”

Ron glanced at Nami and said: “Didn’t we collect a large amount of money from Doflamingo? Even if we spent a lot during this period, there should be at least a few billion berries remaining. “

Nami bulged her cheeks and said angrily: “Do you think that was a lot? The cost of building a branch will cost at least hundreds of millions of Berries, even if all the people from the guild help to build the branch, you still need money for the sea-stones for the magic towers, and the devil Fruits you want. If you don’t get us some money, you won’t even find water to drink!”

” Well, well… It doesn’t seem like much when you say that.”

Ron scratched his hair, but only caught a pile of sand.

He somewhat ignored how huge the current Albares Guild was. It was not inferior to the forces of the other four emperors, yet he would not rob any country, nor he had a fixed income nor did he have a fixed territory. He doesn’t even have a fixed territory.

After the break with the government, it would be troublesome to receive bounties, and it would be troublesome to accept commissions. After all, Albares was already regarded as a ‘criminal organization’.

The billions of berries sounded a lot, but buying some sea-stones shouldn’t cost that much, and also there was no way that Ron would let go of any devil fruits and no matter how minor the devil fruit was, it would cost hundreds of millions of berries.

” It’s exactly what I thought.”

Vivi also showed a somewhat distressed look.

The economy of Alabasta was actually not improving. After all, it was a desert country. Water resources alone were already a big problem that restricts development. Vivi was actually trying to help, but there hasn’t been any very good improvement. The treasury was basically empty!

“Actually, Alabasta doesn’t have to worry about it.”

Ron thought for a while and said: “After I have built enough magic towers, I can set most of them to use water elemental, and this country will no longer be short of water.”

Ron didn’t have the ability to change the climate of a large country before, but since he has mastered the magic of the water system, by relying on the magic tower, he can completely change the overall climate of a country.

“Huh?… can it really be done?”

Vivi looked at Ron in surprise! her big eyes were gleaming.

If the water shortage problem in Alabasta can be solved, coupled with the fact that there was no need to hand in heavenly tribute, then the situation of the country will probably be greatly improved in a very short time.

“Well, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Ron nodded, and then he thought about it again: “As for the economic problems of the guild, I already have an idea. Let’s go to the Tesoro to borrow some money.”

Nami heard Ron’s words and said thoughtfully: ” Tesoro… isn’t that the richest guy in the world? It is said that he owns more than 20% of the world’s gold!”

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