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P.A.S Chapter 287: Six Emperors

“Well, it’s him, he and Doflamingo were also cooperating, but after I eliminated the latter, he stopped the cooperation.”

Ron nodded.

Nami frowned slightly: “That guy seems to have a deep connection with the government.”

“Yes, the money he holds can even control the Celestial dragons to a certain extent. It is easy to hire a CP-0 or admiral for a long time with that kind of money he got. It may be a little troublesome to deal with him, but it is only a little nuisance.”

Ron said calmly: “We are already at war with the government, and we don’t need to care about the attitude of the government and the celestials.”

Nami thought about it too.

They have already stood in opposition to the world government, so naturally, there was no need to worry about the government’s attitude. The only thing that needs to be considered is what kind of combat power the government could send to stop it in the process of cooperating with Tesoro.


Vivi has also heard of this name. After all, he was the emperor who controls most of the underground entertainment industry in the world, the person who has the most gold and the most assets.

She tilted her head and said: “It would be great if we can get his investment or cooperation, it will solve a lot of our problems.”

“So, take your time.”

Ron glanced at Nami and said: “We got enough money, for now, right? Use it for the time being. As for Tesoro, we’ll go to him once we finish our preparations.”

Ron must obtain Tesoro’s money because he needs to achieve the highest achievement in the money department, and that achievement requires more than 100 billion Berries’ assets.

Such a huge number wouldn’t be easily collected even if a few countries’ treasuries were combined together.

Apart from the world government, there was only the ‘Golden Emperor’ Tesoro with such huge assets, and his fortune will probably far exceed this number.

After the Marineford’s war, the achievement of participating in the top war, the achievement of “I am a legend” (been published ten times in the newspaper) were accomplished and got a total of 4 achievement points.

Ron now has a total achievement point of 160 points.

And his mental attributes have reached 430 points! 70 points short of the 500-point level. The gap was not big anymore. Even if he doesn’t do anything special, if he keeps just practicing for one or two years, he will reach the target.

If he wants to make it faster, then he can continue to collect devil fruits while achieving achievements.

The upgrade of the magic mark with the total achievement points of 150 points gave Ron the ability to give a high-level magic mark, and he also upgraded Nami’s magic mark to a high level.

Nami’s total mental attributes now are close to 150 points.

With her talent, if she continues to practice, in the next one or two years, there is a great chance that she will break the 200-point limit and become a magician who truly masters fourth-level magic.

At that time, Nami’s strength will also rise to the level of the Three Plagues.

Ron also received another high-level magic mark that he intends to give to Robin. Robin was not inferior to Nami, and Ron had great hopes that she will also reach the required level within one or two years.

At that time, the Albares Guild will have four ministers including Zoro and Golden Week. In addition to Ron, once he breaks through the 500-point limit, and returns from the “resurrection”, the guild’s power will surpass that of the Whitebeard Pirates!

That is just in one or two years.

Ron wasn’t very urgent.

The person who was most anxious right now should be Blackbeard. He failed to obtain Whitebeard’s devil fruit. His current power does not reach the level of the red-haired nor Kaido, and he still facing the danger of getting annihilated by the Whitebeard Pirates.

The government will not act lightly during this time, but nothing is constraining the Whitebeard Pirates. No one knows when they will decide to launch their hunt expedition for Blackbeard.

After Ron, Cobra, Vivi, and others discussed the next plan in detail, Ron made some preparations.

A few days later.

Albares announced to the world that Arabasta became the territory of Albares and warned the pirates and the marine that they would pay a price if they broke into nearby waters without authorization.

As soon as the news came out, the world was in an uproar.

The world government and the top officers of the marine were all angry.

Arabasta was one of the countries that belonged to the world government. It became the stronghold of Albares. This kind of public declaration is tantamount to a declaration of war on the government!

However, neither the five elders nor Sengoku made any rash reaction. They only severely condemned the behavior of the Albares Guild in the newspapers and smeared the Guild in all aspects.

Such behavior was equivalent to an expression of helplessness.

The major forces on the sea were not surprised by this.

Among the current forces of the Six Emperors, although Albares was defined as one of the ‘Three Weak’, Albares forces were still mysterious!

It seemed like an endless force with hidden cards. The guild’s president, Ron, has been killed by the government, but he was resurrected for a short time by virtue of his strange ability, and even has a fighting power that rivals Garp…

Including magic forces, magic weapons…

Their abilities were almost endless. Even the world governments don’t even know how many things Albares is hiding.

Under this circumstance, when Albares announced the occupation of Arabasta, the world government could not act rashly.

On one hand, Arabasta was in the first half of the grand line, which was very far away from the headquarters of the marine, almost half a sea away. On the other hand, it was difficult to deal with Albares just because of its known/unknown powers.

Sending out two or three admirals probably will not be enough to deal with Albares.

Now that the marine headquarters was destroyed and the new base was under construction, if three admiral-level combat powers were to be sent to Arabasta at once, then Mary Geoise will not be protected.

Kaido may take action again! The leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, will definitely take any open opportunity to act again.

Therefore, the government and the marine didn’t dare to act rashly.

Somewhere in the sea.

” Zehahahaha, he occupied a territory, Arabasta…its position is quite good, but I heard it is a very poor country.”

Blackbeard grinned at the news from Lafitte.

Shiryu was sitting not far away with a cigar in his mouth, looking sideways at Blackbeard, and said: “The territory left by Big Mom is still vacant, but that guy decided to stay in the first half. Maybe they are weaker than we thought.”

“It’s possible.”

Blackbeard picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth to bite, and said: “It is also possible that they don’t want to participate in the world’s mess for the time being. Well, if they don’t come to the New World, the situation is more favorable to us.”

The white beard’s devil fruit was very difficult to obtain, so, Blackbeard had only one option which is to get another strong devil fruit.

Anyway, relying on the dark-dark fruit, he can deprive others of their fruit ability, his pirate group will grow rapidly in a very short time! When that happens, they no longer be afraid of the threat of the Whitebeard pirate group.

Red-haired Pirates.

“Went to the first half…He didn’t dare to participate in the struggle of the new world?”

Someone spoke with a strange face.

Shanks shook his head and said: “No, most likely they are planning something. They can’t be afraid of this sea.”

Beckman said solemnly: “That Ron used his own death as a plan. If he can really be ‘resurrected’, he will definitely become a huge threat.”

The beast pirates.

“We contacted the man who can make the artificial devil fruits!”

Kaido took the wine gourd and said: “Okay, give him what he needs to start immediately.”

The Albares Guild did not enter the new world but chose to occupy the first half of the sea as its territory.

This can be regarded as the first relatively big news about the ‘Six Emperors’ after the Top War. After spreading throughout the world, it also caused the sea to be turbulent.

Today’s Albares Guild is one of the top forces in the sea! They attract the attention of the world with every move they make!

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