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P.A.S Chapter 288: Oasis


After everything was decided, the construction of the branch and the magic tower began immediately.

After Dressrosa’s assault, Ron lost a lot of sea-stones. The number of sea-stones currently collected by Albares was very small, and the guild’s economy was facing some turnover problems that made it impossible to build hundreds of magic towers as planned.

However, the good news was that when Ron asked Nami and others to evacuate Dressrosa before, he took away all the Poneglyphs.

Each of these historical stone steles was equivalent to a magic tower.

As for the lack of Kairoseki Stones, Ron decided to make a deal with Kaido, giving him Caesar, who could produce artificial devil fruits in exchange for the Sea-Stone.

Wano is the only country in the world that can process Sea stones beside the government. So, it was a perfect trade for both sides!

Ron sold Caesar at a very high price.

If all the Kairoseki Stones exchanged from Kaido were converted into Berries, it would easily exceed two billion Berries!

In Kaido’s view, Caesar was indeed worth the price, because having Caesar is equivalent to having a machine that can produce unlimited artificial devil fruits.

Somewhere in the desert.

A massive Seas-tone block flew over from the air, and fell into the sand under Ron’s control, and shone blue gloomy light, shaking all the nearby sand away.

Ron, who has exceeded 400 points of mental power, did not need to hide in Nami’s mental space for a long time. Even if he manipulates the sand to condense his body, he can be active outside for more than a few months, but as time passes, his powers start degenerating…

“This is the last one, and Nami is probably done.”

After placing the magic tower and making it into shape, Ron activated it! The blue luster rippled away, and the nearby water elements gradually converged, giving the dry desert a moist feeling gradually.

Even if the magic tower of the water system didn’t release magic and exists purely, it will have a high affinity for water elements and will attract the natural accumulation of water elements.

“That’s the general process, Vivi, do you understand?”

After activating the magic tower, after checking that there was no problem, Ron turned his head explaining to Vivi beside him.

The Sea-Stone acquired from Kaido couldn’t be delivered in a short time, and it would take at least a month to reach Arabasta, and Ron, himself probably won’t stay in the country for more than a month. So, he had to make sure that the princess learns as much as possible.

Vivi still didn’t know how to make magic towers. She has very poor knowledge of magic and can only use some of the magic that Ron has taught her, so Ron will be with her temporarily.

“There should be…no problem.”

Vivi felt that she should have learned everything by now, but she was not sure if there was any omission in the process.

“Let’s go to Nami’s side, if she’s not over there, try it….”

Ron smiled at Vivi.

Among his magicians, Robin was the most reassuring. There was no need to worry about what ‘magic operations’ Robin will do. Although Robin was not the strongest, she has been the person with the highest status in Alabres, second only to Ron, and had the highest control in his absence.

Secondly, came Nami. She was reliable at the critical moment.

Perona and Mansherry were not good enough. If Perona was responsible for the subsequent construction of the magic tower, she will either be passive or have to create a pile of undead magic towers and transform this desert into an undead zone.

Miss Golden Week was very strong during, but she doesn’t have much assertiveness. She was like Borsalino in terms of procrastination.

By the way, it should be mentioned that Sugar was turned into one of the new magicians by Ron.

After all kinds of time-consuming procedures, the Loli problems were finally solved by Ron, and now it has become a similar existence to Perona, but Ron didn’t teach her a lot of magic, because, in Ron’s view, sugar’s greatest strength was her devil fruit’s ability.

Doflamingo thought this ability was very useful, so he made Sugar a special cadre of the Don Quixote family, and the highest cadre Trebol was responsible for the protection and Ron had similar ideas.

For example, some worthless pirates who had no bounty can be turned into toys. They can be used as workers, an excellent labor force.

“Here you are!”

When Ron and Vivi rushed to the place where Nami was, Nami was testing the magic tower she had placed to confirm whether there were any irregularities on the embedded rune.

After knocking on the outer shell of the magic tower, Nami was sure that there were no problems. She stretched her body, stretched her waist, and looked at Ron and Vivi.

“You got it all done here?”

Ron walked over and asked.

Nami tilted her head and said: “No, still got one more thing.”

“Great, let Vivi give it a try.”

The total number of magic towers built in this batch was fifty, which was much less than that previously established in Dressrosa, but the current Albares was far from what it was back then.

Even if Ron leaves, the remaining magicians such as Miss Golden Week and Perona, as well as the magic forces and the magic tower… even if an admiral comes, it will be difficult to conquer the branch.

In addition.

Ron’s plan for the transformation of Alabastan was far greater than that of Dresrosa. After all, the territory of Arabasta was ten times that of Dressrosa!

Almost 90% of the country’s area was desert, and the population of the remaining 10% was comparable to that of Dressrosa.

Ron’s plan was to use it as the headquarters of Albares before conquering the red line. The proposed plan was to build more than three hundred magic towers!

Wait for future events, and then consider whether to relocate the headquarters to Mary Goise, where the world government is currently located.

The defeat of the world government cannot be accomplished in a short time.

So before that, Arabasta was regarded as the headquarters, and the geographical location and land area were very suitable. Ron naturally wanted to completely transform this desert country.

The placement of fifty magic towers, 30 of which were water-based magic towers. Although it cannot transform the desert environment of the entire country, it can at least provide the capital of Arabasta and several desert oasis with water sources! In other words, no longer a water shortage environment!

On one hand, these constructions and transformations were also one of the achievements in the system.

At the moment, Ron has obtained all the elemental magics: earth, water, wind, and fire. If he gets another chance to draw, the worst case would be a special type. But we all know Ron’s preferred choice: the time magic.

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