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P.A.S Chapter 34: Late Support

The Krieg pirates who managed to flee still had hope for their captain. They had all seen Krieg’s power and what he was capable of. They had faith in their captain, despite the fact that Ron was so incredible, that Krieg might have no chance to win.

But the scene before them shuttered any glimmer of hope they had.

“Masaka…it’s impossible…”

Some pirate stumbled back, their eyes widened violently, and their heads were shaking, unable to believe the facts in front of him.

Some of the other pirates looking at Ron, they were pale as if their soul left their bodies, trembling in fear as if they saw a demon.

Ron’s expression did not change, even after killing Krieg in one blow!

He was not surprised, after all.

The golden armor might be able to withstand ordinary wind blades, but it was impossible to endure the strong wind slashes, even if somehow it blocked it, his head, which was not covered by his armor, would be split into pieces.

If Krieg came up and fired all his hidden firearms at him, it would be a little more troublesome, but anyway, the fact that he tried to stand in front of Ron, the magician, was a complete suicide.

“What are the Marines doing over there?”

Looking at the remaining nearly thousand pirates, Ron did not kill them immediately. Instead, he turned his head and glanced at the marines standing not far away and said: “What’s your duty?”

He took the lives of more than a thousand pirates, and already accomplished the achievements that he was eager to get. So, at that moment, it didn’t matter what he would do with the remaining few hundreds. But there were only a few marine soldiers, so it seemed that he still had to finish the job.


Ron’s voice helped the stagnant marine soldiers come back to their senses. The lieutenant took a deep breath, looked at the pirates not far away, lowered his face and snorted: “Everyone, attack! Destroy the Krieg Pirates! “

The marines, which had almost lost their spirit, finally recovered their will to fight. Although there was a huge gap in numbers, but looking at the pirates shivering with fear in front and Ron at their side, the flames of their soul were ablaze.

Kill them all!

The nearly hundred remaining marines raised their weapons and rushed towards the pirates.

The pirates outnumbered the marines, but as they saw Rom also coming to them. Almost no one had the courage to fight, so they admitted their defeat and fled away.

“When will the support of the 6th branch base arrive??”

Not far away, a medium-sized warship was headed towards the Hammer island at full speed. On the deck, stands a marine captain, holding the railing, with a nervous look.

A marine commander was also beside him, all sweaty he said, “It took us about three or four days to reach the island…”

“Damn… it’s too late…”

The marine captain was sweating coldly, looking at the direction of Hammer Island, with his fists clenched tightly.

When he received the information, he was totally shocked. He did not expect that Krieg would gather his fleet to launch a siege, the marine soldier would be outnumbered.

The two branches had seven warships, two medium-sized and five small warships, but there was only half of them out there!

And the latest news stated that the marines were outnumbered and forced to abandon their warships and retreat to the island.

“Captain, we only have a medium-sized warship and a small warship here. According to information, the Krieg Pirates may have gathered a fleet of more than 2,000 pirates. If they invaded the Hammer Island, the people of the 171st branch might be all gone by now…”

One of the lieutenants said with a trembling voice.

In that case, it would be useless for them to catch up. They might find themselves alone against the enormous number of Krieg pirates, and soon they would be doomed.

“Shut up!”

The captain could not help but shout out,
He actually thought about that already, he had doubts too, but no matter what, they had to go. It was an order issued by the headquarters.

Even if they fall into a huge disadvantage, they must try to rescue the people of the 171st branch. Otherwise, the losses would be too heavy.

Very soon.

The warship was close to the pier of Hammer Island. Looking at the burning harbor, the entire deck was depressed…

“… too late…”

The commander looked at the island with his telescope, he saw that many buildings on the island were demolished, but he couldn’t see or hear any sign of fighting.

The lieutenant next to him took a breath and said, “Commander, we can’t go ashore now. Let’s send someone to investigate the situation first. If the situation was hopeless, we should evacuate immediately and report to the headquarters.”

The commander nodded with an ugly face.

Soon, an investigation team was sent out and boarded the island nervously.

“Be careful, don’t make any noise, and retreat immediately if things went south.”

Said the lieutenant, the head of the investigation team, with a forehead covered in sweat, knowing that the island might have been completely occupied by pirates. But they had to confirm it. Also, they must know whether there were any survivors from the 171st branch.

The six-person squad carefully ascended the island and walked towards the town, which was completely destroyed. After a while, they suddenly heard several gunshots.


The marine lieutenant’s expression suddenly changed. He waved to everyone to hide, and then looked carefully in the direction of the gunshot, whispering: “Get ready! We will act soon!”

There were survivors on this island. As long as they manage to save one of them and go back, they would be able to know everything about what happened here.


As the marine soldiers grasped their guns and were about to shoot at the people who appeared, they were all stunned.

Not as imagined, they thought that they would find many pirates chasing down blood-stained civilians or a marine soldier, but instead, there were four marine soldiers chasing down a blood-stained strong-looking pirate. The look on the investigation team was kind of funny, they were rubbing their eyes in disbelief!

Bang! Bang!

With two shots, the strong pirate was finally down and fell into a pool of blood.

“How could the Marines be running after the pirates?!”

Looking at that scene, the members of the investigation squad, hiding in secret, were all a little suspicious. “Did the pirates wear marines’ uniforms?”

While the squad members were standing there stupefied, the lieutenant looked at one of the marines for a moment, and shouted: “Lieutenant Moss?!”


The four Marines who chased the pirates suddenly heard the sound, and they got tense at once. Lieutenant Moss was a little stunned, and then felt that the voice was a bit familiar.

Seeing that, the head of the investigation team came out of the dark. He looked at Lieutenant Moss in front of him in amazement and consternation.

“Did lieutenant Moss switch sides? Masaka!”

Not right.

If he did, how in hell could he chase and kill a guy who was obviously a pirate!