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P.A.S Chapter 33: The Power of the Second-level Magic!

“The Man-Demon Gin?”

Ron held his wand in his hand and crossed all the way through the closest group of Krieg pirates. Then, several pirates, who were standing beside Krieg, did not panic or retreat, but rushed towards him. Their eyelashes shook a little, but they had a firm look on their faces that said they didn’t give up.

They should be the commanders of the Krieg Pirates, but Ron only noticed, recognized the pirate known as the Man-Demon Gin. As for the remaining commanders, he forgot about them.

Since Ron forgot about them, he was sure that there was no need to know them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Four or five commanders, such as the Man-Demon Gin, rushed to Ron, and fought him together. For a while, the sound of metal clacking continued, and sparks splashed everywhere.

But only ten seconds later, Ron stepped out of the battle circle and continued to walk towards Krieg, leaving behind the Man-Demon Gin and the others petrified in place.


More than a dozen torn wounds appeared on the commanders. Weapons and armor were all crushed and fell to the beach’s sand, stained with blood.

Although the strength of the commanders wasn’t to be underestimated, but they were facing an overwhelming power, Ron didn’t even bother using his second-level magic. He simply dominated and had full control of the battle, despite the fact that he was forced into close-range combat.

Although he got dragged into a close-range fight, Ron, who became a real magician, didn’t even break a sweat dealing with the commanders.

[I have consumed more than half of my mental power. That’s a lot, but I still have enough]

Ron murmured to himself. For him, this battle was a great opportunity to assess his own ability, to familiarize himself with actual combat circumstances. Till that moment, he actually was doing great!

Nearly ten minutes passed since the beginning of the battle, and during this short time, there were about one thousand pirate corpses!

The scene was extremely shocking.

Even though there were still nearly a thousand remaining pirates, they basically all lost the will to fight. No one dared to approach Ron, all of them were running away, with faces full of panic and fear. Krieg even started shooting them, but it was in vain… he could not stop the panic.

Looking at Ron across the hell-like battlefield, step by step, Krieg and Ron were facing each other. Krieg stared coldly at the young man in front of him, his face was atrocious, and his eyes were burning with anger, like a volcano about to erupt.

The battlefield gradually went silent.

The marines and the villagers in the distance gradually recovered from the shock. Looking at Ron and Krieg, who finally stood face to face, could not help but swallow their saliva.

No one showed a relaxed expression, all faces were pale, most of them were still trembling in fear, and the marine soldiers were holding tightly their weapons all sweaty.

“The Admiral… Krieg…”

Someone, with a shuddered voice, murmured.

Ron’s strength was terrifying and mighty, but the man in front of him was also one of the most terrifying pirates in East Blue with a bounty of 15 million!

At that time, no one dared to say that it was a sure win for Ron. Even if they felt that Ron was stronger and had a better chance of winning, they could only swallow their saliva, and unable to keep calm.

[Ron… Can he actually do it?]

[Two thousand pirates were easily defeated by this man alone. With such strength, he was no longer considered as an ordinary human being. But, will he be able to beat Admiral Krieg?]

Although everyone was thinking about it, they couldn’t breathe properly, because if Ron wins, their lives would be spared, but in case he loses, there was nearly a thousand remaining pirate over there, everyone would meet their end!

It wasn’t a matter of who wins for them!

It was a matter of life and death!

Krieg stared coldly at Ron approaching him. The angry flames could be seen burning in his fierce eyes, but instead of bursting out, he suddenly laughed.

“That kind of power… it should be the rumored devil fruit?”

“I really did underestimate you, I didn’t expect you to have this kind of magical power, which cost me more than half of my subordinates. It’s a pity… “

At that point, Krieg snorted coldly, his body shuddered, and he threw his coat away, revealing a pair of gold armor, shining under the sunlight.

“With the attacks you just used, there is no way that you could destroy my golden armor. Such attacks won’t even scratch my armor!”

Krieg didn’t start attacking directly. After revealing his armor, he tilted his head slightly and looked at Ron with a wide grin. He wanted to recruit him!

Seeing what Ron was capable of, Krieg though of winning him over as an ally. Having Ron, was basically equivalent to adding an army of thousands of pirates!

But it was just a wish, a desire…far away from reality.

“You sure?”

“You can try…”

Krieg was proud and confident, but he didn’t have time to spit out the last word. His voice stopped abruptly, his eyes widened suddenly, revealing an incredible and frightening look.

Right in front of him, Ron held his magic wand calmly, and waved it casually. With such a random move, seven or eight huge blades, which were different from the previous blades, swept across.

Strong Wind Slashes!

The second-level wind magic was no longer regarded as a simple wind blade, it was a pack of grand swords similar to the ones wielded by the mightiest swordsman’s, each of which has the length of Nami’s height!

At the sight of the terrible wind generated by the second-level wind magic, Krieg froze there, like a deer in the headlights, his eyes widened.

He wanted to escape, but it was too late.


Strong wind slashes!

The strong wind smashed into Krieg’s raised arms, trying to resist.

It was like a real sword, the seven or eight slashes directly pushed Krieg backward. He gritted his teeth and roared hard in resistance, but he could not withstand it at all. He was blown away, the golden armor protecting his arms cracked, and soon shattered.


Krieg could no longer stabilize his body and flew backwards towards the rear, he was thrown away like a missile. His golden armor quickly cracked and completely shattered after being hit by the chaotic wind.

Krieg, who had not yet landed, was completely devoured by the seven or eight strong wind slashes, strangled into pieces, and fell to the sea in the distance.

One blow, instant kill!

Silence befell the crowds! It was like time froze for them!

Standing close to the shore, looking at those pirates in horror, and praying for Ron’s victory, the marine soldiers and the villagers were all petrified, at that moment.

They thought Ron could win, they even prayed for his victory, but they didn’t expect that he would end Krieg that easily. He finished him so casually with one blow that it was hard to believe it!

Krieg, the admiral of the Krieg Pirates, having a bounty of 15 million Berries, was one of the few pirates standing at the apex of East Blue. He was killed without any resistance!

[Is this … an illusion?!]