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P.A.S Chapter 32: Massacre of 2000!

Along with Krieg’s order, the closest pirates to Ron, hold their weapons and pointed them at him.

However, before these people could pull the trigger, a blue wind blade swept across the air and beheaded the pirates in an instant, leaving a blood fountain behind.

As the closest corpses fell down, the wind blade kept sweeping, penetrating more people in the rear, and taking the lives of the pirates shocked by the bloody scene!

“……what happened?”

Many people saw the blue wind blade flashing away, but did not understand what happened.

Shortly, a horrified and frightened expression appeared on their faces. After all, in front of them, the pirates who had been pierced by the wind blade were all split, torn apart like some kind of tofu. (T/N: Asian curd made from mashed soybeans)

The blood spilled all over the ground, and the scene was terrifying.

Reaching such a level, relying on guns was not enough to deal with Ron.

After all, in the state of full spirit, the world in his eyes was a dozen of times slower. He could read everyone’s expression, everybody’s weapon, and everybody’s movements like an open book.

It was difficult to say whether the bullet or the wind blade was faster. Actually, it didn’t matter, Ron’s release speed of his wind blade was instantaneous that he cut the pirates’ throats before they could pull the trigger!

Although they didn’t know what Ron did, all the pirates were shocked for a few seconds, fear crippled them, and froze every muscle of their bodies.

But soon, someone reacted. Although he was sweating like a pig, he still shouted: “Let’s go together! Let’s rush together! He’s just one person! We can do it together!”

Regardless of the means and abilities of the pirates in front of Ron, there were more than enough of them here!

Two thousand pirates!

It’s a terrifying number. If they could concentrate on firing their guns nonstop, even Krieg wouldn’t be able to resist such number of flying bullets. He would meet his end.

But the problem was that these two thousand pirates simply couldn’t act as the organized marine troops, they were a mess and couldn’t concentrate their firepower.

With such a chaotic form, only the pirates in the front-line row could shoot. As things were, swords could be more useful than guns.

And the most important thing was… Did the number of enemy matters to magicians?

Of course, the answer was no.

Looking at the pirates who roared and rushed over, Ron’s pupils glowed like a diamond, making all those who saw it tremble inexplicably.

They knew it! Something was coming!

Such a bad hunch arose in everyone’s heart.

Soon, what they feared became true.

In front of Ron, blue wind blades emerged one after another, pouring down like a storm, sweeping over!

How fast could Ron release his Wind Blade?

He needs only 0.1 seconds!

Although there was a short Cooldown interval between the releases of two consecutive wind blades, within a second, Ron could release four or even five wind blades!

Wiish! Wiish! Wiish!

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, wind blades continued to emerge and flew into the crowd.

The blood burst in the crowd…like a blood shower.

In just a few seconds, many pirates were dead, dozens of them were slashed by the wind blades, body parts and chopped heads were scattered around!


Seeing this scene, the smile on Krieg’s face completely disappeared and became a bit stiff.

In a short span of time, hundreds of pirates were slaughtered, and even if there were nearly 2.000 of them, they were all frightened. They didn’t believe their eyes… they didn’t even know what happened, especially the people in the rear. They could only see the pirates in front fall down in pieces, like being cut by countless blades!

“Shoot! Shoot him! Kill him!”

The frightened pirates couldn’t help but roaring and shouting in Ron’s direction.

The problem was that Ron was just by himself. Compared to the nearly 2,000 pirates, the number should be simply overwhelming. However, even if they were more, only a few dozen people in front could aim at Ron and shoot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dense bullets flew towards Ron.

Ron frowned slightly and rolled violently towards the left. Waving his wand, several wind blades were released, colliding with a small number of bullets in the air. Shattering the bullets in their way, the wind blades resulted in more corpses in the crowd.

After evading the wave of intensive bullet attacks, without a second of hesitation, Ron rushed directly toward the pack pirates.

It must be said that in the absence of defensive magic, firearms and bullets should be respected.

“Stop him! Stop him!!”

The pirates were screaming in horror, but Ron was standing so far, which made the pirates at the front line scared to death, no one dared to hold a weapon to fight Ron, they lost their will to resist their inevitable fate.

Wiish! Wiish! Wiish!

Ron was not that fast, he just had the speed of an ordinary person, but when Ron rushed into the pirates’ lines, it was like a tiger entering a herd of cattle. No one could stop him.

Because he rushed into the crowd, the pirates could no longer use their guns, they would hit their own people.

A pirate roared, waved his sword, and tried to attack Ron, but before it fell, Ron released a wind blade in mid-air, cutting the sword into two halves along with a whole batch of pirates.

At that moment, Ron was like a swordsman, he was even more flexible than an ordinary one. Although his physical speed was not fast enough, there was no need to even swing his sword as a swordsman does. Only a simple thought was needed to generate a wind blade from any angle, sweeping and cutting like swordsmanship!


Ron got bored from using the wind blade only, it was time to use the Fireballs.

Ron, at that moment, like Uchiha Madara versus the Ninja Alliance(E/N: oww… I like this! Katon: majectix Destroyer Flame), no one could match him, and no one could even make a move!

Fireballs, carried by the wind blade, were continuously exploded in the crowd. Only the screams could be heard on the entire battlefield. The Krieg Pirates fall like wheat.

Two thousand vs. one!

No one could imagine such an outcome.

The marines and civilians standing at the shore were shocked, but they weren’t as overwhelmed as Admiral Krieg, which was pale as if he saw a ghost.

“Damn it!!”

“It’s so unscrupulous … to slaughter my men…”

Krieg said while staring at the scene: “Gin, Pearl … you guys stop him!”

Many commanders of the Krieg pirates, such as the Man-Demon Gin, were long ago unable to sit still, watching Ron’s wanton massacre in the field. Hearing Krieg’s order, they instantly rushed towards the battlefield.

[This has to be stopped!]

If they didn’t stop Ron, it was likely that he would kill their two thousand subordinates in few seconds!

While rushing towards Ron, they were also shaking in fear. They couldn’t identify Ron’s attacks, and his strength was undoubtedly terrifying.

It wasn’t the strength of an ordinary human!

“Is he… a devil fruit user?!”

On the other side, a marines’ lieutenant was looking at the scene. He could no longer control his hands, they were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm.

He thought that Ron was just one person. Even if he was extremely strong, there was no way that he could withstand the two thousand pirates under Krieg’s command! He didn’t expect such a turn of events!

It reminded him of something that happened more than half a year ago, when a warship from the marine’s headquarters came to the East Blue to escort some arrested pirates. There was a captain on the warship. His words were too arrogant and contemptuous that pissed one of the pirates. He knocked down hundreds of marine soldiers, including the branch captain!

His strength wasn’t comparable to the enormous power he just witnessed!

But watching Ron sweeping through the crowd, he couldn’t help shivering. Ron’s strength was so overwhelming as an Admiral on the Grand Line, far more superior than these pirates… no, beyond the strength of any person in this sea area!