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P.A.S Chapter 31: Deal with him

The Gelt Kingdom Army and the Marines were originally a patchwork team, and even the command was chaotic. They could resist to this moment, only because they had some advantages in weapons.

Seeing the defeat of the last line of their defense, the marine and the kingdom army commanders were all cold and pale.

‘We are doomed!’

If they could withstand the last attack, there was still some hope that a near marine branch could come for their rescue. But since they were defeated, Admiral Krieg succeeded in taking away the batch of weapons. Hence, the situation was hopeless even in case of the appearance of the near branch.

The defeat was no longer irreversible, the marines began to run for their lives, together with the Kingdom Army, they threw away their weapons and fled.

Krieg led many pirates and soon occupied half of the town.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, finally these weapons fell into my hands…”

Looking at the boxes lifted by the pirates under his command, Krieg burst into laughter when he opened one of the boxes, revealing a load of fire guns.

His fleet reached more than two thousand people, but the development of the pirate group hit the bottleneck since they lacked in terms of firearms and artilleries. Krieg’s ambition was to conquer the East Blue, but the lack of weapons made it impossible for him to invade large cities and kingdoms with established marine bases.

By looting only in small towns, it was difficult to maintain the huge fleet of more than 2,000 pirates.

Feeling desperate, he even allowed his subordinates to scatter in various seas to plunder separately.

But finally, he managed to solve the problem!

With this batch of weapons, he could expand his army to 4,000 or even 5,000 pirates. At that time, no one in the entire East Blue could stand in his way!

Once he gathers more pirates under his command, Krieg would have enough strength to defeat a country and even rule over an entire sea area. He wouldn’t need to wander around like a pirate anymore.

Weighing the weapon in his hand, Krieg grinned, showing a domineering and proud smile, and said: “Now… destroy this F island first!”

When the words fell, he threw the weapon in his hand to a pirate next to him and shouted: “Take these weapons and destroy the marines and Gelt’s Kingdom Army over there!”

“Hai, Hai, Hai!!”

Countless pirates were all roaring with excitement.

They grabbed the weapons, and then rushed towards the other side of the town.

At that moment, the whole town was in chaos, a large number of civilians were screaming in panic, running around, some were killed by pirates, and others fled towards the west dock.

In the west of the town, countless civilians fled from the town, along with many marine soldiers and kingdom troops.

The Krieg Pirates already destroyed the pier long ago. The entire harbor was burning except for one small boat that remained intact. It was immediately crushed by dozens of people.

Screams, cries, roars…

The troops’ commanders were killed by Krieg during the previous chaos. At that moment, the marines on the coast were scattered, and there were no more than one hundred soldiers. The officer in command was just a lieutenant, he was constantly shaking.

“It’s over… this is the end!!!”

Looking at the direction of the town, he saw a large number of pirates holding the newly acquired weapons. The captain’s eyes became dull, he was trembling in fear and despair.

There was no way out…They wouldn’t be able to stop the Krieg Pirates invade even with the support of the near branch that might send a few worships over… There was no hope facing the Krieg Pirates.

Looking at that scene, the lieutenant seemed troubled with the near future, he could see the Krieg Pirates dominating the entire East Blue, and no one could stop them. (E/N: Yeah no one…!!)

Thousands of pirates poured out one after another, surrounded the remaining soldiers.

“Desperate!? There is no way to escape! Ha ha ha ha”

With a heavy machine gun in his hand and a cigar in his mouth, Krieg glanced at the marine soldiers and the townspeople on the seashore. Then his eyes fell on the dozens of surviving kingdom guards and said while firing his weapon in the air: “Thank you, Kingdom Gelt’s army, you worked so hard to give me these weapons…”

“Oh, the marines, too, you should be proud of stopping me this whole time. Now…! You should report the news as usual but from Hell!”

With a sneer, Krieg pointed his weapon at the crowd.

Seeing this scene, many marine soldiers gritted their teeth, some showed despair, while the villagers in the rear were in a state of panic.

Seeing the many pirates ready to swarm up and kill the people on the shore, a scream suddenly came from the pirates’ side.

The shrill scream rang all over the shore, made Krieg frown a bit, and made the whole crowd on the seashore be a little stunned, and subconsciously looking in the direction of the voice.

Looking in that direction, a burning pirate was rolling wildly.


The horrible screams were made by the man on fire. He twisted frantically on the sand like a loach, trying to extinguish the flames on his body, but failed to do so.

The flame burned violently. A few seconds later, the man’s struggle gradually weakened, and soon he stopped twisting, and was finally burned into a piece of black coke.

“What happened?!”

Krieg shouted while frowning.

Everyone was looking at the burning body trying to figure it out, then their eyes fell on a person in ordinary clothes holding a weird cane.

“That guy is…”

Someone of the surviving marines looked at Ron. Startled, he recalled the news, spread through all East Blue, about a pirate hunter taking down infamous pirates in the area, saying: “Is he that pirate hunter?”

The lieutenant next to him was all sweaty, he looked at Ron standing not far away, and murmured in surprise: “It should be him, the Pirate Hunter, Ron The Mage!!”

Ron’s appearance made the soldiers in despair suddenly see a glimmer of hope.

[Ron “The mage”!]

[The one-man pirate hunter who killed Hammer Ruff, who had a 12 million Berries on his head! If it’s true, he may be able to kill Admiral Krieg?!]

But the glimmer of hope was quickly extinguished by despair, because at a glance, there were nearly two thousand pirates ahead!

And there was only one person on Ron’s side…

If it was a one-on-one fight, Ron could kill Admiral Krieg. Facing nearly two thousand pirates, he was just one person, no matter how strong he was, there was nothing he could do. Especially against these fierce pirates who got new weapons!

“Did you do it? Kuzu!”

Krieg looked at the burnt black body on the ground and stared at Ron.

Ron, holding his magic wand in his hand, slowly stepped forward, looking at the scene around him, and said: “It looks like we reached the climax!”

At that time, a pirate who heard the marines’ whispers, said: “Teichō, that guy seems to be a pirate hunter, Ron, the magician who killed Hammer Ruff.”

“Pirate Hunter?”

Krieg was slightly shocked when he heard the words, then he frowned and started snoring, saying:

“I think I heard of this name a few days ago, but it’s a bit naive to think he could do anything here.”

“Deal with him.”

Krieg gave the order casually to the pirates under his command, as if there was nothing to worry about.

Actually, Krieg didn’t mind screwing around with Ron, it was a great opportunity to show off, but at that moment he was too lazy to do it, so he just gave orders to kill Ron along with the remaining people.