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P.A.S Chapter 30: War!

Zell waters.

Hammer Island (T/N: not Related to Hammer Ruff…)

It was a medium-sized island, shaped like a hammer, a long strip of land, but it was not wide. It was only about a dozen meters or so, and there were not many buildings, it was basically a huge harbor island.

When they reached the island, the entire dock was burning, the fire reached the sky, and a large number of shipwrecks could be seen along the coast.

“Were we late?”

Not far from Hammer Island, Ron took a telescope and looked at the Island not far away. Putting down the telescope, Ron frowned slightly and shook his head slightly.

Although it seemed to be post-war ruins, but considering the still inflamed buildings, the fire could only have started at most a day earlier.

And as they approached the island, from time to time, Ron could also vaguely hear the sound of gunfire coming from the island. The closer they got, the clearer the sound became.

“The whole island was turned into a battlefield…”

Nami stood next to Ron and looked at Hammer Island, with a solemn look on her face. As she saw the amount of destruction left behind, she knew that it was definitely not a small-scale conflict.

Nami steered the boat around the burning shipwrecks, and turned a little around the island, and soon they reached the other side of the island. There were twenty or thirty ships scattered in the sea there.

Many ships were seriously damaged, including several Marine warships!

“It seems that the naval battle has just ended, and it turned into a land war now.”

Ron said, as he narrowed his eyes, trying to have a better look at what’s happening on the island. The shore wasn’t that far, but Ron could barely hear the gunfight noises, as well as men screaming.

Nami looked at the ships scattered on the side of the island, blinked, and said: “lucky! We can get the pirates’ treasure without any effort.”

Ron smiled.

After finding a place to hide the boat, the two headed towards the coast where the fight was started.

The marine’s warships were indeed all destroyed. Ron tried to judge the situation quickly. There should be around four small-sized and one medium-sized warship against more than 20 pirate ships.

However, there were not many corpses on the warships. It seemed that the marines managed to retreat to the island while fighting. It looked like the pirates followed them to grasp their victory.


There were still a few remaining pirates on the pirate ship, about a dozen of them. When they discovered Ron and Nami arrival, someone immediately shouted at them.

However, Ron had no intention of communicating with them. He waved his hand slightly, and the magic wand suspended behind, floated to his hand. Instantly, a wind blade was released, beheading the nearest group of pirates.

With Ron’s current reaction and casting speed, he was fearless even in the face of guns or cannons. With the nearly instantaneous wind blade, he could shut off any opponent before he could even blink, let alone try to attack. Actually, it didn’t even matter if Ron had a late start, flowing in a straight line, the wind blade would shatter any bullet into two halves in mid-air.

His powerful spirit didn’t grant Rom just fast thinking and reaction speed, but also very precise and incomparable control over distance and position.

Quickly, Ron wiped out more than ten pirates.

After confirming that there were no pirates on the nearby ships, Ron did not go to search for treasure with Nami, he looked in the direction of the island and said, “Nami, stay here and take your time fetching the treasures. In case you see pirates coming, just hide and stay low. I will go to the island to have a look. “

Ron had no interest in the treasure compared to the war on the island, which attracted his attention.

“Roger, that!” (T/N: not as the one in Gol D. Roger :p)

Nami made a ‘no problem’ gesture to Ron and said: “It should be dangerous over there. Be careful!”

“Don’t worry.”

Ron showed a reassuring expression, and then went towards the island.

On the island.

Part of the town became a smoke-filled battleground.

“Are you still going to resist?”

The leader of the pirate group, Admiral Krieg, wearing his usual golden armor, looked at the chaotic scene in front of him, while having arrogant laughter.

On the other side, there were about three or four hundred marine soldiers, cooperating with some people who seemed to be the guards of a certain kingdom, jointly having a total of about five hundred.

At that moment, these five hundred people were struggling against the fierce attacks of nearly two thousand pirates under the command of Krieg.

“Damn… Damn the Krieg Pirates!”

Said the guard who seemed to be in charge of defending the kingdom. His armor was covered with blood, and he could not help but gnashing his teeth, watching the pirates slaughtering everyone in their way.

They were guards from the Kingdom of Gelt. In order to enhance the strength of the army to deter the surrounding countries, they purchased a batch of weapons from the Donquixote family, the dark underground force selling weapons.

In order to avoid any kind of problem during the transaction, they even secretly bribed many officers of the two marine branches involved in the protection of this area.

Unexpectedly, they had a lot of trouble!

As soon as the people from the Donquixote family left, before they could haven’t even sorted out the weapons, the Krieg Pirates attacked and set them on the coast.

Despite the presence of the marine warships, after a fierce battle, they were defeated and forced to retreat to the island. However, the Krieg Pirates did not intend to give up, and directly raided the island.


On the side of the marines, a commander who was in charge of the army had an ugly expression at that moment. He wished to wipe out both the Krieg Pirates and the nearby Gelt Kingdom Army.

In fact, he wanted to withdraw when they lost the naval battle, but he did not expect that the people in the Gelt Kingdom were trading arms and weapons. Once the matter was exposed, he had to deal with it even if it cost hundreds of lives.

But the situation was completely out of control!

Even if he managed withdraws, once the headquarters became aware of this matter, his life would end miserably. The thing was that even if he remained, he would obviously be crashed with his little group of marines if they continued to fight.

Compared with the marines and the Gelt Kingdom Army, the civilians on this island were more terrified. They didn’t know about the deal, they were surprised by unexpected pirates attack after destroying the marines’ warships!

The harbor was completely destroyed. Even if the townspeople wanted to escape, they wouldn’t find a single boat to do so. Watching the gradual defeat of the marines, thinking of their fate after the complete annihilation of their last hope, everyone looked so pale as if their souls left their bodies!

Their best shot was that the pirates would settle down by just robbing their belongings. But, as they saw the wicked look on the furious pirates, they knew that their death was inevitable!

While countless villagers were frightened and praying for the victory of the marines, the pirates launched another fierce attack under the command of Krieg. The pirates finally broke down the last defense line formed by the marines and the Gelt Kingdom Army.