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P.A.S Chapter 29: Level 2 Magic!

The third day.

Ron looked at the sea in front of him, holding his magic wand in his hand, he was a little nervous.

All previous four combinations were a failure. There were only two combinations left, two basic runes with a No. 2 derivative rune, and three No. 2 derivative runes.

However, Ron had an assumption, that whether it was the first-level, the second-level, or the third-level magic wind, there must be a basic rune. Otherwise, the combination would not succeed.

Ron’s assumption was based on the several combinations he tried without basic runes, all of which were direct failures, he couldn’t even maintain them for a short time.

In other words, this was probably the last possible combination.

In case of failure, he would have to explore a new derivative rune, then the number of combinations would rise, and things would become more and more complicated.

And Ron also thought that he got stuck with only second-level magic, which basically had fewer combinations compared to third or fourth-level magic…How could he explore higher-tier levels…?


Ron was sure that by reaching the required power to master third-level or even fourth-level magic, his mental strength and thinking speed should be far superior to his current state. Although he would have a human body, but his spirit and soul would be so close to the realm of God.


Ron took a deep breath and abandoned the distractions. He pointed his wand towards the air in front of him. Within the Elf pearl, at the top of the wand, three golden light spots emerged in a single triangle, and quickly golden lines were extended into a complex rune combination.

As the rune was formed, Ron’s eyes became more tense.


This time, the condensed combination did not disappear quickly, nor did it collapse instantaneously, but instead turned into a golden light that soaked the whole elf pearl.

That was the manifestation of releasing magic!

Ron’s eyes lit up, almost without hesitation, and he waved his wand toward the sea ahead.

In an instant. There were seven or eight huge blue wind blades floating away, they were flickering like a sword waved violently by a berserker, madly swung, and then fell into the sea.

Ron could only hear the sound of water clattering, and the sea surface within a dozen meters or so was abruptly cut out like crooked tofu! Into small cubic pieces!

Seeing this scene, Ron was a bit stunned.

He knew that he clearly underestimated the power of second-level magic. The power of this attack was a least five times the strongest attack he had before! It had a mighty force!

Even if it seemed like an enhanced version of multiple wind blades, compared to the second—level magic, it could be considered as a child’s toy, and it was absurd to even compare between them!

While Ron’s eyes were shocked, a system prompt rang in his ear.

[Tip: You have used a second-level elemental magic, the strong wind slash]

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Magician” and got 2 achievement points]

Two consecutive system prompts made Ron go back to his senses. He blinked and froze a little, then quickly summoned the achievement interface, looked at the achievements line by line, and soon saw several new tasks that had never appeared before.

In addition to the ‘magician’ achievements already accomplished, there were three others.

Achievement: Master of Magic (use any kind of third-level magic)

Achievement: Legendary Mage (use any kind of fourth-level magic)

Achievement: Supreme Dharma God (use any kind of fifth-level magic)

At this moment, among these achievements, Ron succeeded only to accomplish the “Magician”, which had the condition to master any second-level magic.

“Surprise always … comes one after another?”

Ron didn’t know how to describe how he felts at that moment, but in the end, he couldn’t help laughing, and his joy was mixed with confidence and cheerfulness.

Second-level magic!

Holding his magic wand and discovering second-level magic, he was finally out of the stage of a simple magic apprentice, and become a real magician.

Looking at the East Blue sea, apart from the special existence of Garp (T/N: Luffy’s ojiisan), and those who may be hidden, such as the companion of Roger, the pirate King, whether it was Krieg or Arlong, no one could be a worthy opponent.

From that moment onwards, in this world, with all its diverse abilities and powers, Ron finally conquered the first step, got closer to the strongest!


Ron took a deep breath, calmed down, and added the 2 achievement points to his spiritual attribute, by that he raised his total mental power to 37 points.

Ron then held the wand, waved it. Then he looked at the sea ahead and once again released the second-level wind magic.

He was not trying to practice or enhance his release speed, but he wanted to accurately determine the power of his new strong wind slash and the consumption of mental power.

“The consumption…”

Ron pondered for a while. After that, this time without the use of his magic wand, releasing his new ability drained around 5 times the mental power consumed by a simple wind blade.

Then Ron held the magic wand again, and released again the strong wind slash, this time the cost was half of the amount depleted before.

“The cost of second-level magic can be reduced by about half.”

Ron nodded slightly. This was within his expectations. Although it was not as absurd as in the case of the first-level wind blade, which was directly reduced to one-tenth of the original consumption. The reduction of half was also a huge amelioration. He could almost release seven or eight strong wind slashes.

It was obvious that his newly acquired skill wind was obviously not a normal one, but it was more like a unique ability. However, using the magic wand, reducing the mental energy consumption, he became able to use it consecutively as any of his other skills!

“It seems a bit excessive.”

Ron muttered.

Releasing this attack would be more than enough to kill Arlong, Ron was afraid that releasing this ability seven or eight times toward Arlong, would probably cut him into pieces of sashimi.

“As for the releasing speed…Hmm, probably, I won’t be able to decrease its time to become as fast as the level-one wind blade, but it can be reduced to less than a second after fully mastering it.”

Thinking of the release speed, Ron pondered again. He couldn’t help but appreciate the tremendous improvement brought by the magic wand. “A magician without a wand is a fake magician.”

After successfully launching the second-level wind magic, Ron quickly started to invest all his time practicing his new slash, trying to improve his proficiency in this magic.

Two days later.

Ron and Nami’s ship arrived at Zell’s waters.

Although they didn’t know the place of the trade, nor the plan of the Krieg Pirates, they thought that they could find it easily, as long as they searched in the area.

After all, it was impossible for a group of thousands of pirates, a fleet of twenty pirate ships, to hide silently. Together with the Marines and the so-called underground forces, this sea area was in total chaos.