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P.A.S Chapter 28: Krieg Fleet

Knowing that there might be a big battle in a certain western sea area, Ron felt a little provoked, but Nami was not there, and he also wanted to continue studying the derivative runes. After thinking about a bit, he decided to let it go.

In the discussion that Ron overheard, there was no accurate information neither about whom would Krieg trade with, nor the transaction time. Maybe the time wasn’t yet been set.

In addition, a large group of pirates scattered in various seas waters of the East Blue wouldn’t be able to gather in a short time. It would take at least a few days, plus the follow-up operations, etc. Also, there was no confirmation that they would start the battle immediately.

Ron thought that he should wait for Nami to return, and ask her if she got any new updates on Krieg. If she does, they could go together. Otherwise, it didn’t really matter. They will have another chance to face Krieg’s pirate group.

It didn’t matter if the Krieg Pirates were strengthened.

Having made such a decision, Ron put the matter of the Krieg Pirates temporarily behind him, and continued exploring the derived runes.

The fifth day…

The sixth day…

The seventh day…

On the morning of the seventh day, Ron got a second derived rune.

So far, he has mastered three runes of the wind element, which basically represented one-third of the total magic wind runes.

With a basic rune and two different derived runes, Ron wondered if he could form second-level wind magic. However, there were many combinations that could be made by the three runes, which should be tried one by one.


Just when Ron planned to start practicing the second-level wind magic, Nami came.

It was sooner than he expected, and it seemed that after returning to Cocoyasi village, she hardly made any stops. She basically went straight back to him.

“I found you!”

While Ron was standing on the reef, waving his wand at the rock wall washed by the waves, trying to condense the second-level wind magic, he heard Nami’s joyful voice.

Above him, Ron saw Nami appearing at the top of a building’s roof behind him. She was sitting there, tilting her legs and looking down with a smile.

“I’m back.”

Ron actually noticed Nami for a long ago, but acted like he didn’t. Hearing Nami’s voice, Ron stopped practicing and looked over the roof with a strange look.

Nami snorted for a second, then her eyes fell on the wand in Ron’s hand. Nami was surprised, so she jumped from the roof and said, “What is this?”

“A magic wand.”

Ron smiled and suddenly thought of something. He handed his wand to Nami and said, “Try whether you can use magic with it.”


Nami was a little stunned. She took the magic wand, recalling the magic rune Ron had taught her before, closed her eyes, and waved the magic wand in her hand.

But nothing happened…

“It doesn’t seem to work.”

Ron touched his chin, revealing a thoughtful look. It seemed that people without magic marks could not use magic even if they had magic wands.

It wasn’t the first time for Nami to fail releasing magic, so she was not that disappointed. She looked at the magic wand in her hands with interest, and said, “What is this made of? Is it a diamond? What a strange material.”

“Magic material.”

Ron explained casually. In fact, he didn’t know what the branch of the tree was or from where it came. After reaching out, the wand flew up and fell back into Ron’s hand.

The magic wand had its own magic core. Although there was no way to fly using this magic wand, but the core made it able to float and fly in the air on its own.

Nami watched the elf wand fly back to Ron’s hand in surprise.

After blinking, she suddenly narrowed her eyes and bent them into a crescent shape, saying, “The day before yesterday was my birthday, Ron Sa…”


Ron looked at Nami, tapped on her little head with the wand, and said, “It’s already past… we won’t celebrate it now.”

Nami grunted her cheeks and said: “Cheapskate.”

Seeing this, Ron couldn’t help but smile. He knew that Nami was joking. Even if Nami could use magic, he would get her a higher-level wand.

“Anyway, you came at the right time, and I heard some news a few days ago.”

Ron jumped off the reef, spoke to Nami, and briefly stated the news about the Krieg Pirates.

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami couldn’t help frowning, then said: “Krieg Pirates? The admiral Krieg? I’m afraid it would be very dangerous… I heard that they had a fleet of more than 1000 people long ago.”

“Hopefully, they got more than that.”

Ron smiled and said: “A pirate group with so many people may have more wealth than ordinary pirate groups… they would definitely have more than 50 million Berries.”

“Is that so…Hmm!”

Nami tilted her head and quickly made a decision.

“Let’s do it!”

“If we succeed, we can gather 100 million Berries in one go”, Nami said while having Berries sign popped out of her eyes.

The thing was that at first, a thousand pirates were a terrifying number, but for her, the more they are, the more chaotic. It would easier for her to get mixed within the fleet members. The more people they got, the safer it was.

“It’s the kind of Pirate Group in which all the members are elites, and their powers are different. It may be very troublesome.”

“Let’s go!”

Ron turned his wand in his right hand and slapped it in the palm of his other hand.

Ron was hoping that he would be able to master the second-level wind magic this time, before they succeed to collect the 100 million Berries to finish the deal to liberate Cocoyasi island. Knowing the nature of Arlong, that deal would end only by the death of the fish-men. Hence, Ron should be fully prepared.

“You said Zell’s waters, right? Leave it to me.”

Nami raised her thump, and then walked with Ron toward the place where they stopped their boat.

The boat was left on the coast. Once they reached it, they headed deep into the sea.

They were about five days away from Zell’s waters. During these five days, Ron naturally continued to study the second-level wind magic.
This time, he was dealing with three different magic runes. The combination of two different runes was totally different from the combination of two similar basic runes.

Ron tried several times to extend and fuse the three runes from the middle, but failed. Then he decided that the right method should be to form a triangle, combining two by two.

He has mastered the combination of two basic runes. He has also tried all the combination of a basic rune with the one derivative rune, and also including two derivative rune combinations.

There were only three combinations left that should be tested, two second derived runes, and a basic rune, and finally No. 2 derived rune and a No. 1 derived rune.

In the beginning, the combination of the two basic runes cost Ron more than three days. However, now he only used one day to successfully study all the three combinations that have not been tried.

The next day.

Ron continued to advance in learning the second-level wind magic. First, the basic runes were successfully combined with No. 1 and No. 2 derived runes. After more than ten attempts, it was judged that the second-level magic could not be generated using this combination, and then the same conclusion was drawn considering the combination of the basic runes and the two No. 2 derived runes.

No. 1, No. 2, No. 2… failed.

No. 1, No. 1, No. 2… failed.

After four failures in a row, Ron reached the last combination, two basic runes combined with a No.2 derived rune.