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P.A.S Chapter 6: I’ll Save Her

After lunch, Ron continued his magic practice.

After a morning’s training, he can now build a complete magic rune without closing his eyes.

However, because of some interference and insufficient concentration, he occasionally failed, well once or twice, but the time has been shortened to seven or eight seconds.

The same training in the afternoon as the one in the morning, Ron was still focusing on his meditation to build the magical rune faster.

After seven or eight more attempts, Ron’s error rate gradually decreased to zero, and he gradually adapted to rune construction and meditation in the spiritual world, with his eyes open.

Nine times…

Ten times……

Eleven times…

Throughout the entire afternoon, Ron did nearly 30 attempts. His mental strength was repeatedly exhausted, seven or eight times. Even with meditation, he was unable to overcome that kind of mental fatigue. He was so sleepy that he wanted just to fall asleep anywhere.

The results of these nearly thirty exercises were also extremely obvious. Not only he mastered the skills to build perfect magic runes with open eyes, but the construction time was reduced to four seconds!

He went from taking ten seconds to complete a rune with closed eyes to only four seconds with open eyes to release his wind blade. There was no doubt how huge this improvement was.


Because his spirit was extremely exhausted, he could start hurting his soul if he continued to practice. Also, it was almost dinner time. Ron hummed a ditty and walked into the kitchen. After a half-hour of preparation, he brought several appetizing dishes to the table.

“How does it taste? Can it pay off my lunch debt?”

Ron had already tasted it before he brought it out. Naturally, the taste was much better than Nami’s meal, but it wasn’t clear how Nami felt.

Nami stared at the fish soup on the table, picked up the spoon and sipped it. After she said pouting “The taste … well, it’s normal.”

“Your expression says the opposite though…you are clearly enjoying the meal”

Ron said while looked at Nami’s expression.

Nami said casually: “You are wrong. Besides, the ingredients you used are all from my house. So, if you have this meal, well, you have to pay fifty Berries.”

Ron: “…”

Anyway, he still paid a price of a Chopper (T/N: his bounty). Knowing Nami’s personality, he thought it was worth to pay just 50 Berries. By reducing the fee from 1000 to just 50, It was a very high evaluation. Ron thought of it in his heart and couldn’t hide his smile.

Nami was surprised by Ron’s smile, she glanced at Ron strangely, then ate nearly one-third of the dishes quickly, then stood up satisfied.

“The taste is so sloppy, you barely made it through. Hum, by the way, tonight, you can sleep on the sofa over there.”

Watching Nami return to her bedroom and closing the door, Ron has a serious question in mind. In this world, is hanging out with a 14-years-old girl legal, or not?

There was no answer to this question, but Ron soon realized that he didn’t really need to worry about it, because even if it was illegal, it would be legal when she turns 16 or 20!

After a moment of whimsy, Ron cleared up the dining table. He returned to the sofa and laid down while quietly looking at the stack of charts placed at the corner of the drawing table.

[If you master the second level of magic, you may be able to kill Arlong]

[There is no need for Nami to bear the fate of the whole Cocoyasi village alone]

Since the age of ten, she carried the heavy burden of rescuing Cocoyasi village and she was forced to join the Arlong Pirates. In order to prevent the villagers from worrying and interfering, she kept the truth from them, she silently accepted their accusations and abuses.

No matter what, the Nami of this period was as splendid and flawless as the rainbow after the rain.

Ron didn’t want to see the day where Nami, who finally collected the 100 million Berries, find out that Arlong never had the intention to fulfill the so-called agreement at all.

He didn’t want to see her in such a state of desperation. He didn’t want to wait four years!! Four years until Luffy comes here to her rescue.

‘So, I will save her.’

‘As for what will affect the plot…? F*** the original plot!’

The next day.

Ron, who woke up, stretched his body for a while. Although he was still suffering from the injuries caused by the fish-man, his wounds were crusted, his body was still in extreme pain, which was even worse than the first day, but Ron couldn’t help grinning.

He wanted to add points to his physical attributes or something, but it was best to improve his spiritual attributes in order to become stronger. Even if it was painful, he had to bear it.

When he woke up, Ron also found that the fatigue caused by repeated mental exertion and meditation recovery could be cured only by sleeping.

In the state of meditation, consciousness existed, unlike the state of a deep sleep, where the soul and consciousness enters a complete dormancy to recover the loss of spirit.

There was no rush to start practicing.

Ron prepared two breakfasts and knocked on Nami’s door.

He thought that it will take Nami a while before she comes out. When he was about to turn around, she opened the door while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Little Nami was wearing a white pajama. Although she was still 14 years old, her figure was no less than that of many adults in the third dimension, which made Ron’s eyes slightly dazed.

“Breakfast is on the table.”

Ron took a deep breath, and said: “I am not a Lolicon” to himself, then pointed to the dining table over there, turned his head and sat down.

After the death of her adoptive mother Bell-mère, Nami couldn’t remember the last time she found a breakfast prepared for her after she woke up. The last time was when she lived with her sister Nojiko, but she rarely visited her, because she didn’t want to cause trouble for her.

After eating breakfast, Nami didn’t return to the bedroom soon this time, but for the first time, she started talking with Ron.

Ron had a hard time answering Nami’s questions about his origins. He could only say that his merchant ship was robbed by pirates. The entire ship crew was dead. Only he jumped into the sea and survived.

Nami didn’t have any doubts, and being ransacked by pirates reminded her of Bell-mère, she clenched her fists in sadness.

‘Doesn’t she hate Arlong?’

‘Of course, she does!’

But hatred was useless, because killing Arlong was impossible, even the warships led by a Rear Admiral were sunk by his pirates. Blind revenge will only harm the entire village.

So even if she hated Arlong and wanted to kill him, she could only hide it at the bottom of her heart and use a smile to cover everything.

In fact, when Ron said he would kill Arlong for her, there was still a little wavering in her heart, because Ron’s tone made his statement far from joking or blowing air, but she could not imagine a way of doing it.

Of course, it is impossible for them to fight these monsters. There was no way that Ron could win against Arlong using his own strength, and even if he turned out to be some kind of royalty, he wouldn’t be able to defeat these fish-men. After all, even the Marines didn’t do anything about them, let alone an outsider.

So, she could only try harder to fulfill their agreement.

Collecting the 100 million Berries, she could redeem the Cocoyasi village. Nami shook her fist with a firm look in her eyes.

She never thought about the fact that Arlong would not fulfill their agreement. It was not unexpected, but she didn’t have the luxury to think about it because she was that desperate, so she could only overlook the negative thoughts and seize hope.