Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 7: Going out to the sea

Seeing Nami’s expression, Ron could roughly guess what Nami was thinking.

However, it was useless talking about killing Arlong right now. He didn’t have the required strength to finish him. It was all up to him, to keep practicing, to hone his skills, to obtain the strength to kill Arlong, and to be able to rescue Nami.

Nami seemed unwilling to go back to her bedroom when she was in the living room, Ron didn’t want to leave her alone, but at this moment, training was the most important thing to do. So, he told Nami that he was going outside for a walk, pushed the door open, and left the house.

Soon he found a deserted place on the island, Ron began to practice.



three times……

With the time passing by, Ron became faster and faster, yet efficient in the whole process of Rune meditation. His rune construction neared perfection, with the use of less spiritual power.

During that day’s practice, Ron released nearly 70 times his wind blade.

By the end of the evening, the mental power consumed by his last release of Wind Blade had been reduced to one-fifth, which was a huge improvement.

Ron estimated that this should not be his limit. In the most perfect case, the loss of mental power should be reduced a little to a sixth.

In that case, being at his normal state, he would be able to release six wind blades.

The first major improvement was the reduction of his mental strength loss. The second one was that he could increase his speed of release. After a day of practice, Ron reduced his release time from four seconds to nearly two seconds!

Compared with his first improvement during his first day of training, despite the fact that he managed to reduce more his release time, from ten seconds to four seconds (- 6 seconds), reducing the enchanting time from four seconds to two seconds (- 2 seconds) was twice as difficult!

For Ron, the difference between a four-second release and a two-second one was a huuuge!

With the four-second release time, even while facing ordinary people, he was afraid that during his late release, his opponent could take advantage and strike him first!

However, with the two-second, if he kept a sufficient distance, he would have the possibility to release his wind blade before his opponent attacks.

Of course.

Ron was still unsatisfied with the two-second release to properly handle an actual fight.

The release time must be reduced at least to less than one second, even if he couldn’t release it instantly at full strength.

Only that way, could make him able to react against his enemy with ease.

Ron actually wanted to find a chance to complete some simple achievement in the achievement system to enhance his spiritual attributes, but he was short of time, plus he was penniless to even complete one of the easiest tasks: “Drink a bottle of wine”.

‘No money to buy wine!’

He would never consider borrowing money from Nami to buy wine. It was true that it would cost him another 100,000 Berries debt, but he knew if he tasted the damn liquor, it could cost him a day of practice to collect that 1-achievement point knowing how bad he was at handling his liquor.

Thinking about it, currently, his biggest improvement was brought by self-training. Although some achievements could be easily accomplished, but it was too troublesome, especially in this island.

Like the first fight, the first kill tasks…

To accomplish such task, Ron’s opponent would be a fish-man. Using a sneak attack, he might be able to kill his enemy, but Arlong will surely turn the island upside down looking for the culprit.

Considering the consequences, it was difficult to achieve such task. Ron did not rush to do it and continued his practice during the next two days.

After the 48 hours of training, although Ron failed to reduce the release time of Wind Blade to less than 1 second, he could shorten it to a second.

In addition,

Through continuous practice and exercise, although it wasn’t deliberately, but Ron’s spiritual attributes have also increased, it was a small gap, but Ron could feel such change.

Although Ron was still a physically fragile ordinary person,

His mental strength was quite different from his first appearance to this world. He, who mastered the wind blade technique, pirates with two or three million Berries would face nothing but instant death against him.

Although it was nothing compared to the New World, but in the weakest sea of the four seas, the East Blue, his strength was already distinguishable.

As a magician, there was no need to talk about his attack power. His weakness was probably agility and defense. Before mastering a defensive magic, it would be very dangerous facing close-range fighters.

nevertheless, that was the case for most the characters of this world…

On the fifth day, Ron received an unexpected news from Nami. She was going out to the sea again to continue her plan of gathering money.

After thinking about it, Ron made a request to go with her. His reason was very simple, even if he remained on this island for ten years, he wouldn’t be able to pay his debt. He shouldn’t miss any chance to go to the sea.

Of course, there were actually two other reasons. The first was that during a trip to the sea, he could complete a lot of the system tasks. The second one was to look out for Nami and to be reassured of her safety during her journey.

Although Nami was so smart, that she could toy with any pirate’s crew, he couldn’t let her face such people alone. Feeling as her guardian, he couldn’t let Nami go out and take risks alone.

“I’ll drive my boat to Loguetown first, stop there, and you will get off there. Remember to pay back the money! The interest will double every year!”

Nami held the document signed by Ron, raised her index finger of her right hand, stood next to the mast of the small wooden boat and spoke to Ron. Although she was only 14 years old, her expression was no different from that of Nami in Ron’s memory.

Ron shrugged and said, “Hey, is that your way to get rid of me? No matter what, I can help”

“No way.”

Nami snorted and shook her head, looked at Ron in a threatening way, and said: “Do you know what I’m going to do? I will deal with those fierce pirates, take their treasures from under their noses. If I got careless, I may get caught and killed. I won’t be able to take care of you anymore. “

Looking at the 14-year-old young girl standing there, frowning, saying in a clear voice, that she wouldn’t be able to take care of him, Ron felt helpless for a while.


He was despised by this girl.

However, although her tone was very unfriendly, she was kind hearted, and she didn’t want Ron to take risks for her. Well, she also wanted to avoid being dragged down by him, probably…

“If I don’t go with you, I’m afraid it will take a long time to pay you back. Don’t think of me as a burden.”

Ron retorted.


Nami said unwaveringly.

Ron: “Well, I’ll take care of you no matter what.”

Nami: “No”

Ron: “Hum…I actually can do magic.”

Nami: “Yeah… and I’m from hell…no! no way!”

Ron: “…”