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P.A.S Chapter 62: This year’s new monster

“He actually drove Gumir into a corner…”

At the staircase of the training grounds, the one leading to the second floor, a marine with a long hat, narrowed his eyes and looked at the field. He was one of the HQ vice admirals, Strawberry.

Beside him, holding a cigar, the Vice-Admiral Yamakaji, with a smiling expression, also watching the fight. He puffed out a cloud of smoke and said: “That man is… a recruit? If I remember correctly, he should be that pirate hunter from the East Blue, when did he come to the headquarters?”

Ron was able to make a name for himself in the East Blue, in such a short time, and the intelligence said he was extremely young. Ron’s talent was recognized by Yamakaji.

Staring at him with a smile, he said: “He is really very talented, after attending the training camp, even the rear admiral Gumir seems to have trouble against him.”


A rear admiral next to Yamakaji, hearing his words, his face expression suddenly changed. After a little hesitation, he said: “Vice-admiral, Yamakaji, it seems that the newcomer arrived today, and he was on board of vice-admiral Garp’s warship.”

Hearing the rear admiral, Yamakaji suddenly froze, turned his head to look at him, and said in shock: “You mean … he just arrived at the HQ? Today!?”

“It should be.”

Listening to the rear admiral confirmation, Yamakaji had a wide smile on his face.

He thought that Ron joined the marine HQ long ago, and after some training, he became this strong. He didn’t expect that it was just his first day at the HQ, and he already had the strength of an HQ rear admiral!

And looking at Ron’s appearance, it is estimated that he was younger than what the rumors said, at most about 25 years old (T/N: @Greycat here is the answer for your question :p). At this young age, with such strength, and with no single training day at the HQ… Only a few people in recent decades had such a start!

Kizaru! Akainu! Aokiji!

The three marine admirals, at that time, had such strength when they first joined. After Zephyr’s careful teaching, they almost had the power of a vice-admiral when they graduated. Then they rose steadily all the way, eventually becoming the marine’s most powerful officers!

In other words.

Ron could grow into a vice-admiral at worst!

The status of an HQ vice-admiral was already very high, second only to the three admirals. At that time, the headquarters had only 15 vice admirals!

“Ah la la… a new monster has appeared.”

Just when Yamakaji started getting excited, a lazy voice came from the side. As he turned around, he saw a tall man with casual clothes, holding a white suit jacket over his shoulder and standing there.

Noticing his existence, Yamakaji and Strawberry saluted him and said: “Admiral Kuzan, you are back.”

“Ah, just arrived.”

Kuzan yawned and said: “I am a little sleepy. I always said that this kind of battles should be done outside, and… what is that? forget it, forget it…”

As he finished talking, Kuzan walked up the stairs yawning. The two vice admirals looked at each other and could not help but smile bitterly.

“They really should be fighting outside.”

“I bet they didn’t expect it to turn this way.”

The two shook their heads at the same time.

Although the marine base was extremely solid, and was reinforced by the hardest steel, so it would withstand any type of attack. Still, this level of combat would definitely cause certain damage, and it would cost resources to repair it.

On the field.

The battle between Ron and Gumir reached its peak.

There were wounds and blood dripping from Gumir’s body. Although the injuries were very shallow, and not that serious, in addition to his halfway burned clothes, it looked very embarrassing.

As for his opponent, Ron didn’t have any scars, unscathed, but his forehead was all sweaty, gasping slightly.

“Am short of spiritual strength…need to deliver a decisive blow…”

Ron took a deep breath and made a decision.

If they were fighting outside, with the help of Heavy Load and his flying ability, Ron could crush Gumir the same way he did with Senor pink. But in this base, even if Heavy Load prevented Gumir from using his Moonwalk, it wouldn’t stop him from jumping ten meters.


“Great Wind Blade!”

With the short-term restrictions of Heavy load and Rock spikes and the suppression of Gumir, Ron first released a combination of Fire and wind, forming a huge fireball, followed by a Great Wind Blade.

It was Ron’s strongest attack pattern at that time.

Blazing Blade!

It was a tremendous fire sickle, blasting down from the sky.

“Storm Leg… Crescent moon!”

Gumir was blocked by the Rock spokes technique, and judging that he wouldn’t easily avoid Ron’s blow, he took a deep breath, at the moment, he suddenly exhibited the strongest Strom leg skill (T/N: similar to Kaku’s Amane Dachi).

The blue crescent-shaped projectile flew up, and collided with the Blazing Blade.

The two slashes were nearly the same size, and even their appearance was almost similar, but one had a red sun-like color, and the other a moonlight-like color.


With a deafening sound, a massive shock wave swayed in all directions, blowing out most of the recruits standing in the way.

The crescent moon exploded and nullified the wind blade, but its flames burst forward and fell towards Gumir.


Seeing the flames approaching, Gumir could only fold his arms before him.

The crimson flame suddenly exploded in front of him, blasted his body out, flew tens of meters backward, and slammed into the rear wall.

Unable to fully withstand the next attack, Gumir’s body was violently shaking, he coughed up a bit of blood, but then he stepped up again and tried to rush toward Ron.


Before he rushed out, a figure appeared from nowhere and blocked him.

“Stop it, Gumir, that’s it.”

It was the vice-admiral Strawberry.

Yamakaji also appeared under Ron, looking at him floating in the air, then said with a kind smile: “That is enough, come down, things started to go out of control.”

Ron slowly flew down.

At that time, the amazed recruits finally woke up, as if they were in some kind of dream, looking at each other in disbelieve.

[This should be it… the newcomer won]


It was normal for a recruit to win against a veteran. Even last year, there was a recruit who beat the strongest veteran as soon as he entered the camp, but a rookie winning against the instructor should be a first!

As many recruits were in a state of stupor, Ron was shaking his head.


It seemed that he had the absolute upper hand, but his mental energy was exhausted. His last blow caused only minor injuries to Gumir, unable to settle the fight.

If they continued fighting, he would lose.

However, the fighting ground was more suitable for Gumir. If it was an open space area, Ron was confident that he could win…

Ron thought that most of the instructors were rear admirals, so Gumir should be a former one, considering his power level, despite having a disabled right hand, which affected part of his fighting abilities. However, even in his heyday, if they competed in the open-air area, Ron was still confident about his victory.

The efficiency of earth magic on Gumir was undeniable!

If he could prevent him from using his Moonwalk, then it would be a question of who may win, but a question of how long Gumir would last.

[But still, I’ve to get stronger and stronger]

After judging his own strength, Ron sighed in his heart and murmured.

Ron’s spiritual attribute was very close to reaching the 100 points, and it could be said that he was just one step away from unlocking the third-level magic. Once he masters it, the previous fight wouldn’t be as fierce as it was this time…

It would be a question of whether his opponent would be able to resist his first blow without being pierced!