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P.A.S Chapter 61: Having the Upper Hand


The expected shooting or dodging scenes did not happen.

In front of the crowd, there was a translucent wall between Ron and Gumir. Gumir’s finger was pointed at the light barrier, making it trembling slightly. His attack was blocked…

“Now, I’m getting serious…”

Ron bluffed with his left hand, and while maintaining the magic barrier, he waved the wand on his other hand upwards, and the whole ground instantly started rumbling, like an earthquake.

Although Ron didn’t know the actual strength of the instructors in this camp, he estimated that they were at least Rear Admirals before their retirement. After all, they said that many of the trainees who withstood this camp served directly as captains after graduation.

Since his opponent’s strength was at least comparable to that of an HQ rear admiral, then there should be no problem in using all his mastered magic without holding back.

While on the warship, Ron discovered the Rock Spikes ability, from the earth magic system, but because they were in the middle of the sea, he didn’t want to use it carelessly. So basically, this ability was never used!

The only limitation of this Rock Spikes technique was that it should be cast in a place where the earth element existed.

Because of such limitation, the momentum of this move was tremendous, compared to the wind and fire magic of the same level, which was the first time that Ron used it.

The enthusiasm of testing the new magic, the excitement of testing his own strength against a worthy opponent, and Ron released the depression brought by the previous physical tests with his magic.


Around eight extremely thick rock spikes appeared from the ground, and under the shocked faces of many recruits, they reached the ceiling of the training area!

Gumir wasn’t expecting Ron to release such ability, that he was forced to tread in the air and use Moonwalk, Geppo, to avoid the ground stab.

“Fire Wall!”

“Wind Blast!”

Ron took the initiative and released two magics without hesitation.

The blazing flame instantly spread out, forming a vast fire curtain with a radius of 10 meters, followed by a huge compressed wind ball emerged and crashed into the fire curtain.


The wall of fire was like a reddish marshmallow. It was absorbed by the wind ball and turned into a massive fireball, striking towards Gumir.

Gumir was in mid-air, blocked by rock spikes from both sides, and the fireball was too immense, which made it difficult to avoid with just Moonwalk.

“Storm Leg (Rankyaku Hyobi)!”

Seeing that it was difficult to avoid it altogether, Gumir shouted and launched a swift kick. A cyan wind sickle, which was three or four meters long, fell in a flash, and then cut across the wind ball wrapped in flames.


The huge crimson fireball was cut into two and turned into flame and blast.

Looking at the wind sickle coming his way, without hesitation, Ron flew into the air. Instead of opening the magic barrier, he chose to avoid the blow. At the time he reached the top, he waved his wand again.

“Heavy Load!”


Judging that Ron’s weakness should be close combat, Gumir, who was about to use his speed for rushing over, instantly felt that his body was pressed down by a heavy force, as if carrying a massive load on his back.

Although Gumir could resist such pressure, his body became several times heavier, his speed and flexibility were greatly reduced. He even lost the ability to use his Moonwalk, and started falling.

“Huge Wind Blade!”

After Ron forcing Gumir to fall down with Heavy Load, he didn’t stop, and a huge wind blade, four or five meters wide, was launched.

It was also a second-level wind magic. Unlike the wind slashes, this attack was to consolidate the attack power into a single line. In other words, it was a one Blade having the power of the wind slashes cumulated all together.

“Shave (Soru)!”

However, at that time, Gumir already raised his vigilance to the top. He no longer treated Ron as a recruit, but instead as a powerful enemy.

“My flexibility has decreased by a lot… Plus wind, fire, and earth attacks!? What kind of devil fruit this guy has?”

Gumir frowned, unable to understand Ron’s abilities, but he wouldn’t flinch at this moment, and as an instructor, he would never fail in front of the recruits.


After avoiding the wind blade, Gumir snorted, and he forced his way into the air, rushed towards Ron, clenched his right-hand fist, and his fist instantly became black, Color of Arms Hardening.

Ron released his magic barrier again.


Gumir’s fist slammed the magic barrier with a loud bang. The entire magic barrier violently oscillated, and cracks appeared, but it didn’t break yet.

Ron dropped his left hand, the magic barrier disappeared, and then he moved his wand forward.

Wush! Wush! Wush!

In an instant, five or six wind blades flew towards Gumir.

“Hardening! Iron body!”

Gumir’s facial expression changed a little. This happened when he noticed that he could no longer exert his power with a punch. In the face of Ron’s rapid attack, he could only forcefully resist.
Ding, Ding, Dong, Dong!

The wind blade hit Gumir, and sparks splattered instantly.

However, it was obvious that the wind blades blocked by Gumir’s hardened arms did not have any effect, but there were some unhardened spots on Gumir body, he just used one of the six marine styles there.

Gumir apparently didn’t cultivate his hardening to the point of being able to cover all his body in Haki. Or, he was no longer capable of maintaining his Hardening effect!

“I can win!”

Ron’s eyes flickered, his thoughts were moving faster than ordinary people, and while locking Gumir’s movements, he made dozens of battle simulation deductions.

It would be hard for Ron to win if Gumir’s armed color was one level stronger, that he would completely break the magic barrier. Also, it would be hard for him to win if he was able the cover all his body with Haki.

But Gumir was capable of neither.

Ron released his second-level magic many times in a row. It consumed a lot of Ron’s mental energy, but Gumir was very embarrassed, his clothes were shattered, and unhardened spots appeared on his body.

“Storm Leg!”

Jumping in the air, Gumir blocked Ron’s consecutive wind blades, and once again, his projectile flew towards Ron.

Ron, moving his left hand, the magical barrier was released again, and he was hard against the feet.


The cyan wind sickle fell on the barrier, causing a fine crack on it.

Blocking Gumir’s attack, Ron saw that Gumir could no longer use his Moonwalk, and was falling to the ground. Ron waved his wand, and the rock spikes ability emerged again.


Gumir was unable to avoid them while he was in mid-air, smashed the striking earth spike with his fist.

From the beginning of the battle till that moment, Ron and Gumir gradually raised the intensity of the fight, shaking the marine headquarters first floor. Even the second and third floors above felt slight trembling.

As the training grounds were on the first floor, it was always noisy there. Still, this time the noises were obviously louder than before, so that some officers like rear admirals and even vice-admirals started wondering who was fighting there!

Many of the recruits in the training base, whether rookies or veterans, were all staring at the moment, with a shocked and incredible look on their faces.


[What’s happening here!]

[How could he fight with the instructor to this extent!]

It was obviously not a teaching lesson. Gumir not only had no time to explain, he even used Haki with its full potential, and on top of that, it seemed that he was at a disadvantage!