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P.A.S Chapter 60: Ron VS Camp Instructor

Gumir’s thick voice resonated through the training hall, and many marine recruits quickly assembled to form ten teams.

Seeing the expression on Gumir face, many recruits couldn’t keep eye contact and looked down.

In addition to “Black Arm” Zephyr, the formal admiral, there were four instructors in this headquarters. The four instructors were retired vice or rear admirals, and Gumir was the most severe among them.

Unlike the other three instructors, Gumir was not retired because of his age, but due to an injury, which made him short-tempered, firm, and irritable. Any recruit who made several mistakes would be beaten to death, not to mention the usual harsh training.

“Rookie, go to the tenth team… no, wait.”

Gumir turned to Ron, who wasn’t in line. As he finished talking, he suddenly thought of something and stopped Ron again, saying: ” Come here first.”

Ron stepped forward silently.

Gumir didn’t look at Ron. He turned his head and sternly glanced at the many recruits in front of him. Seeing that all the recruits were silent and obedient, he made a turn and said: “Today’s lesson is to summarize the six styles (T/N: Rokushiki) taught in the past few months and use them in actual combat.”

“Ron, you won’t use the Six Forms, let’s do a demonstration, fight with me. I will use the six styles to attack you, and you are allowed to use all means to defend and attack.”


As soon as Gumir’s words fell, some of the recruits’ mouths twitched, all looked pitifully at Ron, and even started to mourn for him.

His luck couldn’t be worst! They thought…

If it was one of the other instructors, he would be fine…he would recover at the end of the fight, but Gumir was famous for his severity. If they started the demonstration, Ron would get injured for sure. If they did it lightly, he would just get some bruises. However, if they went all out, most likely, he would be sent to the medical team.

“Fight … demonstration?”

Ron was startled at first, he was expecting that, and then his eyes widened, showing a bright light.

It was about time!

The right opportunity to make a splash finally came!

“Poor rookie…”

Seeing Ron’s excitement, some recruits even bowed their heads in silence, and couldn’t bear to look at the next scenes.

[The newcomer probably thought he would learn something on his first day, from fighting Gumir.]

“Are you ready, let’s start.”

“first of all, Soru is…”

Gumir walked to a position about ten meters away from Ron, as the voice fell, he suddenly disappeared, and the ground shattered.

In the next moment, Gumir’s figure appeared on the right side of Ron, kicked, and continued talking: “Allows you to move at extremely high speed, making the enemy unable to respond, even if it is impossible to knock him down. You can land a heavy blow to your opponent.”


He launched a kick towards Ron’s right shoulder. Due to the extreme speed, Gumir could just see that Ron just lifted his arm a little, twisted his body a little, and then he got kicked.

“After using Soru to land your first strike, you can continue attacking using… ehh?”

Gumir was explaining, but he suddenly stopped halfway through.

He noticed that Ron was still standing there, and wasn’t blown away after he kicked him. Instead, his foot just wobbled a little, and he felt like he hit a hard rock.

Gumir was amazed and was left speechless. It was true that he held back a bit, and didn’t put too much power behind his kick, trying to judge Ron’s resisting capacity, but Ron was still standing there. He didn’t even stumble for a moment, which was beyond his expectation.

Above all, it was embarrassing.

After two seconds of silence, Gumir regained consciousness, and said: “Very well, your body is tougher than I imagined. You may be able to practice ‘’iron carapaces” (Tekkai) soon…”

As Gumir thought of using Shigan, to pierce through Ron’s thick body, Ron turned around suddenly, and a crystal wand slipped out of the sleeve of his right hand. Then instantly…

Wind Slashes!

Seven or eight wind Slashes of nearly two meters were intertwined, and burst out, sweeping towards Gumir.

Gumir’s face changed drastically, but without hesitation, suddenly, with a bang, he flew back.


The wind blades swept across, cutting the ground, leaving deep trenches, and flew for more than tens of meters, and gradually dissipated.

Gumir’s figure appeared in the other direction. His marine cloak embroidered with the word “justice” appeared to have a tear on its sleeve.

Seeing this scene, many recruits were stunned, and then their eyes widened.

[What was that just now?!]

“Flying slash attack? No… devil fruit ability?”

Gumir’s eyes were fixated on Ron, trying to figure out his last attack.

His first assumption was the Flying slash attack, but Ron didn’t have a sword in his hand, and the wave he just witnessed was something else! More terrifying!

“Such an attack won’t be released based on pure physical strength only…”

Gumir was lost in his thoughts. With a score of only 27 points, even in the weakest sea, the East Blue, he wouldn’t have a chance to become the strongest relying only on physical strength.

However, if he was a devil fruit user, it would be another matter.
Looking at the scene in front of them, the recruits standing not far away were stunned, but soon they regained consciousness, and their eyes were all fixated on Ron.

Devil fruit user!

No wonder.

In the marine ranks, there were a lot of devil fruit users. There was no difference between users and pure physical power relying soldiers. Also, everyone knew that the physical power, to some extent, can oppose the abilities of devil fruits and even surpass it, take the example of Garp.

“The sea is full of devil fruit users, but with the Six styles, the Rokushiki, even encounter such people, we can fight against them, and even defeat them.”

Gumir calmed down and continued to explain to the recruits. After he spoke quietly, his figure suddenly flickered and disappeared again. When he appeared next time, he was already located at Ron’s left.


Finger Pistol (Shigan)!

Thinking that Ron was a devil fruit user, Gumir’s didn’t hold back, and put a considered amount of power behind his strike.

Although he didn’t use hardening yet, such an attack was hard for a lieutenant commander to block.

Gumir was once a rear admiral in the marine HQ, and he was considered as one of the strongest among them. But, in his last battle, he lost four fingers from his left hand. After retiring, he came to the recruits’ camp as an instructor because he didn’t want to leave the marines.


“Instructor Gumir is serious.”

Seeing such a scene, the recruits’ eyes were fixated, looking at every detail carefully.

At first, they thought that it would be a one-sided fight, and the newcomer would be knocked fast. However, it turned out that Ron was “a devil fruit user”, and he was way stronger then they thought, which made Gumir went all out.

“But nothing good comes from making instructor Gumir serious…”

Some recruits started whispering such things. After all, in the past years, many strong new recruits, refused to follow Gunir’s order, and went against him, clashed head-to-head, but in the end, they were all beaten to death.