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P.A.S Chapter 72: Sengoku and Kizaru

Marine headquarters.

Fleet admiral’s Office at the highest level.

“Did something happen at Sabaody? This is terrible. If anything happens to the celestial dragons, the nagging won’t stop…”

Kizaru said while sitting on a couch, holding a cup of tea. He just arrived and heard the news of the pirates in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Sengoku sat behind his desk and nodded, saying:

“We were fortunate that the celestial dragons weren’t involved. Zephyr went there to seal the mater. There should be a response soon.”

As he finished talking, the Den Den Mushi on the table started ringing.

Sengoku answered: “Hey, Sengoku speaking.”

“Fleet admiral Sengoku, this is from Sabaody island.”

Sengoku nodded, flipped up the documents on his table, and said at the same time: “Well, has Zephyr arrived yet? Report the situation in detail.”

“Zephyr-san has arrived…well, the Fuji Pirates were fully annihilated on the spot, all of them were wiped out. No one was arrested.”

The marine on the other side of the Den Den Mushi responded, with a hint of hesitation.

Sengoku noticed the hesitation in the marine officer’s tone, but his attention was directed to the fact that there were no survivors from the Fuji’s pirate crew. His eyes narrowed.


“Zephyr-San attitude towards the pirates is getting worse.”

Kizaru added: “Now that he started slaughtering the pirates without leaving a living soul. The “do not kill” admiral that we know is undoubtedly gone…”

Sengoku shook his head slightly and sighed.

He could understand Zephyr’s temperament. Since Zephyr joined the marines until he was promoted to an admiral, he never killed a single pirate. But when his family was brutally murdered by pirates… and he even lost his arm in that incidence, then everything has changed…

It was a pity what happened to him.

However, executing pirates on the spot was not a crime. It would be better to execute them publicly after being caught alive and sentenced, but it was okay to kill them on the spot if they weren’t able to catch them alive.


Sengoku did not answer Kizaru. Instead, he picked up the Den Den Mushi. He started talking loudly.

As he was about to hang up, a hesitant voice came from the other side of the Den Den Mushi, and said: “Well, fleet admiral Sengoku…”

“What’s wrong?”

Sengoku squeezed the Den Den Mushi and asked again.

There was no response for a few seconds, and then said intermittently: “the Fuji Pirates…weren’t killed by instructor Zephyr.”

Sengoku froze, saying: “What? Wasn’t Zephyr? Then who did it?”

“it… was a recruit…”

“A new recruit? “

Sengoku showed a strange look.

Not far away, the sitting Kizaru, shrugged his shoulders and said: ” A recruit wiped out a pirate group with a bounty over than 100 million berries? It’s terrible. It looks like Zephyr found himself another monster to train…”

Kizaru was also one of these monster recruits in his time. Sengoku looked at him while twitching his mouth, ignored his comment, and asked for more details.

The marine officer quickly reported the fight he witnessed between Ron and the Fuji pirates and how overwhelming Ron’s power was.

Hearing the report, Sengoku went silent for a while, and even Kizaru stopped talking.

To be able to participate in destroying a pirate group with a bounty over 100 million berries as a recruit, was already something amazing. But to end the lives of an entire army with a single blow! To kill a pirate like Fuji along with his army that easy was another matter!

Even an HQ vice-admiral might not be able to do such a thing!

Kizaru was also a little surprised at the moment. This could only be achieved by a strong devil fruit user, such as Akainu or Kuzan. He didn’t expect that one of these new generations could be able to achieve such accomplishment.

After a few seconds of silence, Sengoku gradually showed a smile. Hearing that Zephyr was training such a soldier was undoubtedly a pleasant thing.

For a new recruit to have such strength, if things went smoothly, he would definitely become a vice admiral in the upcoming years. Even if he couldn’t reach the level of Akainu and the other admirals, he would be a great candidate.

“Where is Zephyr? Hand him the phone. I want to talk to him.”

Sengoku said, smiling. He wanted to talk to Zephyr about the newcomer’s affairs and learn more about it.

“Hay Sir!”

The marine soldier answered, and the Den Den Mushi went silent.

After a few seconds.

“Is it Sengoku?”

“It’s me.”

Sengoku said cheerfully: “Zephyr, were you hiding this on purpose? I thought you were taking this task to demonstrate the Rokushiki to the recruits in real combat. I didn’t expect you to set a stage for your recruits to show how good you taught them! A single blow? Hhhhhhh.”

” … “

Zephyr was silent.

Sengoku did not pay attention, and continued to smile and talk: “For how long have you been teaching that recruit? When will he apply for graduation? I will see if I can arrange a suitable position.”


Zephyr continued to be silent.

It was at that time when Sengoku noticed that Zephyr was not responding. It was a little strange.

“Zephyr? What’s wrong? Weren’t you planning to let him graduate yet? With such strength, it doesn’t make much sense to keep him practicing, right? He needs to fight, to gain experience to became stronger.”

” … “

Zephyr was still silent.


When Sengoku was about to talk again, a hanging-up sound was heard from the Den Den Mushi. Sengoku froze for a moment, revealing a shocked face.

“… Zephyr? Did he hang up?”

“Weird, something is off here,” Kizaru said while sitting on the sofa, showing a glimmer of interest then said:

“Instructor Zephyr didn’t brag about it. The recruit seems to have some problems.”

Sengoku’s expression stiffened for a few seconds, slowly lowered the Den Den Mushi. He frowned and started yelling, giving orders.

“Go, gather up information about the new recruit.”

“Yes, sir!”

The captain standing by the door responded.

Leaving the puzzled Sengoku in the room, Kizaru set there with a playful expression.

Kizaru and Zephyr were always quarreling about their methods. When Kizaru was a recruit in the new camp, he was often scolded by Zephyr, forcing him to follow physical exercises. Kizaru was unhappy with such training.


Information about Ron was sent to the Office.

After looking at it, Sengoku could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth, revealing a bitter smile, and Kizaru beside him also had a weird expression on his face.

“Instructor Zephyr has encountered a real thorn.”

Looking at the information, Kizaru was somehow gloating, seeing that Ron went against Zephyr teaching, and even skipped training and physical assessment. No wonder that Zephyr’s attitude would be so strange, after being asked about the recruit.

Two days later.

After finalizing the required procedures, the reward of killing Fuji the Skull and his pirates’ crew was finally issued, a total of 21,000 military skill points (military merit). Ron became the recruit who possessed the highest military skill points in the newcomer marine camp!