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P.A.S Chapter 71: Sorry, You Are Late

“Look over there … It’s a warship!”

Some marines chased Fuji and his crew all the way to the coastline. Looking far ahead at the sea, they noticed a warship approaching.

“Zephyr-San arrived…but it is a bit…it is too late.”

The marine soldiers couldn’t stop Fuji and his pirates’ group, and their ship was already coated (Kōtingu). As soon as they complete boarding, they could dive into the sea immediately.

Once they dive, Zephyr wouldn’t be able to chase them down, because the marine warship wasn’t coated yet. It would be too late…even if they started as soon as they reached the island.

“Damn it! Hold them! Break the coating!”

A marine captain snorted, shooting wildly at Fuji’s ship.

But Fuji already predicted such a thing, so he ordered his men to intercept the marines’ bullets. Occasionally, one or two shots went through and reached the coating, but it wasn’t enough to destroy the tough coating bubble.

Far away.

The incoming warship was indeed led by Zephyr.

On the warship, Zephyr was looking at the distant battle on the coast.

“Instructor Zephyr… it seems that we arrived too late!”

“Quick! Raise the speed of the warship to the maximum!”

On the deck of the warship, many recruits were gathered there, watching the battle on the far coast. They were a little nervous, they did not expect that the pirates would manage to break through the blockade. The pirates were even about to dive into the sea!

But Zephyr was standing there, keeping his composure without an air of panic, they said calmly: “No need to be anxious.”

“Today, I will teach you a valuable lesson. As long as you train your body to a sufficient degree, mere seawater won’t be a problem.”

“If your body is strong enough, you will be able to cross the sea and swim through the Calm Belt!”

As Zephyr was talking with a calm voice, a figure flashed out, as if it was using Geppo, rushed towards the coast at high speed far exceeding that of the warship.

Seeing this scene, the jaws of the marine recruits dropped in shock.

At the same time.

On the coast.

Fuji’s crew already boarded their coated ship.

“Captain Fuji, there is a warship coming our way! the marine’s support is here!”

“No problem, they’re too late.”

Holding his sword, with a bloodless face, Fuji started yelling:
“Stop the bullets! Protect the coating and prepare to dive!”


The pirates responded at once and started the diving process while resisting the shooting from the coast.


Just as the ship was about to submerge, many marines on the beach suddenly stopped shooting and looked at them in a daze.

Many pirates were confused by the sudden stop. They thought that the marines were out of ammo, but soon they noticed their weird expression, and then they looked up, trying to figure out what was going on.

In the air.

Tens of meters away from the ground.

They saw Ron, who was wearing a white training uniform. They had no idea how he got there.

He was indifferent, holding his elf wand gently in his right hand, just suspended in the air of tens of meters, overlooking the entire pirate crew below.

“That uniform… he is a recruit?”

The marine on the coast looked at Ron in the air, all stunned.

The pirates on Fuji’s ship, looking at the floating Ron, rubbing their eyes in disbelieve.

“Who is that guy?”

Fuji, the Skull, looked at Ron in the air, frowning slightly.

“A marine?”

He was obviously not an ordinary person. He was flying! Although his clothes were a little weird, it should be a marine’s uniform. But it didn’t matter, after all, the pirate ship was ten seconds away from completely diving into the sea.

Fuji looked coldly at the air. Holding his sword, he was fully prepared for any situation. Ready to counter any attack.

In the next moment.

Ron moved.

Under the sight of the countless dazed marines on the shore, and the pirates, Ron waved his elf wand gently.

It was so quiet.

There was no sea breeze.

“Something is coming …”

Looking at Ron’s movements, Fuji’s instincts told him there was something wrong, but he could only stand there waiting for Ron to make his first move. Suddenly, a hundred meters of seawater went rampage!

Many gusts of wind whirled and converged, forming a cyan vortex above the ship. The whirlpool caused havoc in the sea, and the entire ship was violently shaking, as if it was pulled out of the sea surface, getting sucked into the massive storm!

“Damn it!”

Fuji realized that the coating on the ship was about to break. His facial expression changed drastically. Without hesitation, he jumped, penetrated the coating, came into the air, and swung his sword towards the cyan vortex.


Before the sword could reach the storm vortex, the tumbling sea and the coating bubble that was about to break, as well as the ship that was almost pulled up of the sea, were still, motionless.

Then, under Fuji’s intense eyes, the vortex burst into blue light, and then exploded.


The world was quiet!

Just like a missile exploding on the coast, the shock wave was formed, swaying in all directions, the area of

a hundred meters in radius, as well as Fuji and the others, were covered by the blue light.

Nearly 100 meters of the sea suddenly sunk, forming a huge wave, rushing towards the surroundings.

“This…this is…”

Many marines on the coast, looking at this scene, fell into a dull state.

On the deck of the warship approaching the coast, many recruits were shocked, stunned!


The monstrous waves suddenly fell, and the sea surged.

Countless people looked at it blankly. Countless pieces of broken wood scattered in all directions, and gradually disappeared with the waves.

The entire ship, Fuji’s ship, disappeared completely.

And in the sky.

A figure was floating, all covered in blood, holding a shattered sword, as if it was a giant blood clot floating. Of course, it was the figure of Fuji.

Getting directly hit by Ron’s ability, Fuji was floating with his body wrecked badly…


Fuji’s figure fell from the sky.

He dropped dead!


Ron stared at Fuji’s corpse, falling to the sea.

Fuji was a swordsman, and he was unable to use Busoshoku Haki. Although he did his best to split a part of the wind burst, he was still trapped in it and died on the spot.

And not being blown into pieces, showed how strong his body was.
Watching Fuji falling to the sea, blood spreading everywhere… Ron turned his head, looking at the just arrived warship, at the shore. He looked at the silent Zephyr and said:

“Sorry, Zephyr-san… You are late.”