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P.A.S Chapter 70: Sabaody Archipelago

“Morons! Recruits with a score of more than 90 points in the previous two physical assessments, come here!”

In the square in front of the marine HQ, Zephyr hung up the Den Den Mushi and shouted at the many marine recruits, which immediately gathered together in lines.

“Some pirates are causing trouble on the Sabaody Archipelago. I took over the task of suppressing these b* from the HQ. Your time has come to participate in a real-world task, a real combat mission!”

Finishing his announcement, Zephyr walked towards the port.

Hearing Zephyr’s words, many of the selected recruits glanced at each other in surprise. The Chief Instructor Zephyr led teams to go out for actual combat missions before, but he used to take just a few selected recruits with him!!

Those who achieved these scores above 90 points could register as a temporary marine trainee to perform tasks, but those tasks were often very dangerous, and no one would protect them in dire situations.

However, Zephyr’s leadership was different. He would take full responsibility for their safety. Although he wouldn’t take action until facing critical moments, but there wouldn’t be there any danger on the recruits’ lives.

Moreover, as trainees, they would only be able to gain a few military achievements. After all, even if a trainee managed to kill a powerful pirate alone, the success would be shared between the officer in command and all the officers. However, going out with Zephyr, the military achievements wouldn’t be divided by the troops!

“Other people continue to evaluate!”

Zephyr said while taking many recruits to the port without looking back.

The recruits who did not reach 90 points in the assessment all looked at Zephyr and the others enviously.

Zephyr took over this task of repressing the pirates on Sabaody for two main reasons. The first one was Ron’s behavior, he wanted to let off steam. Secondly, Ron’s previous battle with Gumir brought a little unhealthy wind to the camp.

Ron was very poor physically, yet he relied on some kind of devil fruit ability, and suppressed the instructor Gumir!

This was a huge blow for many recruits, who were still desperately practicing, struggling to close the big gap with Gumir, especially the elites among them.

So many recruits were a bit confused, and some others grew tired of the daily training.

This kind of atmosphere must be contained.

And the best way to contain such mess was to let recruits witness the effectiveness of physical skills in actual combat.

If an officer’s physical strength was enhanced to a certain extent, he could become strong enough to annihilate a mountain or split an island with just a punch, even to go against devil fruit users and win!

Zephyr wanted to show the recruits that Ron, who relied on the ability of his devil fruit and didn’t pay attention to his physical strength, was on a wrong path and would never become a real strong man.

Sabaody Archipelago

Outside of a ruined auction house, many marines were fiercely fighting pirates.

The number of marine soldiers far exceeded the number of pirates. There were thousands of them. However, in the face of a group of pirates, which had only a few dozen people, they were still defeated. They could only force a blockade to prevent the pirates from breaking through.

“isn’t the HQ reinforcement here yet?!”

A captain slashed a pirate with his sword and yelled at the liaison officer.

Holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand, the officer responded: “It should be here soon, the head of our department said that Chief Instructor Zephyr was on his way along with new recruits!”

“Instructor Zephyr?!!!!”

The captain was stunned a bit, and then immediately shouted at the many marine soldiers on the battlefield: “Don’t let Fuji breakthrough! Instructor Zephyr! Zephyr-san will come to support us in person, and he will be here soon!”

Hearing the captain’s words, the experience on the face of the marine officers changed. Most of them were Zephyr students, even if they weren’t, they heard about him. After all, he was the chief instructor and a former marine admiral.

“Zephyr? Who’s this guy?”

Many of the pirates had never heard of Zephyr’s name.

But some of them knew about him. One of them was startled, then started shouting: “Captain Fuji! You are going down, Zephyr is coming! the former marine admiral is coming!”


At the center of the battle, the man holding a bizarre long sword made of bones sniffed and said:” Although it is a former admiral, it would better to avoid clashing with him! Everyone! MOVE! Let’s get through these monkeys! Faster…Faster! Attack! “

Fuji held the “Skull” sword in his hand and looked at rear admiral Sakir standing not far away.

Sakir was holding a marine sword in his hand. He was panting violently at that moment, with a trace of sweat on his forehead, but his face was extremely cold: “Mr. Zephyr is coming here in person, your trip is over!”, he said.

“It’s a pity that we will be gone before he came!”

Fuji sighed and added: “We snatched billions of berries. We won’t be stopped by a mere marine soldier! Kill them all! Move clowns!”

As he finished shouting, Fuji held his sword in his hand, and his breathing speed changed suddenly. His face paled suddenly, as if blood left it.

Seeing such face, Sakir sensed that something terrible was about to happen, but as he saw Fuji rushing over, he could only brace his sword and parry. He couldn’t let him just pass by.



The two figures collided, and then crossed.

The figure of Fuji, the Skull, appeared seven or eight meters behind Sakir. He was holding his sword, with a pale and bloodless face. A slash appeared suddenly on his shoulder, and blood spattered.

As the marine soldiers’ faces started showing a hint of joy, they noticed the shaking body of Sakir. He was spitting blood. He had a fatal wound on his chest from his left shoulder to his right abdomen!


Sakir tried to support his body using his sword, but after some struggle, he fell down.

Everyone went silent for a moment, but soon all the marine soldiers showed a terrified look, and fear was implanted in the depths of their eyes.

“Sa … rear admiral Sakir!” shouted the marine officers in horror.

Fuji, the Skull, slowly stood upright, coughing, looking a bit sick, but the cold gaze in his eyes made everyone shudder.

“It is still early to end our trip here! We just started b*!”

“We are leaving!”

Hearing Fuji roaring, many pirates showed an evil look, and they started storming forward.

Many marines looked at the scene in horror. When they saw their enemies approaching, they could not help but retreat. Some tried to hold them, but Fuji ended their lives instantly.

In a flash, the marines were completely defeated!

Sakir was seriously injured, drowning in a pool of his own blood. No one was left to stand in the way of Fuji. Within half a minute, the entire marine barricade was completely destroyed.

“Catch them! Don’t let them run away! Instructor Zephyr is coming!”

A marine captain screamed as he watched Fuji leading the pirates away, gritting his teeth. But no one could move. The marine soldiers were looking at each other in panic.

No one dared to intercept Fuji and his crew. Many of the marine soldiers were terrified to even pick up their guns and swords, let alone chasing or shooting the enemy. They lost their will to fight completely.

Fuji and his crew fled away, rushing to the shore, and soon their figures started to disappear from the marines’ sight.

On the coast, a ship wrapped with a huge bubble was ready. Waiting for them to dive into the sea and go to the new world through the Fish-man island.

“Gyahahahaha, to the new world!”

“Weaklings, Qihahahaha!”

Many pirates started laughing arrogantly as they saw their ship at the shore.