Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 69: Something’s Happening

While Gumir shook his head and lamented Ron for being too arrogant, the latter was walking out of the recruits’ office in the marine HQ.

He came to enquire about the graduation assessment and the way to apply for it.

Ron had no interest in the physical fitness assessment, and he wondered whether he could graduate soon.

As for the application for graduation, the answer from the affairs office was that he needed to have at least the military skill equivalent to that of a lieutenant commander to apply for graduation assessment.

That was expected actually, after all, most of the recruits, who passed the graduation assessment of this department, became at least lieutenant commander officers, so there was only this restriction.

Within the marine HQ, there was a complete military system. Each rank had its specific tasks and obligations and what’s needed to reach further ranks…Although there were occasions of exceptional promotion, but that was really rare, and most of them occurred due to great achievements.

Also, success, or “military merits”, could be exchanged for famous swords, devil fruits, various resources, and so on.

In brief, the elevation in the marine system was all based on the achievement made during the missions. In addition, in cases of catching or killing wanted, famous pirates, military power could be granted.

Ron ’s current achievements with the marine were naturally zero.

Although he killed all the famous pirates in East Blue, he received bounties after taking them down, so naturally, they wouldn’t be counted as marine’s achievements.

“Require achievements…”

Ron pondered for a while after leaving the office.

As for the military merit, Ron really wanted it. It was the key to have the opportunity to put his hands-on devil fruits and famous swords in exchange.

The devil fruit would be swallowed directly to enhance his spiritual power, as for the famous swords, he had only one at that time, by collecting more, he would be able to complete the achievement of the collector and obtain more points.

“It seems that it is necessary to accomplish some achievements, but as a simple marine recruit, it is a must to achieve certain results in the physical assessment before I get the chance to go out and perform missions as a marine trainee…”

Ron thought of this and couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

He would never go to the physical assessment, which was too detrimental to his image. Even if he didn’t pass in the evaluation or got out as a trainee, there should be other ways to obtain military merit.

Moreover, the threat of Doflamingo was still there. Although he never heard of Donquixote’s intelligence, since he joined the Marines, it was impossible for someone nasty as Doflamingo to be generous enough to forgive the killing of one of his officers. The enemy was mostly following his movements through the intelligence network.

Even when going out to perform missions, he could put himself in danger.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!!

Just as Ron was lost in his thoughts, loud sirens awakened him. He turned his head subconsciously and saw that many marine officers rushed into the corridor in panic, running upstairs.

It was a month since Ron entered the marine HQ, and this the first time he witnessed such a scene, but he guessed that something should have happened.

With a slight movement in his heart, Ron’s thought flashed, and he entered his God Mode, and walked upstairs. His eyes quickly fell into an office.

Being able to see through walls, and hear sounds from far away with his God Mode, everything in that office was clearly seen by him.

“It was the troublemaker…Captain Fuji ‘’Skull’’ with the bounty of 140 million Berries, a supernova pirate in the first half of the Grand line!!”

“It takes a lot of guts to make trouble in Sabaody Archipelago.”

hearing this, Vice Admiral Onigumo snorted coldly, and said:” Should we alarm the Celestial Dragons?”

On the Sabaody Archipelago, there was a kind of a tacit understanding between the pirates and the marines.

The marine rarely caught pirates there. It was not that the marines were letting the pirates go to the new world deliberately, but these Islands were the back gardens of the celestial dragons, where they roam every day.

Pirates generally did not make trouble in the Archipelago area. On the one hand, it was next to the marine headquarters, which had a great deterrent force. On the other hand, if they didn’t make trouble, the Marines won’t intervene basically, so Sabaody was generally a safe place for them.

But there were always exceptions.

And that time, it was the case, and pirates were making trouble in that area.


The lieutenant commander who reported on the situation responded in a low voice: “The Fuji pirates group’s goal was the auction. They robbed a lot of funds and treasure…”

Hearing these words, Vice Admiral Onigumo was relieved, as long as they didn’t provoke the celestial dragons. Once these nobles get involved, it would turn into a headache for the marines.

After a sigh of relief, his expression immediately became cold again, and said: “What about the troops stationed in there? Did they engage the pirates’ group?”

“Rear admiral Sakir has led his team to surround the pirates, but Fuji’s had extraordinary strength. Our troops had a hard fight and couldn’t stop the other party from breaking through.”

The lieutenant commander reported.

Sakir was a rear admiral in the marine HQ. He was stationed in Sabaody and conducted daily patrols to maintain order there. Always ready to quickly suppress any sudden, malicious pirates’ activities, but this time, he faced a supernova pirate with a reward of over the 100 million berries level, and it was difficult to handle him.

“I see.”

Vice-Admiral Onigumo nodded and immediately called the fleet admiral office, at the highest level of the marine headquarters. After promptly reporting the situation, he said: “It is recommended to send support immediately. I will go there personally.”

Hearing the report, with a solemn look, and at the time, he was about to approve the order, another Den Den Mushi on the table rang.


“It’s Zephyr… what’s the matter?”

“Something happened on the Sabaody Archipelago.”

“Yes, there’s a supernova pirate making trouble.”

“Leave it to me. I’ll handle it with the recruits.”

Hearing Zephyr’s words, the worried Sengoku was relieved, smiled, and said: “It would be better if you go, just make sure that the recruits don’t mess with the celestial Dragons.”

Hanging up, Sengoku lifted the other Den Den Mushi, and said:

“Vice Admiral Onigumo, the situation is dealt with, stay at the HQ.”


The Vice-Admiral Onigumo responded neatly.

Zephyr used to be one of the admirals of the same era as Sengoku. Even if he had not fought for many years, and had a broken arm, his strength was still far above him. After all, Sengoku was also one of Zephyr’s students.

If Zephyr was leading the team, then naturally, the situation would be handled smoothly and quickly.


Onigumo’s expression eased down, opening the door of his office, glanced down at the hallway, finding nothing. He frowned slightly.

He sensed that he was being spied on.

“Was it an illusion?”