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P.A.S Chapter 95: Still not enough!

The bright thunder shined on the sky.

All the people on Angel Island stopped what they were doing, looking at the thunder light shining on the sky in the distance, with terrified faces.

“Oh…God Enel!”

“Who was punished?”

Many people were frightened. For these islanders, who did not know about the devil fruits, Haki and so on, Enel, who could be transformed into Thunder, was like a real god, and no one could stand in his way.

Near the coast.

The white thunder shined on the world, and after colliding with the storm vortex core, the wind and thunder kept bursting and bursting. In the end, the thunder shattered the storm core and turned into a violent wind.

The lightning struck throughout the world and shattered the vortex storm, and also made the six-rods light prison around Enel’s body dim and shaky, reaching its limit.


After some struggle, the six-rods light prison shattered. He broke free of his imprisonment and then turned into a flashing thunder, and instantly appeared above the sea of clouds.

The heart net went towards the sea of clouds, but could not penetrate the thick sea of clouds.

“Sixty million volts, Thunder Dragon!”

Although he could not sense Ron’s position, Enel knocked the shime-daiko drums on both shoulders without hesitation. A thunderous dragon was released, roaring, with open teeth and sharp claws, rushed into the clouds.


In an instant, the endless clouds in the tens of thousands of squares were filled with lightning, and countless swimming fish in the sea of clouds were all affected, they were either burned or stunned and floated to the surface of the sea.

However, Ron did not appear.

“Where did he go?”

Enel launched another similar attack, striking the sea of clouds again. But nothing else happened. Enel frowned deeply and had an annoyed look.

At that moment.

Under the Angel beach.

Ron was wrapped by the elven orb.

“What a troublesome guy…”

Said Ron, glancing at the sea of clouds above him, shaking his head slightly.

In the end, it was the Goro Goro no Mi, the thunder devil fruit, one of the strongest Logia fruits, which had an ability that could be described as invincible. Its attack power, range, and speed were unparalleled and powerful.

The third-level vortex storm was broken easily by Enel’s lightning strike, and even the six-rods light prison was almost destroyed by that blow.

“Enel could be compared to the marine admirals in terms of attack power. Although he didn’t reach the level of the three current admirals, he surely could be compared to one of the strongest Shichibukai. He is indeed difficult to deal with for the moment.”

“But my magic can work on those who possess devil fruits abilities.”

Murmured Ron as his eyes started flickering.

The Six-Rod Light Prison did indeed imprison Enel and even kept him sealed when he activated his elementalized from. This validated Ron’s assumption that his Six-Rod Light Prison wasn’t just physical imprisonment, but also spiritual.

Likewise, his elemental magic also contained spiritual energy. Hence, all his magic abilities were equivalent to an attack with Haki, which could cause damage to devil fruit users, even in their elementalized form.

The magician is in control of the element, which is the same thing as possessing an elemental devil fruit (Logia). So, to decide who was stronger between the two, their spirits should be compared.

If the magician’s mental strength was strong enough, and far exceeded the ability of the Logia user, then he would be able to treat his opponent as a conscious flame or thunderbolt, playing in the palm of his hand.

And if it was the other way around, the Logia user, the conscious element, would far exceed the control capacity of the magician, rebel, and obliterate him.

Enel’s spirit was not weak.

Relying on the devil fruit ability, combined with his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), he had full control of the island. So, there was no doubt that he was so strong, and at the moment, Ron wouldn’t be able to control his overwhelming thunder element and defeat him.

Ron’s third-level magic was less powerful than Enel’s attack. It didn’t pose any threat to him and was crushed easily.

“I still lack in terms of attack power…”

Ron flew down, shaking his head slightly.

His six-stick light prison could hold Enel in place, and he couldn’t free himself instantly. If Ron had more powerful attacking magic abilities, he would defeat Enel, without relying on the Elf Orb and hiding behind the sea of clouds.

On the achievement system’s interface, there was an achievement named ‘God Slayer’, and its condition was to kill Enel, the god.

Ron did not leave Skypiea directly, as he wanted to try out his set of attacks on Enel before he flew away.

But as he expected, it was a complete failure, and he confirmed his lack of attack power.

“Even if I had a perfect wizard tower, it will be still so difficult to study the fourth-level magic in a short time. As for the third-level fire and earth magic, it would only make my attacks more flexible. The only way to improve my attack abilities in a short time is to wait for the next extraction.”

Ron’s eyes flashed and murmured, as he left Skeypiea, and without a break, he plunged into the sea and continued flying towards Bastille’s ship.

Time magic, space magic…

No matter which one, after extracting its rune, exploring its second-level abilities would make his ability soar. Even if the ice and thunder systems, their third-level abilities should be more powerful than the ones of the basic elements.


After leaving Skypiea, using his Log Pose, and flying for a distance, Ron quickly found the warship and landed on it.

After fighting Enel, Ron became more desperate to complete more achievements, that he had a little weird look on his face. He was barely holding himself from destroying the warship to complete one of the achievements.

Ron decided to apply for graduation as soon as he reaches the headquarters, to complete the achievement of the rear admiral, just after graduation. That way he would be able to have his own warship and place a magic tower on it, and also, he thought that it would be better if he took charge of one of the branches, as a base chief.

Making a magic tower was one of the achievements. It was a hidden achievement and turned out to be a series with a total of three achievements. The conditions were to make a simple magic tower, an advanced magic tower, and a holy magic tower.

And even if these achievements were not enough to reach the 75 points, he could go to the Sabaody Archipelago to sweep a wave and destroy several pirate ships or fly to the Calm belts and hunt a small Sea king.

Anyway, Ron was ready to do anything and he won’t stop till he reaches the 75-points-threshold.