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P.A.S Chapter 94: Ron VS Enel

After a moment.

Ron’s figure came to an altitude of nearly seven kilometers.

With his current mental strength which neared 115 points, coupled with his auxiliary wind magic, Ron was flying at an extremely fast speed, and he reached the bottom of Skypiea in no time.

Without a rest, Ron wrapped his body with mental strength, continued to fly upward, and rushed directly towards Skypiea, traveling through the sea full of clouds.

Suspended there, an endless sea of white clouds could be seen, and the air has become extremely thin, making it unbearable for ordinary people.

However, Ron’s spiritual power could already affect the elements within a certain range, so he controlled the surrounding airflow and gathered enough oxygen to breathe normally as if he was on the ground.

“Not enough to achieve it. It seems that I need to land on the ground to complete the achievement condition.”

Ron paused for a few seconds and said when he didn’t hear any system prompt. He looked up and continued to fly upward.

Eight kilometers…

Nine kilometers…

Ron got closer and closer to Skypiea island, but he did not stop, continued to shuttle up, through the sea of clouds, and reached ten kilometers altitude.

He estimated that the nearest land might be in Angel Island where Enel was located.

Ron held a Log Pose in his hand. It was from the warship. After reaching the level of the island, the Log Pose pointed north.

Glancing at it, Ron quickly flew in that direction.

“I should finish fast before the warship gain more distance…”

Ron shook his head while flying fast forward.

The warship already sailed for a long distance away, but Ron knew the warship’s route, and thanks to Nami’s instructions and tips, he gained a lot of navigation skills. He was not particularly worried that he wouldn’t find the warship when he came back. Because even if it was the case, he could fly to the nearest island to find a marine branch relying on the Log Pose.

Ron was unaware that he was closer than he thought to Angel Island.

The island was moving above the clouds. The Angel island was a floating island that changes its position constantly, and at that time, it was headed toward Ron direction.

After flying for about ten minutes, Angel Island appeared in front of Ron.


Ron accelerated and landed on Angel Island.

[Hint: You completed the achievement “Explorer II”, and got 1 achievement point]

[Hint: You completed the achievement “Navigator III”, and got 1 achievement point]

Two consecutive system prompts rang in Ron’s ear.

“Thirty islands, check!”

Ron nodded slightly with a light smile. The requirement for the “Navigator III” achievement was to set foot on thirty different islands. During this escort mission, traveling on Bastille’s warship, he managed to set foot on four different islands and counting the previous ones, there were exactly thirty.

Without hesitation, the 2 achievements were directly added to the spirit.

With these 2 points, Ron’s total achievements points reached 71 and exceeded 70, but there were no changes in the achievement system.


Ron waited a few seconds, but he didn’t hear any system prompt. He shook his head slightly. It seemed that the next draw would be triggered when the total achievement point reaches 75.

Ron glanced at the Angel island ahead. At normal circumstances, Enel should be there at this time.

He wanted to visit the scene of the island, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the luxury to waste his time on sightseeing, and it was better to leave as soon as he completed his achievements.

And when Ron was about to leave.


A thunder suddenly fell from the sky.

The speed of the Thunder was so fast that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to respond, but Ron’s mental speed surpassed that of normal people, and at the moment the thunder fell, he released the Elf Orb.


A roar erupted as the white thunder struck the Elf Orb spreading around Ron’s body, turning into countless lightning arcs flashing and exploding.

The elf ball flickered steadily, blocking the blow completely.


Being suddenly attacked by thunder, Ron’s eyes turned cold.

No one beside Enel could manipulate thunder, to use it in attacking from the sky. With his Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble-Rumble Fruit), Enel, combined with his Kenbunshoku Haki, known as “Mantra” in the sky islands, Came up with a “Heart Network”, which made him virtually omniscient of the thoughts and actions of Skypiea, and capable of attacking any location on the island.


Ron activated his God Mode and snorted coldly.

Having the spiritual power of a great magician, it suddenly swayed in all directions and collided with the Enel’s heart network that surrounded him. There was a violent conflict at the spiritual level, and after a few seconds, Ron’s spiritual powers managed to destroy the monitoring Heart Nets.


At the same time, at the top of a building, Enel opened his eyes and flashed a trace of surprise.

“Destroyed my heart net surveillance… Interesting outsider. “

When Enel was bored, watching over Angel Island, he happened to find Ron flying over. To kill boredom, he attacked Ron without prior notice, using his thunder strike.

Unexpectedly, that attack wasn’t enough to take down the outsider, but it also seemed that he got himself exposed. The outsider, somehow, destroyed his heart network surveillance in that area.

Enel grinned, stood up, and disappeared with a click.

After a few flashes.

His figure appeared on the shore of Angel Island, but he did not find the intruder.

As Enel pondered and looked around, a sound was heard suddenly from the waves of clouds not far from the island.

“Six-Rods Light Prison!”


Enel’s pale-skin color changed slightly, and despite his attempt to dodge, the six rods of light suddenly appeared beside him, intertwined in an instant, and held him in place.

He subconsciously changed to his thunder form to escape from the restraint, but to his surprise, even though he was in his elemental form, he still could not get rid of the seal, and was still locked in place!

It was not only physical restraint but also a seal for soul and spirit!

Next moment.

The storm vortex was instantly gathered above Enel’s head. A violent storm surged between heaven and earth. The sea clouds on the coast rolled up. For a time, the wind and clouds moved, and the momentum was huge!


Seeing the storm converging above his head, Enel twitched his mouth. Unexpectedly, his opponent also could control one of the elements, which was the wind.

But he didn’t show any fear, but snorted, and proudly said: “How rude! I am a god!”

“100 million volts, lightning strike!”


Enel instantly turned into a beam of thunder, a terrifying thunder penetrated the world and collided with the core of the vortex storm.