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P.A.S Chapter 93: Elf Orb


The Ron’s pupils flickered, and he stretched out his hand to hold the Kairōseki (Sea stone) stick.

But when he sensed the energy gathered from the Energy Source inscribed on the Kairōseki stick, he frowned slightly and couldn’t help but say: “So little…Why?”

The compatibility of the Kairōseki should be at least 50%. However, in its saturated state, the aggregated energy was barely enough to release one first-level magic.

There was no comparison with the elf wand.

The energy of first-level magic refreshed every two minutes, for Ron, it was useless…and has almost no effect. It was too low.


After frowning for a while, Ron suddenly thought of something, and then picked up the elf wand with his other hand, comparing it with the Kairōseki stick.

Under this contrast, Ron’s expression suddenly changed.

It turned out to be the case that he was afraid of.

The reason why the elf wand can accumulate enough to release the spiritual energy of four or five vortex storms was not only because it had 100% rune compatibility, but also because of the existence of the elf pearl, which was an essential item that served as a store of spiritual energy.

If Ron could buckle down the elf pearl and put it on the Kairōseki stick, the capacity of the latter would definitely increase greatly, and it would approach the level of the elf wand.

However, Ron couldn’t dismantle the elf wand, and he didn’t possess a second elf pearl, and he had no idea how to find such a thing…


After frowning for a while, a thought emerged.

He picked up some discarded materials in front of him and made several more attempts. As he finished testing his theory, Ron’s facial expression changed dramatically.

“HoHo! It turns out this way…”

The time required to draw spiritual energy to saturation was related to the fit of the inscribed rune on the material, as for the total amount of spiritual energy that could be stored was related to the size of the rune or the size of the material related!

If this Kairōseki stick was enlarged ten times, and the rune inscription was also ten times larger, even if its storage capacity wouldn’t be increased ten times, it could be improved at least several times!

” Kairōseki…I need a larger block!”, Ron exhaled lightly.

The larger the stick, the better, and preferably a whole block. Although separate pieces could be used together as a whole, the polymerization efficiency would be discounted.

Ron knew roughly what he wanted to make at that moment, not a magic wand or equipment, but a magic tower!

As long as he could have a magnificent and luxurious wizard tower, within the coverage range, the spiritual energy he could use would be inexhaustible.

Absolute strength!

Even if he only mastered third-level magic of the element system, if he possessed unlimited spiritual energy, the Shichibukai, like Doflamingo, would no more be out of reach!

” I don’t know if there is a large piece of Kairōseki in the marine headquarters. If I remember correctly, all the Kairōseki equipment should be exchanged with military skill points…”

Ron’s eyes flickered.

The processing method of Kairōseki was extremely difficult and rare. Therefore, the marine HQ obliged all its officers to exchange found Kairōseki equipment with skill points.

There must be a large piece of Kairōseki. The bottom of the warship was inlaid with a large amount of Kairōseki after all…and Ron couldn’t help even thinking about buckling the bottom of the ship.

But if he did so, the warship hull would be destroyed, which might turn into a disaster, and also, he would have to fly back to the marine HQ… Ron finally endured the impulse in his heart.

Anyway, he was sure that the HQ possessed larger Kairōseki sticks, so there was no need to do foolish things.

Without the required stuff, there was no point in further investigations about the magic tower. So, Ron stopped researching until he returns to the HQ, and went back to the exploration of guardian magic.

Because of the Energy Source inscribed on the elf wand, it was much easier for Ron to study the second-level magic of the guardian system. In only three days, he discovered his third second-level guardian magic.

This time it was finally defensive magic.

Its name was ‘Elf Orb’.

When released, a spherical barrier would be formed with Ron as its center, which could resist attacks from any direction. Compared to his first-level guardian magic, there were no dead ends.

Compared with the magic and holy shields, the elf Orb was undoubtedly a higher-level version of defensive magic. Its defensive power far exceeded the other two shields. Even the third-level magic, vortex storm, wouldn’t crack it.

Ron judged that the power of the vortex storm should be at least doubled to break through the defense of the Elf Orb.

With this new magic, although it would not help much to defeat the enemy, it was a great improvement of Ron’s self-protection.

In the sky.

Ron lowered the elf wand, and the Elf Orb gradually faded away.

He has engraved the Elf Orb rune into his spirit, replacing the magic barrier.

He wanted to engrave the magic barrier, the elf Orb, and even the six-rods light prison on his soul to be released simultaneously, but the problem was that his current soul couldn’t carry more than one eternal magic.

He wanted to achieve the coexistence of two eternal magics. He tried many times, but he couldn’t do it, so in the end, he decided to erase the magic barrier and replace it with the Elf Orb.

Fortunately, even if he wanted to release the magic barrier by normal means, through rune formation, his releasing speed was within half a second, plus the instant Elf Orb, it was still doable.

It’s just a pity that he had to choose between the six-rods light prison and the elf orb to be released every two seconds. Ron thought that the elf orb would serve him better, especially that the six-rods light prison was single imprisonment and would not cope with the situation of multiple enemies.

“It’s time to improve my attack…”

Ron murmured in the sky.

Unlocking several second-level guardian magic, Ron thought that it was time to balance his strength, he believed that his defense far exceeded his attack, which made Ron very uncomfortable. So, it was time to focus on his attacking abilities.

If he now masters attacking magic that could correspond to the power of the Elf Orb, he would reach higher levels that Shichibukai such as Gecko Moria and Crocodile could be easily defeated.

Because the fourth-level magic was impossible to explore at the moment, until he finishes the wizard tower, Ron went back to targeting the elemental system.

“I should master the third-level fire and earth systems as soon as possible…the next extraction time is unknown…”

Ron looked up at the sky, his eyes pondering.

Ron’s total achievement point has reached 69 points, and he wasn’t sure whether the next draw was at 70 or 75 points. However, they were not far from each other, point-wise, so either way, he could quickly achieve both of them.

“Let’s complete the achievement from the Explorer series first.”

Ron glanced at the warship below and then looked up at the sky again.

This sea area has come to the sea area covered by empty islands. From here, 7000 meters north there was Jaya island, and 10,000 meters upward of that, Skypiea.

Climbing to Skypiea was one of the achievements of the explorer series.


After Ron’s idea moved, he cast auxiliary wind magic on himself, and then his body flew into the air and broke through the clouds in the sky.