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P.A.S Chapter 92: Kairōseki

Early morning.

“Where is my teacup? Who took it?”


The sound of someone falling.

“F! Who did it, who’s the B** that cut this stool’s leg!”

“Ha?! why is there a missing piece of the warehouse door?”, at the entrance of the warehouse, a marine stared at the warehouse door, confused.

“I checked this yesterday… Who took the powder barrel?”, a gunner looked at the cannon, missing its ignition powder barrel.

The changes that took place overnight caused a little confusion in the warship, but after all, it was a marine’s warship, and soon returned to order.

And in a separate room, occupied by Ron, from night till next day morning, Ron tried the found materials one by one, and at the moment, he was frowning at the materials.

All the wood materials failed. Even the best piece of wood buckled from the keel from the bottom edge of the ship had less than 20% rune compatibility. (E/N: how did he get it… and won’t that affect the boat!!)

It was much better than the previous discus but did not meet Ron’s requirements.

As for iron and steel… the compatibility percentage of the shell was about 35 percent, which was quite high compared to other materials. It was good enough to make low-level items in batches. However, Ron wouldn’t be satisfied with these items, for personal uses.

The fit of the barrel was only 30%, which was not as good as the shell.

Other weights, barbell rods, and others, obtained from the training room didn’t do better than the barrels and shells. The best material among them barely reached 20%.

As for porcelain such as teacups, most of them couldn’t bear the runes and was destroyed instantly, which meant that the compatibility percentage was so low, close to zero.

More than dozens of unsatisfying attempts, but at least, Ron managed to complete the “enchanter” achievement and got 2 achievement points, which was the only light in this tiring search.

Ron’s total achievement point reached 69 points.

“What else haven’t I tried…”

Ron sat there, looking at the wasted materials everywhere, contemplating.

There were still a lot of materials on the warship, and during the night Ron made several materials collecting campaigns. At first, he started with 20 kinds of materials, and after this long night of searching and trying, there was a pile of material in front of Ron, which easily surpassed 100 kinds of materials.

“Wait, there’s that!”

Ron groaned for a moment, noticed a shackle in the material in front of him, suddenly thought of something, and immediately stood up and walked out of the cabin.

After his last night attempts, Ron roughly judged that the common materials should not have a high degree of fit, he estimated that only special materials would be a good fit, such as Kairōseki, the branches of the world tree (TN: the one used in the elf wand), legendary blades like the one owned by Dracule Mihawk, etc.

When Ron left the cabin, he met one of the captains, he rushed to him and asked directly: ‘’is there any Kairōseki shackles on the warship “

“Yes…”, the captain responded politely, with a trace of respect in his eyes.

Ron nodded and said: “Where can I find it? I want to use it… By the way, are there any other items made of Kairōseki besides shackles?”

The shackles as a concept were too much, and Ron didn’t want his first high-quality magical item to be “shackles”. It would be more convenient if there were more suitable blocks of Kairōseki.

“Kairōseki Equipment…”

The captain pondered a bit, and said: ” In addition to the Kairōseki Shackles, on this warship, we have two Kairōseki bars, but it has never been used, they should be placed, downstairs beside the prisoner’s cells.”

As he spoke, the captain took Ron to the bottom of the ship and quickly came to the cell.

Kairōseki shackles and ordinary ones were put together. There was no difference in appearance, which made Ron a little surprised. The two Kairōseki bars were also there. Ron looked at them for an instant, then ignored the shackles and took the bars.

The captain who followed Ron looked at him strangely. He remembered that Ron should be a devil fruit user, however, he seemed to be able to touch the Kairōseki without any effects.

But he kept quiet and said nothing.

He thought that strong devil fruit users, would not be weakened by slightly touching Kairōseki. After all, even wearing Kairōseki shackles, a lot of pirates, with powerful abilities, still possessed more power than ordinary people.


” Kairōseki…”

Back to the cabin, Ron switched to his spiritual perspective, carefully observing the Kairōseki bar in his hand, revealing a touch of pondering color.

The material of Kairōseki was indeed different from ordinary steel and stone.

From the naked eye’s perspective, nothing could be seen, but from the spiritual perspective, Ron could perceive the inside of the Kairōseki and noticed the existence of a thick element of water, just like crystallized water.

In general, it is said that the water element belongs to nature’s soft element category, but the one contained in the Kairōseki was nothing close to that, its high density was outrageous!

“No wonder why Kairōseki is the hardest substance in the world.”

Ron narrowed his eyes and continued to pry deeper into spiritual power. He wanted to peek into the essence of the Kairōseki, but in the end, nothing was found.

Ron was not surprised. After all, his observation powers were limited, it barely reaches the level of cells, and If he really wanted to see the nature of the Kairōseki, he had to go deeper and reach the level of molecules and atoms. There was still a long way to go.

With a little understanding of Kairōseki, Ron began to try it out.

Because it was a stick-shaped and wasn’t completely pure like the elf wand that had 100% compatibility, Ron had to process it carefully.


Ron succeeded in enchanting the Energy Source rune onto the Seastone stick.

There were countless textures on the stick, which was automatically linked to the spiritual world, slowly absorbing spiritual energy, that made the top of the whole stick emit white fluorescence.

Visible to the naked eye, the white fluorescence grew little by little over time. After about two minutes, a white and round halo was formed and it stopped growing.

“Huh, so fast?”

Looking at the Energy Source engraved on the Seastone sticks being filled and saturated, Ron noticed that the energy gathering speed was much faster than the one of the previous materials!

Although it was still inferior to the elf wand, which needed around one minute to reach saturation, the Kairōseki bar took about two minutes! It was the best so far compared to the other materials, even the shell, with 35% compatibility, needed four minutes to reach saturation.

Ron smiled! He was sure that Kairōseki had more than 50% compatibility!