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P.A.S Chapter 91: The Dawn of Unlimited Spiritual Power

Energy source.

That was the name of the new second-level guardian magic that Ron mastered. Just as the name implies, this wasn’t a release type ability, nor a binding technique like the Six-Rod Light Prison.

The release of this magic will consume nearly one-third of Ron’s mental power, and then after about half a minute mental powers will be drawn from the spiritual realm and will be granted to Ron.

It was meaningless to release this magic in the void. Its real use was to enchant it on other substances.

Eternal runes, eternal magic, as long as the material or spiritual body bearing this type of magic did not collapse, or the runes weren’t destroyed by external forces, it would never collapse, eternal existence!

“Eternal Magic, Energy source!”

Looking at the elf wand in his hand, at the pearl glowing with white light, Ron couldn’t help but murmur these words.

Originally, the elf wand could only reduce the magic loss and the release time, however, after enchanting the Energy Source, a new feature was unlocked. The wand was constantly absorbing spiritual energy from the spiritual realm, which Ron could use at will!

It could store up spiritual energy, which could be equal to the amount used in one and a half Six-Rods Light Prisons.

And after a one-time release, it would only take about a minute to be fully charged again, to reach its full state! And this process will occur endlessly, without the need for Ron’s intervention.

“This is actually the core of enchantment magic.”

Ron sighed a little and said with a slight smile.

Since there was an enchanted rune such as the Holy Shield, which can release defensive magic, then naturally there should be a rune that could recharge magic items, its energy core.

Without this energy core, magic items would turn into a scrap after the release of all the stored spiritual power…

And compared to firearms and similar weapons, this energy source was infinite and eternal and would continue to recharge automatically as time passes.

The only drawback was that there was a limit to the energy that could be stored at one time. In other words, each item had a maximum capacity of storage, and once that energy is completely consumed, it would take more than a minute to recharge the item fully.


“For ordinary materials, it should behave like the discus, and its performance much worse than that of the elf wand. After all, it was not a matter of magic or runes, but how fitting the material is.”

Ron held the elf wand, perceiving the rune of Energy Source engraved on the elf wand, which was fully loaded by spiritual energy at that moment, and thought.

Ron was lost in his thoughts for a while, he was imagining the powerful magical items that he could create with the right materials. But soon, he shook his head.

This was not the time for magic items. Well, if it was for his personal use, there was no problem.

The elf wand enchanted with the Energy Source could recharge the six-bar light prison once per minute. if he could create similar items, he would be approaching infinity energy in a sense, the limitless release of magic, without being exhausted or feeling dizzy because of his drained spiritual powers.

Ron knew that he was lacking in strength and that his journey just started. At that time, he could release his Six-Rods Light Prison almost 8 times, and also dozens of vortex storms, which was enough to overcome most of high ranked Marine HQ officers. However, deep down Ron was aware that his spiritual energy should be enhanced and his release time should be reduced more.

Seal, attack, Seal, attack.

Even if his opponent’s body was fully armed with Haki, and one vortex storm might only result in slight injuries, repeating this process, constant bombarding, would diffidently kill him!

If he had more spiritual energy and could release his magic infinitely, even opponents like Doflamingo could be imprisoned to death!

Thinking of this, Ron frowned.

When exploring the third-level magic of the element system, and the second-level magic of the guardian system, he wasted most of his time on the recovery of his mental power because of his insufficient amount of mental power and his not-fast-enough recovery speed.

He suspected that it would so troublesome to explore the fourth-level elemental magic, let alone third-order guardian magic, one attempt to condense the runes would drain at least one-third of his mental powers, which would make it impossible to even start exploring.

Ron’s eyes widened as he thought about this. His new Energy Source magic will be the key to reach higher-level magic. Without it, even if his spiritual attribute reaches 200 points, Ron was sure that it wouldn’t be enough to explore fourth-level magic.

Ron was sure that even in other magical worlds, countless great magicians were trapped at the door of fourth-order magic due to lack of mental power, until hundreds or thousands of years after, someone finally explored the eternal magic, mastered the magic of Eternal source, and pushed the whole world into higher levels of magic!

A magician without a wand is not a real magician.

A magician who fails to master the source of energy is not a great magician!

“For now, I can only release one Six-Rods Light Prison per minute… If I can make three or four releases, or even more, I will have a great boost of strength. That way, I can go head-to-head vs the Shichibukai!”

Ron took a deep breath, his eyes glowing.


He needs materials, materials that fit the runes!

The discus he used previously was obviously not good, and the compatibility was less than 10%. To make high-quality items, assuming that the elf wand was 100% compatible, materials with at least 50% compatibility was needed.

With no hesitation.

Ron walked into the cabin.

Although Ron was still a marine trainee at the moment, after his recent performances, he was treated as Bastille’s equal on the warship. Therefore, he had no constraints while looking for materials. Soon, he got twenty or thirty different kinds of materials.

In a separate room, Ron piled the collected stuff in front of him, wood branches, teacups, iron pots, stones, and even other stuff like shells and firearms.


Ron groaned for a moment, then picked up a piece of wood.

There were four kinds of wood, one was removed from a stool, one from a wicker chair, one from the warehouse’s door, and finally used his wind blade to buckle a small piece from the warship’s stern.

Collecting these items triggered an achievement that almost made Ron irritated. He managed to complete the ‘thief’ achievement and got 1 achievement point.

He was upset! How could the system refer to his noble and hard work as thievery?