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P.A.S Chapter 90: New Magic

North Blue.

The warship was returning to the marine headquarters, and it was close to the Reverse mountain.

Without an emergent mission, warships rarely traversed the Calm Belts. After all, even if with the Kairōseki layer at the bottom of the ship, it was still very dangerous to roam around the Sea king nests.

In the cabin, on the highest level of the warship, rear admiral Bastille’s office, Ron was sitting on the sofa, holding a newspaper in his hand, and reading it carefully, then shook his head helplessly.

“I thought they would omit the “marine trainee” thing, at least in the newspapers…but they used it after all…What a bummer!”

Bastille could not help laughing when he heard Ron’s words, then said:” with your strength and military skill points, you can serve as an HQ rear admiral after graduation, but you should build a little momentum in advance for such position.”

Because Ron’s strength was no less than his, coupled with his military skills, he could at least serve as a rear admiral after graduation, bastille was treating Ron as an equal.

“I killed one of her family, she will definitely make a move.”

Ron dropped the newspaper.

Bastille said: “Are you worried about Big Mom, hurting your family? Don’t worry, as soon as you graduate, you can move your family to live in the headquarters.”

Ron said, smiling: “No, I don’t have a family. It was just this clash with BIGMOM’s pirate group was so early. I need to be more cautious from now on.”


Bastille sat behind his desk and said: “Once you become a rear admiral, you won’t have such feelings anymore. I have fought against all kinds of pirates and beasts in the new world. You will slowly gain confidence, plus we got your back! And our admirals wouldn’t stay still if one of the emperors made a move. Be reassured!”

“Pirates are really the source of the word havoc”

Ron stood up, saying with a slight sigh. Big Mon went after King Earl’s head just because some ingredients were not received on time, without any intention of any peaceful talk or second chances.

A Provoked Whitebeard, Big Mom, or Shanks would be terrifying. As for Kaido, his mere existence was already terrifying.

Pirates, and especially the Yonko, existence were undoubtedly the source of chaos in that world.

“So even with your life on the line, we have to eliminate all the pirates.”

Bastille said quietly.

Ron smiled slightly, left Bastille’s office, walked to the outside deck, and looked far to the gradually approaching Red Line.

This part of the red line was not the one adjacent to the marine headquarters, it was on the other half of the world, but this one was both the entrance and the exit of the grand line.

The legendary Raftel is somewhere behind this Red Line.

Setting foot on Raftel was for sure one of the achievements, and Ron estimated that it might be one of the ultimate achievements, with more than 5 achievement points as a reward, but such task was impossible to find by just random search. The Poneglyphs information was a necessity.

Otherwise, anyone with flying ability would patrol the nearby waters, and Raftel’s location would have been found long ago.

Raftel was out of reach for the moment, however, entering the grand line from the reverse mountain was beneficial for Ron because it was also an achievement.

And considering this route, he would have a chance to trigger another achievement by going to the Island of Nothingness.

He only had to set foot on the island and fly back to the warship, and by that, he would be able to complete one of the achievements of the “Explorer” series.

After killing Baron Tamago with a bounty of more than 300 million Berries, Ron completed the “Famous prey” achievement and got 2 achievement points. At that time, he had a total of 65 achievement points.

Ron wasn’t sure about the required points for the next rune extraction, whether it was 70 or 75 total achievement points. But, anyway, by the time he finishes this trip and reaches the headquarters, he should be too close to the meet the conditions.

Near the reverse mountain.

The weather began to get worse, and storms swept through.

Although the storm was so heavy, the warship was sailing smoothly, moving steadily against the storm and the strong waves.

This was the first time that Ron witness such a storm at sea. With Nami’s navigation, they perfectly avoided all storms and never encountered one in East Blue.

But, unexpectedly, this storm made Ron accomplish an achievement.

[‘’Brave warrior of the Sea”, ride the wind and break through the storm waves.]

This unexpected achievement brought Ron 1 achievement point, and also a hidden achievement appeared corresponding to it, named “Shipwreck”, where his ship needs to capsize in the storm.

This condition made Ron a little speechless. It was impossible to turn this warship over, and even if he managed to turn it upside down, he wouldn’t be able to turn it back, which will cause too much trouble.

“Nah, I ‘ll have a chance to find a boat in the future and just rush into a storm.”

Ron muttered, feeling that this achievement should be very easy to achieve, after all, Nami could sense the storms coming.

Ron reached the point, where unless there were some hidden special achievements, there were just a few achievements that could be easily completed. Most of the remaining achievements were whether so troublesome, or even impossible to achieve with his current level.

“Report, we arrived at the reverse mountain.”

The watchman shouted as he was standing at the watchtower, at the top of the sail.

A captain nodded and said: “Keep this route, everyone stays alert.”

It was still necessary to pay attention while entering the reverse mountain. Many pirates entering the Grand Line died before they could even get up to the top of the mountain, because the hostile water currents and storms forced them to crash into the mountain walls, which was enough to destroy even a marine warship.

Because of their often missions, the helmsmen and navigators on the warship were very experienced. The warship steadily sailed into the ascending channel and rushed to the top of the mountain.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Reverse Mountain” and got 1 achievement point]

While ascending the mountain, Ron heard a system prompt in his ear.

“It would be nice if I could go to Loguetown.”

Ron remembered that there was a shop selling swords in Loguetown that had some famous and cursed swords and since he didn’t finish the achievement series requiring the collection of famous swords, having just one sword from the 10 required, it was a good opportunity.

The marine Headquarters also had famous swords that can be exchanged, but the required military skill points were also very high.

Well, it was slightly lower than the amount required for the devil fruit trade.

Taking into account his recent military merits.

Ron got a total of 40,000 military credits from his last mission, including the 21,000 military credits he had received before, he already had 61,000 military credits, and the most common devil fruits could be exchanged for only 30,000 military credits.

It was a pity that in order to prevent the marine officers from trading and selling the devil fruits, an officer could get his first devil fruit by its original price, however, the price of the second one would be doubled.

But Ron was not in a hurry.

To change the world, removing the devil fruits was a step that was needed to be completed. He wasn’t after just one or two devil fruits, he was after all the devil fruits, to devour their spiritual powers and make these fruits disappear from this world. After all, he wanted to change this world, and start a new era of magic.

At that time, Ron had 113 points as spiritual attributes.

Among them, 67 points were from achievement points, 20 points were from the magic mark, 20 points were from his training, 5 points were from the devoured devil fruit, and the last point was from Nami’s mark resonance.

Ron estimated that his next mind evolution might occur after he reaches 200 points, and at the moment he was still far from this threshold.


Even without such evolution, pure spiritual improvement could still steadily increase his strength. It could increase his amount of released magic per fight, his release time, his recovery speed, and also his thinking speed.

At that time, Ron estimated that after the release of his Six-Rods Light Prison twice, the remaining mental power would barely be enough to release four vortex storms, which was more than when he could release when he fought against Baron Tamago.

The warship climbed the reverse mountain, and soon entered the grand line.

The warship passed by the Twin Cape’s Lighthouse, but he did not see either Crocus or Laboon, the whale.

The marines didn’t make a move on Crocus, which was the Roger Pirates’ doctor. It was weird how the marines let someone related to Roger have such easy life, but Ron estimated that it had something to do with Shanks, he had an assumption that, having a relationship with the government, that the latter had an agreement with the government to leave the doctor in peace.

Ron believed that was the reason why the government and the marines were ignoring Crocus and even Silvers Rayleigh and others.

Seeing that the warship had steadily entered the grand line, Ron returned to the stern, and once again began to explore and practice the guardian magic.

Up to that day, he mastered five derivative runes of the guardian department, which represented ‘increase’, ‘aggregate’, ‘derivative’, ‘weaken’ and ‘decompose’.

His sealing ability, the Six-Rods Light Prison was composed of a basic rune, combined with two derivative runes, representing derived and decomposed.

Ron mastered the rune of aggregation five days ago. Before they entered the grand line, he mastered the rune of weakening. Then he invested his time in the exploration of the last derivative rune, Destruction.

He intended to strike the iron while it was hot, and get all the runes of the guardian department.

With enough experience, the last rune of destruction was Ron’s least familiar rune, but after three days, he managed to master it.

So far.

The seven runes of the Guardian Department were under control.

After three days, Ron successfully mastered another second second-level guardian magic. This magic was also not a defensive spell, but it was an ability that made Ron extremely stunned, shaking his head in disbelief.