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P.A.S Chapter 89 Spreading News: Big Mom & Doflamingo

In the Headquarters’ training ground.

Zephyr was walking back and forth, watching the recruits sparring, while giving instructions.

As he noticed that one of the recruits fighting in front of him, was using his devil fruit ability to fight, he stopped said:

“Don’t rely too much on your ability, no one can deny that devil fruits’ abilities are valuable, but they should be used as tools, not subjects!”

The recruit stopped relying too much on his devil fruit, and fought following Zephyr’s instructions.

“This is good. With the combination of your physique and ability, you won’t have any weakness, and soon you will be able to face and win against stronger opponents!”

After watching a few rounds, Zephyr nodded with satisfaction, then said randomly: “Don’t be like that brat, Ron. He was too dependent on his ability, which caused so many flaws in his fighting style that he couldn’t see against ordinary pirates. However, if he heads to the New World, he would be easily slaughtered by pirates, reworded with hundreds of million Berries. They would exploit his weakness and kill him!”

Many of the recruits heard Zephyr words and nodded their heads one after another, approving. They were a new batch of recruits, which didn’t witness the fight between Ron and Zephyr, but they still heard stories about it. It was said that, although Ron was able to kill a Pirate with a reward of 100 million Berries, Zephyr caught his flaws and defeated him quickly.

And from that day, Zephyr kept using him as an example to convince the recruits to follow his instructions.

Zephyr nodded and continued roaming, inspecting other recruits’ practice, but at that time, a chief in charge of the new barracks’ affairs rushed over, and seemed that something urgent happened.

Hearing the commotion behind him, Zephyr turned around, frowned then said as he saw the expression on the chief face.

“What’s going on? What’s the matter?”


Looking at Zephyr, the chief was hesitant, but seeing Zephyr’s expression gradually displeased, he could only say helplessly:

“Zephyr-San, that… Just now…we received news…. that the trainee Ron of the New Barracks encountered the Big Mom Pirate Group during his escort mission. Hum… He managed to kill the 300 million berries pirate, Baron Tamago, and the headquarters plans to grant him 40,000 military skill points…”

As the chief reported the news, he got chills looking at Zephyr’s sullen face.

The training grounds went silent, and the atmosphere became a bit tense.

In this silence.


A small crack appeared on the ground under Zephyr’s feet.


The world of nations.

Whole Cake Island.

“Haven’t you found Lola yet?!!!”

Charlotte Linlin’s, Big Mom, roaring was heard in the castle, then soon after, there was a bang. Something was dropped on the ground, and broke in pieces.

In front of Charlotte LinLin, Cracker, one of Three Sweet Commanders, responded tremblingly: “Mom… I have sent more people to carry on the search. Please give us some more time, and we will definitely capture Lola.”

“Waste “

Charlotte Linlin angrily threw the cup in her hand on the ground.

No one in the present people dared to stare at her, they kept their heads down in silence.

“Damn Lola, and her sister Chiffon, pieces of S***!”

Charlotte Linlin clenched her fists, her face was full of anger, then she said: “If we can get the power of the giants, Shanks and Kaido wouldn’t be able to stand in my way, and even the Whitebeard could be overthrown… that spoiled kid, she won’t escape my wrath!”

During that period, around five Giants joined the marine headquarters, and considering their strength, they were all granted at least a rear admiral position in the headquarters. Knowing how powerful the giants were, the Big Mom arranged a marriage between Prince Loki of Elbaf and her daughter Charlotte Lola, in the objective to take Elbaf under her command, and get more giants than the marines.

Except for the Whitebeard pirates, which was the strongest pirate crew in the world, the other three emperors had comparable powers. If Big Mom could have the giants under her command, she would surpass the other two Yonko, and even outdo the Whitebeard.

In that case, she would get closer to become the pirate Queen xD! ‘jk’

But all her ambitions were shattered!

After making her last move, trying to make use of Chiffon by having her marry the Elbaf prince in Lola’s place, which ended in a huge failure, the Big Mom developed an intense hatred towards Lola, that for almost a month since the incident, she was furious and rampaging every day.

Something fell, Charlotte Linlin gasped and gradually calmed down.

And at that moment, suddenly someone rushed over in a panic, holding a newspaper in his hand, and said: “Mom, Mom, something happened!”

“Um? Did you catch Lola?!”

Big Mom said with a twitched mouth.

The reporter shuddered, and said trembling: “Not that, it’s something else, Mom, you need to see this…”

With fear in his eyes, he passed the newspaper carefully, and then hurriedly backed away, backed up and stood behind Cracker.

The BIG MOM looked at the newspaper.

She saw in the headline that Big Mom Pirates tried to attack King Earl, and the marines managed to successfully defend the latter, by defeating the pirates. And during this confrontation, Baron Tamago was killed on the spot, and Pekoms was captured.


Big Mom’s eyes instantly widened and had a furious look.

A few seconds later, a deafening roar and a terrifying shockwave burst into the castle, spreading in all directions, and countless people collapsed. It was a Haoshoku Haki (Color of the Supreme King Haki)!

“What a Waste!”

“It’s all wasted!!”

A cadre died, and another one was captured alive. It was nothing for Big Mom, she didn’t care about any of them, but what made her furious was the received a heavy pride blow, which would hurt her reputation as one of the 4 emperors.

Big Mom went on a rampage, under the eyes of her family, which were powerless, with no idea how to calm her down.


Inside the palace.

Doflamingo took a newspaper and sat on his sofa, looking closely.

He didn’t usually read or pay much attention to newspapers, but this time, he heard that there was important news about one of the four emperors.

“Big Mom Pirates suffered a huge loss in the hands of the marines, Fuffuffuffuffu.”

Doflamingo read a few lines and then issued a wicked laugh, saying: “Another tragedy! After failing to finish that marriage with Elbaf’s prince, Fuffuffuffuffu. ”

“Na Na.”

Trebol flicked his nose and wriggled and said, “If Big Mom possessed the power of the giant’s clan, her strength would be overwhelming. It would be too much, and it will break the balance of the sea.”

“Isn’t that good?”

Doflamingo smiled, after all, chaos was what he sought, an anarchic world would be perfect for him, a world, where he can annihilate the Celestial dragons and get his revenge.

Trebol also had a newspaper in his hand. After he looked closely, he suddenly found something and pointed at it. He said, “Dovi, look here, this name… Ron, could it be the one from the East Blue?”


Doflamingo stared down and could not help frowning.

“That pirate hunter from East Blue, joined the marines? it’s been so long since we heard something about him!”

“It may not be surely him, but that Ron from East Blue has disappeared for some time, and it is possible that he really joined the marines…”

Doflamingo said with a sullen face.

“It’s better to let Virgo check.”

” Um.”

Doflamingo nodded, indifferent. Ron killed one of the cadres under his command. Even if he joined the marines, Doflamingo would never spare his life.

P.A.S Chapter 89 Spreading News: Big Mom & Doflamingo