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P.A.S Chapter 88: The Shocking News

“This is the only way to do it.”

Aokiji looked at the map on the table and said in a deep voice: “It is all up to Bastille and his crew for now. They have to block the other party for some time and give King Earl’s ship time to gain enough distance, that it would not be caught up in a short time.”


Sengoku nodded.

The headquarters was too far, and the closest North Blue’s base with decent officers that would make a difference was also very far from there. As for the other near branches, dispatching units would be pointless, and would only result in additional losses for the marines.

After giving the orders, Sengoku and the others could only wait for updates about the situation.

Ten minutes already passed, and the room went so quiet that a pin drop could be heard clearly, then suddenly, a Den Den Mushi on the table started ringing.

Looking at the source of the ringing, all the faces in the room changed dramatically. Unexpectedly, it was the Den Den Mushi that connects the Headquarters to Bastille’s warship. It was less than 20 minutes from the outbreak of the battle.

“They could only resist for twenty minutes…”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid that King Earl wouldn’t make it.”

The vice-admirals were standing there with a sullen expression on their faces.

Aokiji sighed slightly, shook his head, and said: “Well, it was expected, there were two of the strongest combatants of Big Mom pirates, with a 200 and 300 million bounties. It was impossible for Bastille to stop them on his own.”

Sengoku, with a mournful face, had to answer the call, even if the Den Den Mushi was held by Big Mom in person. The call should be answered.

“Report, here is the T-73 warship of the headquarters.”

The voice came immediately after Sengoku picked up the Den Den Mushi.

At the moment of hearing this voice, Sengoku and the others were all slightly moved. It seemed that the Den Den Mushi did fall into the hands of Big Mom pirates, and the man talking was definitely a marine.

“Fleet admiral Sengoku speaking.”

Then he added without delay: “How is the situation there.”

The phone bug imitated the look and tone of the officer, and said with a serious tone: “Reporting to headquarters! The battle between the T-73 warship and Big Mom Pirates just ended! The enemy ship was successfully destroyed, nearly 100 pirates were killed, 21 were captured. As for the Big Mom two cadres, Baron Tamago was killed, and Pekoms was captured.”

The report was loud and clear.

And the last sentence was so shocking that the office fell into silence for a few seconds.

“In Top of killing Baron Tamago, they caught Pekoms!?…had rear admiral Bastille’s strength reached this level? That’s scary.”

Kizaru was holding his tea cup, and spoke with a surprised tone.
Sengoku and Aokiji were also stunned. They thought it would be bad news, and no one expected such a turn of events. They didn’t only kill one of Big Mom cadres, but also captured one of them alive!

After a few moments of stupefaction, Sengoku replied: “Report the detailed situation.”

This result was completely unexpected by him. If Bastille was capable of killing a pirate-like Baron Tamago and capture a strong pirate like Pekoms, by himself, there was no doubt that he had the ability to serve as a vice admiral. And after his safe return to the HQ, he really should consider his promotion.

“Yes sir.”

The marine officer responded quickly, and then said: “The enemy approached our ship and without prior notice, they started firing their canons. The firepower was suppressed by our side. “

“After a brief stalemate, Marine trainee Ron, when the enemy ship approached, with a strong attack, killed nearly 30 pirates on the spot. After such an attack, the enemy’s ship took heavy damage, hence, they choose to move the battle to our warship. Rear Admiral Bastille led the forces to resist and block the charge of the enemies, commanded by Pekoms.”

“Then, after some struggle, Baron Tamago was easily slaughtered by trainee Ron, which completely destroyed the enemy ship in the process, and delivered a heavy blow to the enemy’s morales. Following this, it was a matter of time before our troops managed to surround the remaining pirates, and successfully capture Pekoms.”

Hearing the report, the office went silent again.

Expect one person, who seemed to have a nasty smile on his face. Kizaru sat up and said with a grin: “It turned out that Ron was on their ship. However, he easily took out a pirate with a bounty over 300 million berries? His improvement is terrifying. Oh, a monster newcomer, scary… ow scary.”

Sengoku and the others did not know that Ron was on that warship. After all, it wasn’t their job to follow the trainees’ progress and missions.

Anyway, the fact that Ron’s strength reached a level that even a 300 million berries pirates didn’t have a chance against him was stunning, and as the report stated, the fight was settled in a short time!

The HQ rear admirals wouldn’t be able to hold their grounds against such opponents, and most of them would suffer an utter defeat.

“It turns out so…”

Sengoku groaned.

The vice-admirals were standing there with a burning fire within their spirits, moved by the shocking news. One of them, who just returned from a mission and never heard of Ron’s name yet, was looking at the others in disbelief. Then, he couldn’t stop himself from asking the man next to him.

“Marine Trainee? How come he has a terrifying strength?!”

“Ala La… It seems that this Ron is more dazzling than we expected.”

Aokiji also spoke. He stretched his body, relaxed his expression, and said, “I knew he had potential but I didn’t expect him to reach the vice-admiral level in such a short time.”

For more than 20 years, the newcomer camp did not have outstanding recruits, expect the three current admirals, which had a strength comparable to that of a vice-admiral by the time they graduated.

Kizaru said with a happy smile: “This Ron was very dissatisfied with the teaching of instructor Zephyr. He has been practicing by himself since he entered the new barracks. I wish I could see the expression on the old man’s face when he hears about Ron’s achievement.”


Sengoku glanced at Kizaru.

“Taking into account the merits of this battle, Ron’s skill points should have exceeded the rear admiral’s standards… After graduation, let him practice in the rear admiral’s position for two years, and then he will be competent enough to become a vice admiral.”

Sengoku said with a deep voice.

Although Ron could easily defeat Baron Tamago, and he already possessed a strength that surpassed that of a rear admiral, his promotion was postponed till his graduation. Well, it could be done before, but with Ron’s previous experience, being a pirate hunter for a while, which was considered as slightly disgraceful. Sengoku thought that it would be better to promote him according to the rules, without special treatment.