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P.A.S Chapter 87: Sengoku’s Decisions

After annihilating Baron Tamago, Ron was feeling dizzy because of the excessive consumption of his mental energy in a short period, and he almost fell from the sky.

Fortunately, he was used to such fatigue because of his excessive training, plus defeating Baron Tamago granted him 2 achievement points, which was immediately assigned to the spiritual attributes. These extra two pints helped him to remain calm and keep his elegant Magician demeanor.

It wasn’t easy tho.

After killing one of the strongest faced pirates, Ron still put a lot of pressure on the remaining pirates, reducing the damage taken by the marines, which led to an early end of the battle. Ron himself felt that his actions were worthy of all this warship-officers’ respect.


Ron rubbed his temples.

Even after a while, his head was still spinning.

Practicing magic till his mental power become empty, and draining all his strength by releasing a few abilities was quite different. The former consumes mental powers slowly, and it would take hours or even days to reach that final state. But the latter, in a couple of minutes, all his mental powers were forcibly exhausted.

Although excessive magic cultivation would result in dizziness and weakness, it wouldn’t be as serious as Ron was feeling at that moment. If he didn’t obtain the extra achievement points, he wouldn’t be able to hold on.

Putting that aside.

Ron was able to judge his new magic effectiveness in actual battle.

His new second-level guardian magic, the Six-Rods Light Prison, was an extremely powerful seal, that even Baron Tamago in his last form, Count Niwatori, struggled frantically and couldn’t break free.

Ron estimated that even a vice-admiral would have extreme trouble to get rid of such a seal. Even if he managed to escape, it would take him to operate at full strength, and boost his Haki to the extreme, while struggling hard.

However, even the strongest vice-admirals shouldn’t be able to break free instantly, it would take them several seconds, which was more than enough for Ron to release his third-level elemental magic and have a direct clean shot.

In other terms…

With his current abilities, Ron became able to deal with enemies, with weak defense, no matter how strong their attacks were. He became able to crush and kill any opponent with weak defenses, even if he was at the vice-admiral level.

As for the others with high defense capability, Ron still lacked the ability to overwhelm such opponents.

“Unfortunately, the third-level of elemental magic is still a little weak.”

At that time, Ron’s discomfort eased a lot, and he sat up from the sofa.

The third-level of the elemental magic was a lot weaker than the second-level guardian magic. By the time that Ron acquire an attacking ability that could rival his guardian magic defense, Ron will definitely surpass most of the headquarters’ officers.

Of course,

Even with his current strength, Ron should be able to have the rank of a vice-admiral. After all, he could easily kill any rear-admiral or pirate with a bounty less than 300 million Berries, unless they had an extremely good defense. Otherwise, the opponent wouldn’t have the ability to fight back.

“Well, not bad for now…but not good enough either!”

Ron said while shaking his head slightly.

Ron was satisfied with his new sealing technique, however, he felt that he needed to discover another second-level defensive magic, to ensure his complete safety.

After a short break to restore his mental strength, Ron left Bastille’s office and began to practice again.

The marine headquarters.

The highest office.

The fleet admiral Sengoku was holding several documents with a sullen face, staring at a map on the table.

Kizaru and Aokiji were also in the office, along with several vice admirals, having a serious look.


The Den Den Mushi rang.

Sengoku took the Den Den Mushi, sighed briefly, then said: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku speaking.”


A deep voice was heard, saying: “What is the situation of King Earl’s family?”

It was one of the Five Elders speaking, the highest-ranking celestial dragons, the heads of the World Government.

Sengoku shook his head and said:” Rear admiral bastille’s forces have already fought against one of Big Mom Pirates ships. We didn’t have any updates yet, but with their obstruction, King Earl should be able to leave the battlefield smoothly, with his family. “

“King Earl’s safety is not discussable!”

Another one of the elders added: “You are solely responsible for this matter. If something happens to King Earl, report to the government immediately without delay. “


Sengoku responded.

Recent updates were received about King Earl’s secret deal with the BIG MOM Pirates Group. Although the marines and the world government knew about such behavior, the Five elders decided to keep King Earl.

After all, the Earl clan was always a firm supporter of the world government. Despite the fact that the five elders were dissatisfied with the concealment of such an arrangement with Big Mom Pirates, the elders wouldn’t allow to let any harm reach him.

In addition, if something happened to the Earl royal family, chaos would reign the Earl kingdom and the revolutionary army would for sure take advantage of the situation and change the regime.

In that case, the consequences would be very troublesome and difficult to handle.

“Is there any movement in Big Mom’s territory?”

Sengoku put down the Den Den Mushi and turned his head to look at one of the vice-admirals, who was in charge of monitoring that area.

Hearing this, the vice-admiral immediately responded: “Nothing has happened yet.”

Big Mom would not easily dispatch large-scale operations, and once something like that occurs, the intervention of admirals would be needed!

Sengoku took a pen and swiped twice on the map, saying: “If there was only one ship here, then King Earl’s ship will go in this direction and it will take them about two days to arrive at this island…”

“Support from headquarters wouldn’t make it in time, but here, the G-11 branch, crossing the calm belts, they should be able to reach their destination within five days.”

“We don’t know how long Bastille’s warship can hold the opponent, but it should be enough to allow King Earl’s ship to gain distance.”

“Hum… Big Mom pirates ship wouldn’t be able to catch up easily.”

“As long as the G-11 branch dispatch its troops as soon as possible, they will make it.”

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