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P.A.S Chapter 86: Crushing

On the deck of the warship, the atmosphere became very strange at the moment.

Although the marines and pirates were at war, clashing with their swords, both sides were a little absent-minded, looking at the battle between Baron Tamago and Ron.

“Dam … damn, what’s that guy’s abilities-gao!”

Pekoms grinned his teeth, staring at Ron Floating in the air. He was aware that Ron was a bad match for Baron, and that his ability was more suitable to face him.

But also, Bastille realized the same thing and understood Ron’s decision to deal with Baron Tamago himself from the beginning. It wasn’t a matter of who was stronger, or looking for more credit, it was just that Ron could easily restrain Tamago!

“I’m coming!”

Seeing Pekoms eager to go and support Baron’s Egg, Bastille obviously wouldn’t let him. He roared, waved his huge shark sword, and started slamming Pekoms.

Pekoms relied on his turtle shell, in an attempt to resist the blows, then swiftly rush to help his comrade. However, Bastille’s strikes were so heavy. Even if he couldn’t cut through his shell, and made only a little harmful mark on his back, the pressure stopped Pekoms from moving away.

On the other side.

After the eruption of the vortex storm, the Six-Rods Light Prison was still activated, but its color became much darker, and there were some translucent cracks, revealing that the seal neared its limits.

But it didn’t really matter if it broke, because the eggshell of Baron Tamago was already destroyed and broken again, and some eggshell fragments and weird liquid are flowing on the ship.

“He basically got rid of the Six-Rods Light Prison.”

Ron looked at this scene, slightly shaking his head, then said: “Tama Tama no Mi, its ability is really interesting, but unfortunately there was a delay in the middle of evolution”

With his broken body, Baron Tamago was able to get rid of the imprisonment of the Six-Rods Light Prison, but his process of evolutionary rebirth was not instantaneous.

Ron was watching the situation calmly, then a few seconds later, he waved his wand again.

“Six-Rods Light Prison!”

When Baron Tamago roared and emerged from the pile of eggshells and liquid, the six-rods light prison landed again, and held him in place.

Seeing this scene, the pupil of Baron Tamago, who evolved into his third form, Count Niwatori, contracted violently, roaring wildly. His body was all covered in Haki, struggling with all his might.

Buzz! Buzz!

The beams of the six-rods light prison began to flash continuously.

Evolving into his final form, Baron Tamago’s power increased many times compared to his previous states, and even had an additional ability to peck. Relying on Haki, he was pecking the Six-Rods light furiously, which made it tremble violently, but it was still not enough to break the seal.

The Six-Rods Light Prison consumed a lot of mental energy. Each time it was released, one-third of Ron’s mental energy was drained. Ron already released it twice, and he already exhausted two-thirds of his mental energy.

Even so, Ron could still release a third storm vortex.

At that time, Ron had nearly 110 points of mental power. At his normal state, he could release his third-level magic eleven times successfully. Hence, with his remaining mental power, he had enough strength to release it three times.


Looking down at Baron Tamago, who was imprisoned by the six-rods light prison, struggling hard to break free, Ron waved his elf wand.

Under the frightened eyes of countless pirates, and the roars of Pekoms, the storm vortex once again took shape and fell directly above Tamago’s head.


The crowds were temporarily blinded by the intense white light again.

As it disappeared and the gusty wind gradually dissipated, the scene became clear. Nothing was left to be called a ship! The whole pirates’ ship was completely destroyed and shattered into countless wrecks, carried out by the waves.

As for the figure of Baron Tamago, it disappeared completely, leaving only the seal behind, still emitting a little fluorescence.

“Count Niwatori-Sama!!”

At that moment, Baron Tamago’s men were paralyzed to the spot, they couldn’t believe that their boss was killed so easily!

From the beginning of the fight to its end, there was almost no resistance!

Even Pekoms was frightened, looking at Ron, who was still flying in the air, feeling a chill in his back, and his heart was violently shaking.


Ron didn’t say a word. He was just floating there quietly, overlooking the battle on the warship.

Ron’s eyes were so deep at the moment, that gave the pirates the chills. Looking at Ron, the pirates saw him as a soul reaper floating there ready to harvest their souls, they became unable to move…extremely stiff.

“Eliminate the pirates!”


In contrast, the marine soldiers who regained consciousness, seeing such a show of strength, felt as if they had a god in their side! They had a Boost of morale, then began to roar and attack the pirates like beasts.

The pirates, who already had a heavy moral blow, did not even have an advantage in terms of numbers. They started retreating, but soon they were besieged one by one, and some other let down their weapons and surrendered.

As for Pekoms, he relied on his strong defensive abilities to rampage across the deck, but most of the pirates under his command were basically dispelled. A few minutes later, he was finally cornered unable to move forward. He couldn’t do a thing but surrender too…

Afterward, a captain fetched shackles made of Kairōseki (SeaStone) and cuffed him.

“Prepare a separate room for him.”

The pirates were finally defeated!

Ron, who saw Pekoms captured, flew back to the ship, and then landed on the deck, and spoke to Bastille who was still breathing heavily.

“I am going to head inside to your office if possible…I need some rest”

Bastille said to Ron: “Of course, and also I’m glad to have you on board…otherwise, we wouldn’t have a chance here.”

Ron showed a ceremonial smile like a nobleman and said humbly: “No, everyone’s efforts led to our victory.”

After the words fell, Ron entered the cabin.

Seeing Ron’s back disappear, the present marine officers could not help showing him respect, and some others, amazed with his character, whispered: “He easily killed Baron Tamago…Even with such strength, he is still so humble…”

Whether he was just a recruit, not an officer, but that didn’t matter. In their eyes, he was so perfect.

He was fearless, with a tremendous and menacing aura, having a domineering presence. He was so strong and had overwhelming powers, but yet he was humble after the battle. In the headquarters, officers, with half of what he just achieved, were always bragging and arrogant. But this man was a nobleman!

Such people, even if they were just recruits, they were worthy of respect!

In Bastille’s office.

Ron lay down directly on the sofa, rubbing his temples, revealing a dizzy expression, and a wry smile at the corner of his mouth.

“That was close… I almost drained all my mental powers… and in such a short period. That was terrible!”