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P.A.S Chapter 85: Six Rods Prison of Light!

“F* jerk!!”

A figure appeared beside the ruined deck.

Having the turtle’s shell behind his back, Pekoms, who activated his devil fruit ability, looked angrily at Ron in the sky.

“He destroyed our ship like this-gao!!”

Pekoms roared, and then he jumped suddenly, rushed towards Ron, with an intent to punch Ron from the sky with his fist…

But before he could reach him, a figure appeared in his way.

“I am your opponent!”

Among all the people who witnessed Ron’s attack, Bastille was the quickest to regain his senses. He already knew that Ron possessed the ability to destroy a medium-sized ship with a single strike.

Seeing Pekoms rushing towards Ron, he jumped immediately to intervene, swinging his sword at Pekoms, who was forced to use his turtle shell to resist the blow.


Sparks were scattered, and Pekoms was sent back to the ship.

As Bastille was about to use Geppo to go after Pekoms, Ron stopped him saying: “Don’t chase him. My attack range is too large, going after them won’t help.”

Bastille immediately stopped in the air.

But at that time, another figure jumped out from under the broken deck. It was Baron Tamago, but his form was changed, his skin turned yellow, and he gained a beak and a pair of small wings. It was Baron’s second form known as Viscount Hiyoko.

Due to Ron’s Storm Vortex blast, Baron Tamago’s body broke making him evolve into a stronger form.

“Everyone, rush to the warship-Piyo!”

Seeing how damaged their ship was, Pekoms couldn’t keep his cool and instantly flew towards Ron, but Baron Tamago was different. As he appeared, he immediately shouted at the many pirates on the deck to rush to the warship.

Although his eggshell was broken by Ron, he remained calm and analyzed the situation. He knew that if Ron keeps bombarding their ship with similar attacks, it would definitely be destroyed, and all the pirates on board would be wiped along with it.

To avoid such an outcome, it was necessary to move the battle on the warship.

That way, Ron wouldn’t be able to use such large-scale attacks, unless he wants to destroy his own ship and kill all his allies!


Seeing how calm Baron Tamago was, and by the emerging of his evolved form, his second form, the pirates trembling in fear gradually calmed down. After responding to Baron’s order with a roar, they rushed towards the marine warship.

“Pekoms, you go too, I will handle that guy!”

Baron Tamago yelled at Pekoms next to him, who was still staring at Ron in the sky.

after getting shouted at, Pekoms jumped forward and rushed towards the warship with an annoyed look on his face.


Noticing the rushing enemies, Bastille snorted coldly, and immediately dashed back to the warship to fight Pekoms.

As for Ron, he stood in the sky, looking at Baron Tamago below.

“You can’t hit me again with that kind of attack!”

Baron groaned at Ron, and then he suddenly jumped up, rushing to Ron in the air, and waving his sword in an attempt to slash Ron down.

Baron was too careless before, but he already noticed a delay in Ron’s attack. He already knew that as long as he quickly retreats out of Ron’s attack range after his release, he could avoid his abilities.

Such an attack would definitely annihilate an ordinary pirate, but Baron was confident enough that he would be able to avoid Ron’s attack and take him down!


Looking at the Baron, rushing into the sky with his sword, Ron sighed, and his plain eyes seemed to contain the luster to control everything, saying: “Why do you think I waited so long?”

As his voice fell, Ron’s figure swayed sideways, avoiding the sword thrust, and at the same time pointed out his elf wand towards Baron’s Egg.

Was the Storm Vortex that easy to avoid?

Of course, it was.

As long as he could resist the attraction of the wind and leave the central area before the outbreak, it could be completely avoided, which was a major flaw of this magic.

A major flaw that made Ron unable to settle down before he solves it.

From the marine HQ to the Moonal waters at North Blue, nearly half a month had passed. Ron did not only master a derivative rune of the guardian system and the Holy Shield!

“Six-Rods Light Prison!”

As Ron’s elf wand tapped, Baron Tamago’s face suddenly changed dramatically.

Click! Click! Click!

Six thin and wide beams of light emerged from the void, suddenly slammed into Baron’s body and held him in place.

“This is…”

Baron Tamago roared while struggling, unable to move at all. Even when he tried with his full strength, he could only make the beams of light tremble a bit.

In the last half month, Ron was able to master this second-level guardian magic.

Six-Rods Light Prison.

This magic was different than the enhanced version that he already discovered. It could be released using the runes, as if it was an elemental spell. However, because of its extreme complexity, even with Ron’s current level, it took him nearly two seconds to release such ability.

Although the two seconds release-time might be inconvenient, the unleashed imprisonment ability was exceptional!

It was just the second-level guardian magic, but it was far superior than Ron’s third-level wind magic. Even if the opponent could break through his Strom vortex, he wouldn’t be able to budge once sealed by this technique.

This was the reason behind Ron asking Bastille to deal with Pekoms. After all, if Ron’s third-level wind magic was unable to shatter Pekoms’ turtle shell, imprisoning him would be useless. However, in the case of dealing with Baron Tamago’s weak defense, his sealing technique was deadly!

“Owari da! (it’s over) ”

Ron smiled slightly, then waved his wand again.

“Storm Vortex!”

Looking at the storm that appeared directly above his head, Baron Tamago’s heart was thumping so loud that Ron could even hear it!

He kept struggling trying to get rid of the sealing, but all his efforts were in vain.


The Storm exploded again under Baron’s eyes.

The bright light shone once again, swallowing the Baron Egg and the nearby hull.

When the light dissipated, the large ship with a length of nearly two hundred meters was shattered, the lower part of the hull was completely destroyed, and the seawater began to flow into the bottom of the ship.