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P.A.S Chapter 84: Ron Takes Action

“Rear admiral Bastille!”

“Can you take care of Pekoms??”

Just as Bastille gritted his teeth, unable to find a solution to this tire situation, he heard a voice from the rear.

When he turned his head, he saw Ron coming out of the cabin. His figure was fluttering like feathers, slightly floating in the air, looking at the Big Mom Pirates’ ship.

Seeing Ron, Bastille’s eyes widened, showing a glimmer of hope.

[It’s him!]

[How could I forget about forget him!]

Other marines might not know Ron, but Bastille did. He met Ron once on the training ground, and also was with the troops that went to the Sabaody Archipelago and cleaned up the mess made by the Fuji pirates. He was aware of his strength.

Being able to annihilate a Supernova Pirates in one blow, Ron shouldn’t be less powerful than him.


Bastille said calmly in response to Ron’s words. The rear admiral restored his composure and felt his power surging.

He had no confidence to go against the two cadres alone, but with Ron, the newly emerged monster, it was another story!

“That works for me, I’ll go first.”

Ron nodded slightly at Bastille, and then he flew out of towards the sky.

Ron wanted Bastille to deal with Pekoms because of his Kame Kame no Mi devil fruit. Pekom’s turtle shell defense was a little too strong, especially if it was wrapped with Haki. And Ron was sure that even with his third level magic, dealing with such defense could turn to be a pain in the A**, unless it receives previous damage.

As for Baron Tamago, although he had a higher bounty than Pekoms, he did not have a very strong defense and only had two stronger forms besides his human form. With such ability, Baron was a more suitable opponent for Ron. After all, he could easily use his magic against him.

When Ron heard their bounties, he had a feeling that these Baron and Pekoms in front of him were weaker than the ones in his imagination, their strength should not be as great as five years from that time.

For Ron, both were in attack range, but depending on his direct opponent his attacks would vary.

When Ron flew in the air, captains on the deck noticed him and couldn’t help but be surprised.

Ron was wearing a trainee marine uniform.

But when he spoke to bastille to deal with Pekoms, his tone made it look as if he was the one ranked above him, which made several captains a bit pissed.

But hearing Bastille’s response was more shocking, his attitude towards Ron made it clear that he fully recognized him, and that he could deal with a cadre!

“That guy … isn’t he just a marine HQ recruit?”

A captain said, unable to get his eyes off the floating Ron.

The officers next to him were also looking at Ron with suspicious eyes.

Being able to fly as if it was nothing, Ron seemed to be a capable person. Being able to speak casually to Bastille, the other officers were sure that he was not a normal marine trainee.

But even if he could deal with a Big Mon pirates’ cadre, treating rear admiral Bastille as an equal was not acceptable!

Just when the marine officers started whispering, Ron reached a high position in the sky, holding his elf wand in his hand, overlooking the ship of BIG MOM Pirates in front.

The ship of the BIG MOM Pirates Group was a huge vessel, with a length of nearly two hundred meters. As their ship nearing the warship, many pirates on the deck were holding their sword, ready to fight.

Someone noticed Ron.

“Who is that guy?”

“Unclear rank…what he is up to?”

After breaking a cannonball with his cane-sword, Baron Tamago also looked up and found that Ron was looking at him. A pair of deep eyes, revealing a kind of shocking power.

A brief look made the Baron Tamago feel threatened, and a storm was coming. Although he didn’t know what Ron’s intention was, Baron Tamago was a step behind, and wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Next moment.

He heard a voice that made his body tremble unconsciously.

[It is coming!]

“Vortex Storm!”


From thin air, a hurricane burst out on the deck of the pirates’ ship, leaving countless pirates stunned, unable to keep their balance, and being dragged by the huge wind towards the core of the storm.

Baron Tamago was the closest to the vortex. He squatted down and forced his body down, with the help of his sword, pierced into the deck.

“This is bad!”

Baron Tamago had to do something before the storm swallows the entire ship. He snorted sharply, holding his sword in one hand, and tried to split it.

However, the many pirates who were dragged by the storm, hit his back, making his body sway, failing to swing his sword at full strength.


But strangely, after his attempt, the violent wind that shrouded the deck came to an abrupt halt, and the tremendous vortex froze instantly as if time was paused.

“That’s our Baron-San! He broke it!”

Looking at the still vortex, some pirates were relived, and started shouting. However, they were instantly interrupted by Baron Tamago’s scream.

“Be careful!”


The storm vortex exploded.

Bright light swayed in an instant, the marine soldiers on the warship not far away closed their eyes subconsciously, unable to look towards the enemy’s ship.

Unlike the explosion of the shells, the storm vortex blast didn’t make a horrifying noise, just a kind of buzzing, which seems to swallow everything.

One second…

two seconds…

The bright white light faded quickly, and the gust of wind that enveloped the Big Mom Pirates’ ship gradually calmed down, finally revealing the scene on the deck.

Under the shocked eyes of countless marines, there was nearly a hundred meters area from the deck, along with the sails and cabin, all disappeared!

Leaving only countless wreckage! As if it was bitten by a tremendous sea king!

Even rear admiral Bastille couldn’t help but stand there amazed. If he used all his powers and swung his giant sword, he wouldn’t be able to make more than a cut of tens of meters, and the destructive power would be limited to that straight line. But the destruction, he just witnessed, was at another level!!

“This … this is …”

The surviving pirates were horrified as they looked at the huge hole that appeared, and their hearts were trembling violently.

‘’What a destructive power!’’

‘’Why in hell that guy is just wearing a recruit uniform?!’’